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Books on Brexorcism and joining EU anew

Private Eyelines – Brexit Satire

Satire reaches the parts that spreadsheets and graphs do not. Private Eyelines – Have I got Fake Brexit News for EU provides a rich dark seam of tragicomedy in a Kafkaesque world of gaslighting, shapeshifting and shameless lies. We live in desperately sad times. But simply drowning in the sadness of Brexit does not help us deal with paranoid populist politicians. Bittersweet levity cuts through people’s minds to their visceral core. Simply stated, satire heals. Populist media brainwashed leave voters to believe in Brexit unicorns. Read inside on Amazon and look at some of the newspaper headines at “GUTTERPRESS“.

I tried my hand at parodying these media to expose the lies on which the Brexit hydra reared its many ugly heads. I found that people rather liked my gutterpress pages. Some even believed that they were real!

To change minds on Brexit, it is not sufficient to break the parliamentary paralysis which continues to enable the slow-motion destruction of Britain. Nor is demographic change, aka death, a success recipe. We must actively work on the huddled masses. People almost literally eat lies for breakfast from a biased populist media, owned by people who seem just a little bit too friendly with Vladimir Putin.  Private Eyelines opens up the conversation anew, for Brexiteers with buyers’ remorse or Remainers numbed into submission by six years of bullshit and bullying from our so-called political leaders. This is a wide format full colour book hence the price. I make no apology for the price. Most goes to the publishers but I have to eat as well.

Private Eyelines
Private Eyelines – Click the cover to view on Amazon

Private Eyelines
Click review to read on Amazon
Private Eyelines
Click review to read on Amazon

Reboot Britain – Changing Minds on Brexit

The companion book “Reboot Britain by changing minds about Brexit and Europe” offers a masterclass in the gentle art of what I call Brexorcism. Brexit has broken Britain, economically, socially, culturally, politically and environmentally. Quite simply, Brexit has not delivered what was promised on the tin in 2016, for anyone in our DisUnited Kingdom. This book explains how we may join anew for a better Britain in a better Europe for a better world and persuade others to do the same.

  • Strategies and scenarios to join anew 2021 – 2031.
  • Brexit freedoms, unicorns, ghosts and fantasy stories laid to rest.
  • The influence of Russia and Vladimir Putin on Brexit and the Johnson Junta.
  • The psychology of ‘Brexorcism’ and the anatomy of the Brexit psyche.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) applied to the task of softening hardened minds on Brexit.
  • How to hold difficult conversations with Leavers in regret and Remainers in remission.
  • How does Brexorcism differ in real life from online conversations and what can you do about it?
  • Strategies to put forward a positive vision of a united Europe and heal rifts from the ‘dialogue of the deaf’ over 7 years.
  • Stories to motivate you and show how these strategies work in practice. Alongside this we explore a number of ‘glorious failures’ as they offer even better insights to success.
  • A resource section on how to break ‘parliamentary paralysis’, how to make progress in advocacy to MPs and how to engage mainstream media (MSM).
  • How to multiply your impact and pro-Europe / anti-Brexit influence in real life conversations, lobbying and in mainstream and / or social media.

A Brexorcism requires time, patience, unconditional positive regard (UPR) and skill. This book provides these elements, drawing on a range of approaches to change management from psychology, sociology, anthropology and therapeutic approaches.

Order via Amazon:

Click the cover to view on Amazon

Read some extracts and reviews at Reboot Britain.

Reboot Britain
Click to read on Amazon

Let’s Talk About BREX .. it

Our first book on Brexit populism is called Let’s Talk About BREX .. it is our book on popular psychology to help you change minds on Brexit. Based on thousands of hours of live field work on the street, the book is a comprehensive guide to the strategies, skills and stories of mind shift. This book has largely been superceded by Reboot Britain, but if you want a straightforward guide to changing minds about Brexit for grassroots activism, without the strategy sections, this does the job at a more modest investment. Get your copy on Amazon.

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A full “Brexorcism” needs skill, patience and time. This book provides two of these elements. Obviously you need to give it your time. Too many times people have assumed that merely shouting at people in Parliament will achieve the required epiphanies. Over four years, the Brexit condition has solidified in some people as a set of quasi-religious beliefs, hence our use of the word Brexorcism. Brexit apathy is rife and some tell me that you simply cannot change minds about Brexit. This is not true, but many exhibit learned helplessness. Please read and learn. Here are some reviews and advice from the books online:

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