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Y viva España

Please read our articles for The Prisma in Spanish.

The Prisma Is an independent and multicultural newspaper run by a voluntary group of professional journalists, media experts as well as young and enthusiastic graduate people. It is a bilingual publication, it publishes in both Spanish and English, to bring together the speakers of these two languages in the United Kingdom.

It works to create links between immigrants, Spanish speaking or otherwise, and natives of the UK.

As a truly independent publication The Prisma works to make a contribution to contemporary journalism, via the internet. It emerged in the middle of the crisis in order to confront it, aware of the obstacles it faced, but persisting with its unique face nevertheless. Works for the elimination of racial and cultural prejudices, and is committed to social justice and equality of opportunity.

Our philosophy and our content promote and defend these values of the multicultural society of the UK, especially in the case of Latin Americans.

The Prisma
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