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Non-Party Campaigns Team – Adrian Ekins-Daukes – Adrian worked in the European Union and therefore understands the EU from the inside. He has fearlessly campaigned in local elections to promote pro-European parties, moving the dial in Conservatives seats as a warning to those who think that complacency pays. We need others

Social Media Amplification Team – Irina Fridman – Passionate about dissemination of reliable information, I take my professional job as a librarian to rage against Brexit in Re-Boot Britain. You can find me most of the time on social media, mainly Facebook. If you do, say ‘hello’, and let’s re-boot this country together. We also need leaders on Twitter and other places.

European Movements Liaison Team – Peter Daws – Peter is Chair of the European Movement in Mid-Kent and combines his talents for relationship building with his background working in professional movements to build cross links between Re-Boot Britain and other organisations across the network. With a background in the army, he is skilled at strategy and leadership.

Administration and Communication Team – We need a virtual PA part-time. £10 000 per annum.

Fundraising Team – We need a fundraising leader and a team to help sustain our activities. See Fundraising. £10 000 per annum for the fundraising leader.

Our writers – Find our writers on the article platform, including Clarissa Cork, Jean-Pierre Feyaerts, Elwyn Lloyd-Jones and Adrian Ekins-Daukes.

People, Parliament and Power Team – You will likely possess skills of influence and persuasion, both in terms of positive advocacy and possibly the “dark side of the force” e.g. Machiavellian and Sun Tzu type strategies to deal with opponents.

Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England Elections Team – We need people who are willing to operate as non-party campaigners to oust Brexit supporting candidates at local elections. Join them.

Strategy and Leadership Team – Peter Cook – My professional life is as an author, speaker and business consultant. My Brexit life has involved on the ground activism, writing protest songs, writing books to change minds on Brexit and working to get our voice into the media, from the BBC to LBC, from The Guardian to The Daily Express.

Re-Boot Britain
Re-Boot Britain