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Monthly Archives: September 2020

Joy of Six

The Joy of Six

If you have six women in your life, it pays to make a law that includes them all to avoid anger, in a specific and limited way. In this article we consider the “joy of six”.

The Pound sustained a six week low as news of Brexit shambles reached the markets.

Six Londoners were either totally depressed about Brexit or optimists in a specific and limited way, for example, if you are a trader who can make money out of other people’s misery as well as their success.

Sir Keir Starmer had six tests for Brexit in 2017. He appears to have forgotten them. We haven’t. He now says that Brexit is done. It is not. See Suspended Animation.

A travel trade group identified six ways in which your travel will be affected by Brexit.

We have now had six rounds of trade talks with the EU. We have achieved nothing. In fact it’s worse than this. The high water mark of Brexit trade deals was Theresa May’s deal. Everyone agrees that, the deal has gradually been eroded since that time.

But Johnson gets to shag six women in a Boris Bubble, so that’s OK then?

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The worst winners

Hate Mail

Sunday 30 August : Today I must waste more time arranging protection for my wife and family, having spent several hours yesterday reporting a threat of violence to the police from a person pretending to be a neighbour (apologies in advance for the bad language).

Polite warning

The person behind this has been collecting stickers from all over my town. It must have taken them ages … and has been placing them in my garden to remind me that “I am being watched” ? On Saturday they got braver and posted the letter through my door. A horse’s head has yet to arrive … Obviously they don’t realise that there are many people placing stickers and protesting in smaller and larger ways across the country. As the most prolific and visible protester in the area they have singled me out for “special attention” when there are notionally at least 16.4 million of us, and currently at least 57% of the population do not want a damaging Brexit for their children’s futures.

The Police have recorded an incident of malicious communications which may escalate to something more serious. They are presently scanning the letter for fingerprints and monitoring CCTV cameras for the suspect etc.

What’s odd about this is that the Brexiteers “won”. In my many cafe conversations I have never met a more unhappy bunch of “winners” however. if democracy were a one time project, women would not have a vote, bear bating and hanging would be legal. Democracy is a process and we have a legitimate right to express concern, fear and anger about what is to come if we continue with Corona + Brexit as a Britastrophe.

Democracy in action – it’s not a project but a process

Protect and Survive

Wednesday 02 September : I have now surveyed various items to allow me to continue with my activism. A CCTV system for the house, a new back gate with a more secure lock, a personal dash cam for my bicycle and a personal alarm for my wife to share. If you wish to support the costs of continuing, please find our crowdfunder at Let’s Re-Boot Britain.

Paradoxically, we were told on the street by some reasonable Brexiteers on Saturday that the main benefit of Brexit was “freedom”, yet somehow I don’t feel free with all this tech to terrorise my life. Like most Brexiteers, I simply want to live what remains of my life in peace and in the knowledge that my children’s futures are well managed by the Government of the day. The version of “democracy” portrayed by this person is not one that I recognise, apart from in places like North Korea, Belarus and Russia.

I have already faced violence several times over the last four years as one of the more visible anti-Brexit activists in the area. The most notable incident was when I arranged to meet the head of the European Movement in a train home but he then said he could not be bothered to meet me as his leg hurt and he did not want to move carriages. I decided to go one extra stop to meet him in Rainham but then missed him at the exit gate. On my return home I was attacked by angry Brexiteers because they did not like my t-shirt and given two black eyes.

The Bloody T-Shirt

Jaw, Jaw, Jaw

I was delighted to help Gina Miller at the start of her Campaign 2018

Like Gina Miller, I wish to meet the person who is doing this for a dialogue. I find that, once we can recover someone’s “story”, all somehow notice just how we are not really that different. Bizarre ideas that all Remainers are lefties, all Brexiteers are racists and so on can be put to one side and we concentrate on what connects us and where important differences lie. Just last week I spoke at length with one angry man who was on the edge of violence to begin with at a street protest. Once we got past “the dialogue of the deaf” we both agreed that there was much to be fixed in Britain. We also agreed that it was not the EU that had “dun it” in the vast majority of cases. And that all political systems had their faults. We even discussed some areas where EU reform was needed. In one hour of patient listening and dialogue, we gained a common understanding and agreement on many things.

If you are reading this, pop your phone number through the letter box without the F and C word and we’ll fix a time for an online conversation. This will save the Police valuable time as I will be able to call them off. I may even consider a cafe meeting, depending on how our initial conversation goes.

The gentle art of Brexorcism

To learn how to conduct what I call “Brexorcisms”, read our book “Let’s Talk About BREX .. it“. It takes skill, patience and time.

Aside from this, our street events continue with great success. Join us today at Parliament Square, then Sheerness this Saturday 6 September and Rochester on Saturday 13 September.

Say NO to any form of BREXIT

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Populism will eat itself

Remember, the withdrawal agreement was a 2019 ELECTION PROMISE. It’s not even a year on and Johnson has broken his marriage vows, his election promises and caused at least 30 000 unnecessary deaths. Are you still happy about this?

Write to your MP and demand that Boris admits that he lied to win the election. Ask them to oppose Johnson’s reckless Brexit.

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We are the dead : Bowie, Britain and Brexit

I have come to the conclusion that David Bowie caused Brexit. Somewhat outlandish you might say? Read on.

The thought first occurred to me when someone found out that Johnson and Cummings have a tombola machine full of David Bowie’s lyrics. They use this as a slogan generator during late night cocaine corona infested music sessions with David Bowie on the player in No 10 at volume 10.

The latest Johnson COVID slogan comes from “Moonage Daydream” and illustrates the shameful practice of misappropriation of Bowie’s lyrics in a limited and specific way:

It’s quite clear that Cummings got hands, face and space from this. Others have verified this point from Cummings reading of the song and books on superforecasting such as 1984 …

Then, from Ashes to Ashes, we find the phrase that won Johnson a landslide victory in the general election 2019 …

My mother said, get Brexit done
You’d better not mess with Major Dom

The Thin White Duke even advised Johnson from his grave on the matter of singing English patriotic songs at the last night of the Proms giving us a foretaste of the Brexiteer riots to come:

“Rule Britannia is out of bounds” – Life on Mars

Sailors fighting in the dance hall
Oh man, look at those cavemen go
It’s the freakiest show
Take a look at the lawman
Beating up the wrong guy

I have it on good authority that the latest “Build, Build, Build” catchphrase came straight from Cummings mouth on the road to Barnard Castle to check his eyesight, on hearing “All the Madmen”, a song depicting “a world so bereft of reason that the last sane men are the ones in the asylums”. The dystopian vision fits the narrative of the Brexit condition under Boris Johnson. Build, Build, Build is clearly a cheap derivation of the confusing Bowie lyric “Zane, Zane, Zane” from “The Man Who Sold The World”. Somewhat strangely I have been performing this song at street events for the last four years since Brexit. Sorry David.

Cummings and Johnson have been playing Diamond Dogs on continuous loop since 2019 with their crack cocaine inspired Brexit. This album most perfectly describes the dystopian future or self harm, fear, loathing and blame that Brexit offers us if we chose this pathway.

Will you see that I’m scared and I’m lonely?
So I’ll break up my room, and yawn and I
Run to the centre of things
Where the knowing one says

I guess we could cruise down one more time
With you by my side, it should be fine
We’ll buy some drugs and watch a band
Then jump in the river holding hands

I’d like to have your predictions as to where Cummings and Johnson will go next for a catchy slogan …

As long as there’s the Sun

Check out Space Oddity performed at Parliament

From “Let’s Talk About – a comprehensive guide to Brexorcism”

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Dressing down for COVID

Britain has abandoned a £75 million plan to make vital items of reusable protective clothing to guard against a second wave of Covid-19. The plan had been drawn up in negotiations between the Cabinet Office  – responsible for key government policies – and industry after criticism in March that the government had failed to build up stocks of PPE. Shortages of gowns and related items in hospitals and care homes were widely blamed for the rapid early spread of the virus, leading to a high death rate of more than 41,000 (in all probablility more than double that due to changing the metrics and slippery accounting). which made the UK fifth-worst in the world,

As well as meeting NHS needs, the plan had two ambitious and beneficial goals:

  • To support the UK textile industry. Most protective garments are imported from low-cost nations. The millions of protective gowns for our health workers would have come from UK factories.
  • To reduce waste. Protective gowns are mostly discarded after one use, adding to the UK’s waste mountain. The gowns to be produced with new technology could be reused up to 100 times each.

In addition, a centralised UK programme would have ensured compliance with rigid quality standards which  cheap overseas suppliers have too often failed to meet. Orders for foreign gowns have proved to be sub-standard and unusable, causing unanticipated shortages. But 3 months of talks between industry and the Cabinet Office have ground to a halt after officials failed to agree the details of the scheme. The discussions ended after officials realised that, following protracted delays , many health trusts had placed their own local orders for gowns, reducing the need for the project. The Government has not announced the ending of the talks.

The cancellation of the project has been heavily criticised by industry.  Adam Mansell, chief executive of the UK Fashion & Textile Association, representing manufacturers, designers and suppliers, said:

“There had been a fantastic opportunity for the government to tap into Britain’s technical expertise on textiles to set up a sustainable supply of reusable gowns made in the UK. The way the government has handled this project has been poor and says little for its commitment to help UK manufacturing.” 

Yvette Ashby, chief executive of the Professional Clothing Industry Association Worldwide, added:

“The people working on this [in the Cabinet Office] appear to have little understanding of how the textile industry works. Their approach has sometimes appeared chaotic.”

Japanese textile maker Toray – which would have made most of the material for the project in a plant in Mansfield – said the Cabinet Office had been “slow and indecisive”. Had the government committed to the project, Toray said it would have been ready to increase investment in its UK plant. 

David Stevens, chief executive of the Textiles Services Association, representing laundries which would have recycled the gowns (by washing each one 40-100 times) said the plan would have made “a lot of sense from both an environmental and economic perspective”. 

Heathcoat Fabrics, with a big factory in Devon, said the failure of the talks was “a huge opportunity missed to not only eliminate any future supply issues but to also help the domestic textile industry at a time when jobs and unemployment are going to be a key issue”. 

Officials may have had problems with the  proposal to spread manufacturing  around the country,  preferring it to be concentrated in a few places. If so, this seems to be more a case of “Dressing Down” rather than “levelling up” poorer regions by Johnson’s Government, (where many of the UK textiles businesses are distributed).  But the main factor was that while the talks were dragging on – with no sign that officials were close to a decision – many of the over 200 individual health trusts around the UK opted not to wait for the outcome, but instead placed their own orders, to avoid being caught out again by a second wave of the pandemic. Cabinet Office officials failed to foresee this result of their dithering. This has enabled the major suppliers of gowns from overseas to continue to dominate a market which British industry could have reclaimed as its own,  The Cabinet Office under Dominic Cummings has failed to provide a sustainable and reliable supply of PPE  equipment, of sufficiently high standards to meet NHS needs and providing badly needed employment to our textile industry.

The responsibility for this debacle rests squarely on Cummings and his rabble of advisors imported into Number 10.

They are not competent to handle commercial affairs and should be debarred from any future involvement in COVID procurement activity.

Write to your MP with this article via WRITE TO THEM.

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