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Scotland The Brave

Scotland The Brave

Scotland did not vote for Brexit and they therefore have a legitimate right to ask the question about their place in Europe again. We are assembling a team of English people who will act as non-party campaigners and help in any way to secure a landslide majority for The SNP in the 2021 Scottish elections.

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Make Scotland European Again

The Sturgeon/Salmond spat is a sideshow – the Scottish YouGov poll on March 11th was as follows:

SNP 71 (+8)

Con  29 (-2)

Lab   20 (-4)

LD     5 (-)

GRN  4  (-2)

Those who wish to rejoin the European Community now have an excellent chance of administering an enormous blow to the Brexit-supporting parties, gaining an overwhelming victory for the pro-Europe SNP, and taking a massive step towards isolating English nationalism.

A week ago the SNP launched an imaginative campaign that aims to use different approaches and send different messages to different types of voter.  This is the type of thing Tories spend millions on.  The SNP will spend little but the enthusiasm of us well-wishers.   For such a campaign to work, the SNP needs volunteers to take data from old electoral returns and enter it on forms that can guide the coming campaign.   It’s a job you can do at home giving it as much or as little time as you like.  


That’s not all that’s going – there’s a lot for the devotee of social media and it’s hoped street campaigning will begin some time in April, COVID permitting. So if you fancy a few days away from the land of Brexit, get in touch.

Contact (07494 638 299) or Finlay Royle via