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Let’s Talk About BREX .. it

Let’s Talk About BREX .. it is our book on popular psychology to help you change minds on Brexit. Based on thousands of hours of live field work on the street, the book is a comprehensive guide to the strategies, skills and stories of mind shift. Get your copy on Amazon.

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A full “Brexorcism” needs skill, patience and time. This book provides two of these elements. Obviously you need to give it your time. Too many times people have assumed that merely shouting at people on the street will achieve the required epiphanies. Over four years, the Brexit condition has solidified in some people as a set of quasi-religious beliefs, hence our use of the word “Brexorcism”.

Brexit apathy is rife and some tell me that you simply cannot change minds about Brexit. This is not true, but many exhibit learned helplessness. Please read and learn.

Here are some reviews and advice from the book on doing Brexorcisms online, which is much harder than face to face work: