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About Reboot Britain

Every day, people of all persuasions tell me “Brexit is done – We can do no more”.   Of course it is not, but I, more than most, understand just how wearing nearly eight years of gaslighting, shapeshifting and obfuscation is on the soul, having spent most of my recent life on the topic and set aside my business.   But, in spite all the frustration, we can and we must:

* Reform politics towards representative democracy.

* Break the parliamentary paralysis that broke Britain and enabled Brexit.

* Take back control (sic) of populist media by making our case for a Better Britain in a Better Europe for a Better World.

* Create mind-shifts one to one by the discipline of ‘Brexorcism’ or one to many via mainstream media to move popular opinion about Britain’s role in the world.

* Maintain relationships with European influencers so that we may join EU anew as soon as possible.

Now that Nigel Farage has admitted that Brexit has failed and the ERG are fighting like cats in a sack, we are now into what J.K.Rowling would call “Brexit and the deathly hallows’. We must act to put Brexit into an early grave.

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Non-political activism

Reboot Britain is a pan-political advocacy and lobbying network.  We aim to restore humanity, humility, democracy and truth in politics to Britain.  Forty years of lying, gaslighting, shapeshifting and obfuscation gave us Brexit.  Lets’s put the populist genie back in the bottle, by bettering (not copying) the populists at their own wicked games. This is a subtle but important difference which is poorly understood in my long experience.

Brexit has consumed Britain : Three elections, Four Prime Ministers (five soon) and a funeral.  It has left us weak and vulnerable in our attempts to rebuild Britain with a 4.5% hit to our GDP baked into the future. Growth is a pipe dream with such a resilience drag on our fortunes. It’s rather like having a 4.5 kg block of concrete around your neck whilst trying to swim the English Channel. Brexit consumes all its children. Watch out Sir Keir Starmer.

Hannibal Lecter Brexit T-Shirt
Hannibal Lecter Brexit T-Shirt

Furthermore, a political backbone has been absent in Britain for nearly eight years and probably longer.  The diverse and disparate Remain movements have sometimes gold-plated the strategy that lost them the referendum, albeit with the best of intentions.  Various attempts to build cohesion and collaboration into our movement have failed, rather like some of the biggest silo-based monolith organisations. We must operate at scale without making the usual mistakes of size by operating a network organisation with an agile approach. Organisation Development (OD) is one of my specialisms in real life and you can read more on this aspect below.

For our kids’ futures

We cannot allow the greatest national disaster next to climate change (global) to threaten the next generation’s futures to continue.  Our continued resistance is both moral, a fight worth having and certainly not a waste of time, given how much people have sacrificed over the last eight years.  Would you like to be able to say that you contributed to the re-establishment of an honest Government and a Better Britain in a Better Europe for a Better World?  I would.  In fact, I would be happy to have it written on my tombstone.

We have helped in a wide variety of ways over many years. For example, we helped change Tunbridge Wells in Kent to ‘no overall control’ by the Conservatives and contributed to the elimination of Tory control in several other areas of Kent, handing power to Independent candidates and the Greens.  We did this with a leaflet and 12 committed people.  Imagine what would have happened if we had more? We spent two months full time, acting as Gina Miller’s campaign manager on an unpaid basis, until they could find a recruit and a much longer amount of time supporting her candidates on the ground. We also recently helped support the Rejoin Party to No 6 place in the London Assembly elections, with no publicity from mainstream media. We will also support others in the 2024 elections in their work to Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain.

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Mini film on Rebooting Britain.

Our aims

We wish to build a professional movement with one aim : To end Brexit by all reasonable means.  Embracing Reverse, Rejoin, Reform, Reframe and Renew under the umbrella network Reboot Britain and the umbrella ambition : a Better Britain in a Better Europe for a Better World

We aim to be popular (essential for impact) but not populist, reaching across the binary two-party system.  We will restore honesty to politics.  Imagine how much better life could be if you could trust politicians?

We are non-politically aligned but we campaign in local and national elections to leaven the two-party system to fundamentally encourage better politics, better politicians and an effective opposition.

We work to break the deadlock of ‘dead cat politics’. We even stood a cat in the 2019 elections and did not come last !

We collaborate with national European movements but are more edgy to reach our target communities in ways that the long-term organisations are unable to do.

Our work will be complete when 70% of British people no longer back Brexit and the Brexit culture carriers have been removed or totally discredited.

Five goals 

We have five key goals targeting three communities : Parliament and politicos, Mainstream Media and the great unwashed:

Five Goals
Our goals.

Our organisation

We operate a network-based network structure across Britain and Europe.  What we cannot do ourselves, we do with others e.g. EU Flag Mafia, Bylines, Volt UK, The Rejoin Party, Professor Joshua Silver and so on.   We invite you to lead or join one or more of these bubbles, giving consideration to your skills and will.  We run collaborative ZOOM meetings.  Please drop me a message via to join an induction meeting or one of our regular tactical meetings where we create campaigns and media.

Re-Boot Britain
Reboot Britain.

How can you help?

Please join us with a suggested donation of £3 per month or £36 pa for Bronze membership.  If you can spare more, please consider higher level donations of £10 pm, £25 pm / £250 pa or £50 pm / £500 pa.   Or please just give what you can afford and / or share the project.  Everything helps.

Silver : Gives you early access to our daily stream of writing and media.

Gold : Gain copies of our work in advance of release (booksmusicmedia).  Exclusive invites to our conference calls and seminars.

Platinum : 1:1 coaching in the art and discipline of changing minds on Brexit plus all other benefits above.

If none of the above suit your budget, buy us a coffee on Paypal or similar.

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Any questions?

Isn’t Brexit already done?  We left

We had our ‘Chamberlain moment’ on 31.01.20 plus Boris Johnson some time spent in a gulag (fridge), finally getting Brexit done through using COVID and Christmas as a weapon to distract us from the realities of the ‘oven-ruined Brexit deal’.  But Brexit is a political process and the law is merely a servant to the politicians.  Brexit realities are starting to bite.  Anything is possible in such a climate, including the dramatic fragmentation of an 80 strong majority and / or the slow removal of the populist culture carriers from power, just as Trump has been leavened gradually.  If you are not sure on the relative powers of politics versus the law, just think of ONE occasion when the Government obeyed the rule of law in the last five years, or other precedents. Here’s a few where they didn’t:

1. Gina Miller’s Supreme Court case which established that Parliament was sovereign. She won the case. It was ignored.
2. The Cooper No Deal amendment – No Deal was deemed illegal, yet it was used in 2020 as a threat to secure Brexit.
3. Pro-rogation of Parliament and lying to the Queen by Jacob Rees-Mogg.
4. The 6 million petition organised by Margaret Georgiadou was ignored.
5. Breaking international law to get Brexit done.
6. Allowing rapists and other criminals to continue acting as MPs.
7. Arresting people for thought crimes.

8. Unlawfully killing 30 000 people through Boris Johnson’s deliberate herd immunity COVID strategy. This was a political choice and not a necessity.

9. Offering the DUP a £1 billion bribe to support Brexit.

10. Threatening the peace in Northern Ireland by threats to destroy the Good Friday Agreement.

11. Suella Braverman’s Rwanda scheme.

12. Partygate …

13. The CPTPP deal was passed with no referendum or consultation.

… and so on.  Our Government is beyond the law.  We should not be so keen to give them excuses to continue doing this.

If political will changed, the law would be made to fit the circumstances and lawyers would spend years and earn a lot of money re-arranging the law to fit the circumstances. So, Brexit CAN be undone. We must however restore political backbones.

Can we join anew?

Yes. No one said it would be easy but all that is missing is political will. Read the articles at London for Europe for options to join anew and Bylines on the view from Barnier. All rely on the five goals we set out above and this is why we work on a consistent basis to achieve the removal of the Brexit culture carriers from power etc.

Oh, no, not another anti Brexit movement?

Our difference comes from the fact that we are more direct than professional politicians, outsmarting Nigel Farage et al. at their own wicked games.  We also rely more on professionals in their field.  This will give us the edge in terms of responsiveness and agility.  At the same time we collaborate with other pro EU and anti-Brexit groups across the board, acting to amplify their efforts.  Despite best efforts of the many local grass roots EU organisations and various central quangos which have now folded, much of their work has suffered from ‘initiative constipation’.

* We collaborate with the major national and international Remain movements.

* We have no party politics but work with people across parties.

* We allocate full-time professional effort to our organisation.  Voluntary effort alone, whilst welcome, has not given us sufficient energy, agility and focus.

About the leader – Peter Cook

Professional life

Find my professional profile at LinkedIn

When I was five years old, I wanted to be in The Beatles, but all the jobs were taken … By the age of 12, I wanted to be a scientist and I became one. At the age of 18 I took a job with a philanthropic pharmaceutical company, working around the world and developing the first human insulin, novel medicines for herpes and to bring the first HIV / AIDS treatment to the world in record time. This means that I bring a scientific mind, curiosity and rigour to your enterprise.

By the age of 30 I had developed an interest in business leadership and began teaching MBA programmes, having completed 3.5 degrees myself. At 34, I took myself out of a paid job and, for the last 28 years, I have worked independently as a consultant, author and speaker with people at all levels all over the world, helping them to transform their enterprises. My clients seek to balance their passions, purposes and profit for a more responsible and sustainable form of capitalism in the 4th industrial age. I also help leaders digest what we call ‘wicked problems and opportunities’, in other words, the issues that keep them awake at night, using a unique mixture of divergent and convergent thinking skills. My 28 years of consultancy experience bring a wealth of expertise and wisdom to you, in enterprises as diverse as Unilever to the United Nations.

Along the way, I have written 14 books on leadership, innovation and creativity, gaining a prize for my work from Sir Richard Branson and various accolades from Professors Charles Handy, Adrian Furnham, Tom Peters et al. Over some 50 years, I have gradually combined my three passions of science, business and music into a potent mixture which reaches the head, heart and soul of your enterprise.


In combination, your enterprise benefits from rigour, analytics and curiosity due to my science and business background, plus the emotional intelligence, creativity and improvisation skills that come from my life as a music composer and producer. As a musician I have been privileged to interview world class musicians such as Roberta Flack, John Mayall, AC / DC, members of Prince’s ensembles, Queen’s production team and Meatloaf’s singing partners for their insights into leadership, innovation and success.

I am a passionate advocate for better politics and better business for a better world, fighting populist politicians and short-termism in our global affairs. I am an ‘HR’ person, i.e. a ‘Hippy Realist’: green by ideals, but pragmatic by actions to change the world towards more sustainable behaviour.

Anti-Brexit / Rejoin activism

On terms of my work over the last seven years, I have led the Rage Against The Brexit Machine project, having written five albums of anti-Brexit protest songs and got one of them to Number One on the Amazon chart.  ‘Brexorcist in Chief’ for Mid Kent 4 EU, I have written three books on Brexit, based on conversations with leave voters from many thousands of hours of activity on the street, in cafes and bars.  Over 400 films on our EU TUBE channel. Out of all this time, on one occasion I gained two black eyes for misjudging an interaction with angry leave voters.   

I was also arrested by Essex Police for driving a Mini Cooper with ‘Bollocks to Brexit’ on the side.   They asked me to remove the signage on the hard shoulder of the M25.  Sadly for Essex Police I called 999 to have the officer arrested.  250 000 Tweets later, Essex Police had to retreat with an apology for putting their lives and ours at risk.  I should emphasise that the vast majority of our dealings with the Police and public have been cordial and uneventful.

I stood a stuffed cat in the 2019 General Election.  Although the cat was only there to create tactical voting, to my surprise, Stan the Cat  did not come last in the ratings, beating the Christian People’s Alliance who had been campaigning for 15 years with a budget !!  We plan to stand again in 2024.

Aside from the above sensationalism, I’ve managed to get our cause into mainstream media: BBC, ITV, Sky, LBC and all major print media from The Guardian to The Express without ANY media agency or budget, just by using a professional approach.  Whilst some Remainers consider me ‘underground’, my approach is much more effective than the blowhards in committees who simply watch things happen.

For nearly seven years I have acted to dispel the illusions of Brexit.  At 65 I consider that a fitting epitaph for my life would be the destruction of Brexit populism for the sake of future generations.  I wrote a requiem for Brexit on 31 January 2020.  This explains why Rebooting Britain matters better than words can manage: