Next Generation EU

By Peter Cook

Ursula von der Leyen set out a compelling and inspiring vision for a European Union untrammelled by a petulant child in the playground (Britain) recently. Her speech is well worth your time to listen in full:

The landmark issues for the Commission are the great challenges for humanity, namely dealing with Climate Change, World Health, protecting lives and livelihoods, making employment worthwhile, tackling poverty and strengthening the union. This, after nearly five years of endless attack by a so-called United Kingdom aka England, who want all the benefits of belonging to the EU with none of the responsibilities.

The EU’s response to the Corona virus stands as a beacon in comparison with Britain’s pathetic response, as the poor man of Europe. Into the future the EU is to build a European Agency for Biomedical Advanced Research and Development, as well as strengthening existing health agencies such as the EMA. Ursula also set out a bold vision to ensure that Europe leads the world in sustainable business, well beyond anything that Britain talks about. Read more about the EU 2020 Vision.

My interpretation of von der Leyen’s talk is that the EU are getting ready to galvanise the union and pull away from the toxic orbit of our tiny planet within their overall galaxy of 27 nations. Although it pains me to say this, I hope the EU hold their resolve and give Britain no concessions in pursuit of their bold vision of collaboration, sustainable development and the greatest working project in democracy on our planet.

To the EU critics, Ursula’s speech spoke honestly of greater interventions into things such as environment and employment practices. However, these are globally important issues. They are not things claimed by the likes of Nigel Farage, in terms of the EU’s supposed interference with our daily lives. I’m actually OK with interference if it helps me live a better life, gives us better opportunities to tackle global health issues and save the planet from climate destruction.

In stark contrast, Priti Patel interferes with our daily lives almost daily, asking us to snoop on neighbours Stasi style and having just insisted that companies should introduce random drug testing for employees. Wouldn’t it be better to interfere with our livelihoods by insisting on a genuine living wage? If Patel must have drug tests, should she begin with Gove, Johnson and the cabinet, who are hooked on BREX-16, a freebase narcotic so toxic that it threatens our very existence via medicine and food shortages.

In 2021, Re-Boot Britain plan to stand non-party candidates to systematically destroy the dominance of Conservatives in local councils in England, improve the state of our participative democracy in the UK and the trust in politics and politicians. We stand together with Ursula von der Leyen and The European Union in demanding a Better Britain, a Better World with Better Politics.