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Re-Boot Britain


Send the Tories a message on May 6th

The toxic cocktail of Corona crisis + Brexit carnage leads Britain to a “Britastrophe“. No more voting for irresponsible and reckless behaviour by our elected local politicians

£2.5 billion : A mission to Mars. Test and Trace : £37 billion and we are still looking for the lost PPE. All the while, Government cronies continue to profit from Corona

Where is the promised £350 million every week for the NHS? 1% pay rise for nurses, 13% for tax collectors. Clapping does not fund our NHS

Local Councils bled dry by Tory cuts

We will act in the 2021 Local Elections to remove Tory Brexit supporting candidates with the specific goals of highlighting the local effects of Brexit and supporting candidates who desire the speediest return to Europe. We actively support the Scots, the Welsh and the Irish in their desire to remain European. Please get in touch to get your own local webpage and leaflet via

Let’s Re-Boot Britain:

We demand honest politicians, nationally and locally. Leaders in local Government who say what they mean and mean what they say

Let’s end the carnage of Brexit on businesses, farmers, fishermen, service industries, artists and all that are affected by the reckless approach to Brexit + Corona

After the Corona Brexit war, more austerity is not the answer. We need long-term strategy, investment and collaboration with world partners to Re-Boot Britain

Find our separate campaign pages below. Get your local constituency campaign page by contacting us.


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Let’s end cronyism and profiteering from Brexit + Corona

Say NO to reckless and irresponsible spending in the midst of the worst economic challenges in peace-time history

Let’s end deceit, lies, and distractions by the Westminster propaganda machine

Tory Cronyism
Tory Cronyism – Image by Cold War Steve