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European Movement – Mid Kent

This is the page for our local group: European Movement – Mid Kent. We span North Kent from Gravesend to Faversham and beyond Maidstone with four primary purposes:

  • Breaking Parliamentary Paralysis – via lobbying MPs using a variety of means from letters to direct participation in reformed democracy.
  • “Taking Back Control” of populist media via press and media activity in national and local print / radio and TV media.
  • Develop much better reach into social media, in terms of honesty, depth of penetration and reach outside the Remain bubble.
  • Changing minds on Brexit via 1:1 “Brexorcisms” and / or en masse via online leaders’ debates and other grassroots strategies.

Our committee comprises Derrick Cripps, Treasurer, Irina Fridman, Secretary and Peter Cook, Chair. We have vacancies for PR and media relations, industry representative and membership recruitment.

We support The European Movement by offering high quality grassroots activism in our local area.