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Scotland The Brave

Scotland The Brave

Scotland did not vote for Brexit and they therefore have a legitimate right to ask the question about their place in Europe again. We are assembling a team of people who will act as non-party campaigners and help in any way to secure a landslide majority for independence.

We need help to build our website for Scottish independence and free ourselves from Tory lies about Scotland’s need for self-determination after the catastrophe of Brexit. Find our page on Scotland here. We need a fully developed set of proposals that deal with the economy, social affairs, environment, relationships with what remains of Britain, the politics and so on. Recent myths that have emerged include:

Scotland cannot finance itself

Rubbish. Scotland is self sufficient in sustainable energy alone. Scotland generates enough power for 25 million homes and the population is just 5 million. Scotland outperforms all the other UK nations in terms of international exports. In  contrast, England’s international trade deficit in goods is massive. David Cameron also redrew the map of Scottish waters some years ago to claim back Scotland’s fish and oil reserves.

Scotland would lose the pound, have no currency or be financially unstable

Rubbish. Scotland already has its own currency (The Scottish Pound at the moment LOL) and decisions about currency can be made at the most advantageous time to the Scottish people. Plenty of small countries have their own currencies and exist perfectly well on the high seas of a global financial world. To see financial instability in a strong economy one only has to look to Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ and the impact on Britain’s fortunes! It is bad leadership and financial management that leads to such problems.

This is what trickle down economics looks like ….

Scotland would lose the Royal Family

Rubbish. The royals own a lot of land in Scotland. It’s possible to share our royal family if you concerned about such things. There are enough of them to go round. It’s a non-issue if you are a unionist. You can have your Royal Family and eat them too. Maybe leave Prince Andrew down south … I will put up with him.

Scotland does not have the economy to prosper

Rubbish : Lots of small countries thrive around the world. Scotland is a net exporter. As a member of the single market, Scotland stands to gain from what I call “The Best of Both”.

One foot in the EU and a land border. Best of both.

Scotland would suffer from a land border with England

Rubbish. To quote a well used Brexiteer phrase “They (England) need us (Scotland) more than we need them”. Check the figures re the balance of trade between Scotland and GB. In brief, Scotland exports £17,455 per head per year, while the UK exports £8,626.

Why then are the Tories making a big deal of spinning lies about Scotland?

I think it’s simple to understand. In 2019 You Gov reported that Tory voters said that they were happy to see Scotland and Northern Ireland as ‘collateral damage’ of Brexit. Perhaps they have realised how wrong they were in the wake of Brexit Carnage. Even the Torygraph is now reporting that project fear was right all along. Labour are almost in coalition with the Tories on Scotland. It’s unfair.

If you are able to help us build the case for an independent Scotland, please get in touch via

Find us at Scottish Bylines

Scotland has a bright future away from Westmonster domination as these extracts from our latest book shows, which covers Brexit scenarios for 2021-2031 for Scotland, Ireland and Wales and much more.

We can also envisage much greater co-operation between Scotland and Northern Ireland / Ireland as part of a Celtic Tiger renaissance.

Scotland, Ireland and Wales
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Scotland, Ireland and Wales
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Scotland, Ireland and Wales
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Brexit Books
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Let’s make Scotland European again.

Every vote for independence helps Brexit fail.