I bumped into someone I used to know at open mic jam sessions the other week. I knew him as ‘shy Elvis’. A diffident individual who would only perform Elvis songs and then only after extensive rehearsal. At the time (maybe 10 years ago), he seemed intensely nervous and rather shy. He inhabited the persona of Elvis Presley with brylcreemed hair, sideburns and a rockabilly sense of fashion. Rooted in the 1950s but probably born in the late 70s or early 80s, he was something of an enigma.

I was in a local pharmacy where a much older Elvis was haranguing the local pharmacist. I could not help but listen as he had raised his voice considerably. It was clear that he was on a whole cocktail of medicines for anxiety, depression and a palette of what could be described as 21st century malaises. Several items of his medication were unavailable and the pharmacist was patiently explaining this to him. He was shouting “but I have to have medicine x, I have to have medicine y”. He became more aggressive towards the female pharmacist and she went off to investigate the possibility of securing supplies.

I interjected: “Hello Elvis”.

He did a double take. I reminded him about our acquaintance at jam sessions. He recognised me, so we had just a sliver of rapport.

I went on “Just to explain, she cannot get you the medicines as there are massive shortages due to Brexit”.

He barked back, having not really listened “I don’t care, I just want my drugs”.

I repeated calmly “Brexit is causing your shortages. She cannot help that”. The pharmacist had returned by that time and nodded privately to me.

Elvis then shouted again at her “I just came to get my drugs and I’m now getting a lecture about politics”.

I replied “I’m just trying to explain why you cannot get your medication”. The pharmacist nodded and then asked him to come back in a few days.

I would hazard an educated guess from my previous contact with “Elvis” that he probably voted for Brexit or perhaps did not vote at all and became cross that I had in effect connected his lived experience to the root cause of his problems. This is what we must do as part of a much longer Brexorcism process.

Keep asking Brexiteers difficult questions using every opportunity.

Learn how to do Brexorcisms here.

Be gentle with your subjects / victims. Some will be surprised or have no clue. Do take care. Some become angry when the truth bomb explodes.

For a bit of light relief, here’s my appearance on BBC 2’s Ask Elvis segment on the Steve Wright Show. This is NOT the same Elvis by the way.