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Peter Cook

Motivational speaking

Peter Cook is a professional speaker outside of his activist role. See Peter’s professional profile for more details. He provides exceptional events on a wide variety of subjects related to Europe, Brexit, and Britain. Hire him for your next motivational speaking event. Some titles of talks he gives include:

Strategies to rejoin the EU

Brexorcising the nation – applying psychology, sociology and therapeutic approaches to changing minds on Europe and Brexit

European Movement Sussex
“The convenor of our discussion group described it as the best we’ve had for a long time”.
Helen Gibbons, Chair, European Movement, Sussex.

Influencing the influencers – getting under the skin of politicians

Brexit comedy – is it serious?

Peter provides extremely interesting events that are both thoughtful, future focused and informed by intelligent research. However, they are far from dull. Peter uses his considerable talents as a speaker, entertainer and facilitator to engage his audiences in the subjects he presents. His work is both serious / intellectually grounded and the most fun you can have thinking about Brexit. Mary Gregory and Tim Beyer-Helm, World Wide Wednesday.

Why Brexit happened and what we can do about it?

50 ways to fight Brexit populism

I have known Peter Cook in the context of his campaign Re-Boot Britain / Rage Against The Brexit Machine. He is a strong supporter of Britain’s return to full EU membership, and has devoted much of his time in recent years to that cause and combatting Government mismanagement .. and dishonesty. He is also a prolific and deep-thinking author covering a wide range: business mentality, music and Brexit in particular. His most recent book on that subject has just appeared. He has numerous contacts across his wide range of interests. Peter has a cheerful and approachable personality. He is a good leader; people follow him readily, attracted by his enthusiasm. He is a highly efficient organiser, decisive, but open to suggestions from others. His planning and approach to problems is creative … and sometimes very original. He copes skilfully with difficult situations and handles pressure well. Both in writing and at meetings, Peter puts points and arguments over cogently and persuasively. He is a very good in the chair, controlling meetings efficiently, cutting short rambling, and ensuring all participants get a say. And bringing discussion to a close on time. His conclusions are clear and positive. Peter’s versatile qualities, depth of knowledge and broad range of interests and experience make him a most valuable member …. in any team. I very strongly recommend him.
Adrian Ekins-Daukes Former Director, Internal Market, Council of Ministers of the European Union

Dealing with mainstream media

Sun Tzu, Machiavelli and the art of persuasive communications

Peter is a unique voice and one that is not afraid to speak truth to power – even when that power is on the same side and doesn’t expect to be challenged”. Ian Collard, European Movement, Oxford.

Peter Cook - Speaker, author, musician
Peter Cook – Speaker, author, musician – check his profile out on Linkedin by clicking the image.

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  1. Maria Amelia Edwards

    It was nice meeting you Peter at Gabriella’s the other day.

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