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Molly Scott-Cato

Molly Scott-Cato, MEP

In this interview we speak with Molly Scott-Cato, MEP on environmental futures and Brexit. Climate Change and environment are the biggest issues facing the world at any time in our history. Yet our entire Government’s bandwidth is taken up with a continuous argument about Brexit. As well as that Brexit will impact our environmental leadership in many ways, such as:

  • Greater carbon footprints arising from increased world trade.
  • A bonfire on standards leads to what economists call “moral hazard” with the use of less environmentally friendly materials and practices.
  • More disaster capitalism leading to a “race to the bottom”.

The planet only has one life and we must start to behave as if we understand that.

Molly gives important insights into Brexit, based on her intimate knowledge and experience of working at the European Parliament. Watch the full interview. It’s well worth your time:

Molly Scott-Cato’s interview is part of the Futurama : Festival of Brexit series. With thanks to Rachel Ashley, Cath Mossy and Cathy Reynolds.


Write to your MP and share Molly’s interview with a suitable letter about the interconnections between Brexit, Climate Change and the environment.

Join The Green Party and The European Movement to face the important issues for future generations.

One thought on “Molly Scott-Cato, MEP

  1. Greg

    Very dark, that Billie Eilish track.

    Two lines struck me:
    “Peter’s on vacation, an open invitation”
    “Peter should know better”.

    “Nil illegitimo carborundum” (dog Latin, after Pratchett): You can’t keep a good dog down!

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