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Monthly Archives: January 2022

Write to MPs

A Letter

Write a letter to your MP. Here is one prepared by Adrian Ekins-Daukes recently to help you compose yours. Find your MPs e-mail at Write to Them.

Dear aaa,


We would like to add our names to those of your constituents who have written to you asking that you write to the Chairman of the 22 Committee about the illegal parties held at No 10 during lockdown and the future of the Prime Minister.

These  illegal  parties were a criminal offence, for which heavy fines were imposed on ordinary miscreants. It was  scandalously offensive  that such an event should have taken place on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral service . We do not need a report from a civil servant to conclude that Johnson was aware of these activities, and may well have attended them.  No 10 as a whole has set a disgraceful example. Those of Johnson’s  supporters arguing for a second chance for him need reminding that Health Secretary Hancock had to resign at once for kissing his mistress on office premises, a much less visible breach of rules.

In Johnson’s defence, his supporters point to his record, notably the excellent vaccine roll-out in early 2021. Against that, due to his mismanagement of the pandemic in other respects, our death toll from the pandemic  was amongst the highest in the world and has remained higher than in other comparable European countries. He also bears responsibility for No 10’s corrupt practices, notably in PPE procurement, the likes of which we have not been seen for over 150 years. More widely, he seems to have no clear ideas for economic recovery, whilst Internationally  Britain’s influence is barely noticeable.  Johnson’s  reputation for untrustworthiness seems beyond redemption.

With such a record,  Johnson has nothing more to offer this country. With this latest scandal, his removal from office is not only  fully justified but essential .

Yours sincerely


You may also care to write a letter about the Police and Crime bill, Brexit carnage and other topics too numerous to mention. Just write. Letters are read even if your MP may have to pretend they have not read them. In case you have been bamboozled by Johnson’s record, there is an account of it embedded in this video. In case you think that asking the army to drown children at sea is clever, video number two explains the problem. Just write a letter.

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Dog World

Big Dog

Downing street are vigorously denying that “Operation Back Big Dog” is in operation to rebuild Boris Johnson’s shattered reputation. That of course means that it’s true. We followed the Big Dog theme in this parody version of doggy magazine “Big Dog World”:


FACT : Jacob Rees-Mogg did suggest that Johnson’s guidelines for lockdown may have been unnecessary as a way of excusing Johnson’s crimes. Tell that to the people grieving for loved ones who they were unable to say farewell to …

FICTION : The Police bill will not allow dogs to savage members of the public (yet). But that’s just about the only thing that they will not be allowed to do. Kill The Bill. Write to your MP today and ask them to vote it down.

FACT : Jolyon Maugham won a case which demonstrated that the crony COVID contracts were illegal. This was barely reported in the hullabaloo of Partygate.

FACT : Liz Truss has hired an image consultant to improve her chances of winning the leadership contest. But you cannot polish a turd …

FACT : Brexit loon Peter Bone has backed Boris Johnson on Channel 4 News. Compelling evidence to suggest that the ERG are about to knife him in order to put an even harder line Brexiteer in power or a lapdog (Truss). Be careful what you wish for.

FACT : Much of the continuing hullabaloo over Partygate has the side benefit of masking problems occurring with Brexit. Specifically Liz Truss’ manoeuvres on Northern Ireland. Read Professor Chris Grey’s insightful analysis of the unfolding situation in Northern Ireland and compare it with the populist ravings of Lord Andrew Adonis on the subject.

FACT : Changing the leader does not change the underlying problem. The ERG are fed up with Johnson but will either pick a lapdog (sic) i.e. Truss or a more hardline Brexiteer. In the Tory party the ERG tail still wags the Brexit dog. As Chris Grey mentions “whenJohnson is replaced, his successor will be bound by the same, structural, constraints.” They will also be able to blame Brexit on the Johnson era. This does not mean we are any better off, possibly worse.

Pedigree Chumps

FACT : Brendan Donnelly explains why we must keep talking about Brexit rather than allowing the Johnson Junta to airbrush it off the table. It’s a one way journey.

FICTION : Dilyn the rescue dog has not spoken since the scandal broke.

FICTION : Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking said “Boris is in the dog house and should be neutered”.

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Dead Cats

Dead Cats

Watch out for a tsunami of dead cats in the coming days, as Johnson attempts to divert attention from his criminal activities. Johnson’s modus operandi is to use distraction as a means to divert attention from important issues. He did it to “get Brexit done” (It’s not done by the way), we are still “world beaters” on COVID infections and deaths. All is done in order to save his dynasty, rather than from what my friend Judith Spencer calls “the spirit of service” which is the duty of a Prime Minister. Here is a short list of some anticipated dead cats. Some may seem frivolous and / or dark, but someone pointed out to me that they thought he may even consider asking for the Queen’s sacrifice to save his skin.

Johnson to announce that a family member has COVID – already done!

The Queen to remove Prince Andrew’s title – dang – already done!

A Chinese Spy is found in Parliament – they are caught by setting traps of Vesta Chow Mein with crispy noodles in Westminster by Priti Patel and Cressida Dick – ongoing.

Wilf is found to have been abducted. Piers Corbyn is seen with a suspicious parcel on the underground. Dilyn leads the search.

Nonce Andrew decides to do a fun run for “Save The Children” around Westminster Palace to raise funds for his prosecution.

Jacob Rees-Mogg is hired as the host of a remake of “Upstairs Downstairs” with Michael Fabricate as “Hudson”.

Nadine Dorries bans Chinese meals in the Parliament canteen.

Mark Francois is arrested for army themed crimes on manoeuvres in Canvey, using pop guns and other childhood militaria. He is suspected of training COVID army volunteers in armed combat with peashooters.

Iain Duncan Smith picks his nose again in Parliament.

Iran threaten to invade Clacton. Nigel Farage is called to form a battalion of the LDV to investigate kebab shops and novelty emporia.

Carrie delivers a surprise baby in what is described in the Daily Express as a virgin birth.

All European washing machines are recalled for failing to meet new Brexit standards on pollution. Army put on standby to wash smalls as the crisis mounts. Michel Barnier summoned to clean up the mess.

Nigel Farage announces that he has become Novak Djokovic’s personal trainer.

Chicken nugget shortages cause riots in Sainsbury.

Priti Patel shock revelations “my life in the Taliban caves”

The Mail reports that Meghan Markle is considering a trans operation.

COVID is declared officially over by John Redwood after watching a You Tube video on bacteria.

Andrew Bridgen rescues Novak Djokovic from an asylum centre in Kent, after he is arrested by Priti Patel in a dinghy trying to cross the channel.

Liz Truss invokes Article 16 and declares war in Ireland.

What are your favourite Dead Cats? With thanks to Helga Perry.

Make a comment and we’ll add your remark and credit you.

We leave you with some advice for Sue Grey on “rules”:

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True and Fair

True and Fair

I was privileged to attend the launch of the True and Fair Party today by Gina Miller, devoted to reform of our politics and to end the cosy duopoly of Conservative and Labour. Find out more at True and Fair. Truly differentiated from Labour in saying that business is not a dirty word. Refreshingly willing to oppose Conservative sleaze, law breaking and a slide into an elected dictatorship. Willing to say the word Brexit, now banned in Parliament and in polite English political discourse. Brave enough to stand for a reform in our voting system. True and Fair ask you to join them in this endeavour to demand change if you feel politically homeless. I feel that’s all I need say for now. We simply need to be True and Fair.

50 Shades of Sue Grey

50 Shades of Sue Grey

I drove through a set of red lights recently. Shortly afterwards, I could not remember if I had committed the crime. I now await a report on whether I broke the law from someone that wasn’t there …. Frankly Boris Johnson’s “sorry, not sorry” statement in Parliament simply won’t wash. It has not convinced his party, or the people. Not one senior Tory stood up to defend his statement yesterday. Liz Truss managed a tweet. Rishi Sunak laid low. Jacob Rees-Mogg went on Newsnight to introduce a dead cat:

We have no need to wait for Sue Grey to report. Boris Johnson admitted his guilt. He should now be arrested and jailed. Simples.

I can’t help but repeat Boris Johnson’s record in office:

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