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Julie Ward MEP

Julie Ward, MEP

In this interview we speak with Julie Ward, MEP on Brexit futures as part of the Futurama series. Subjects discussed include:

  • How we got to this point of idiocracy in UK Brexit politics
  • The role of education and emotional intelligence in getting us out of it
  • How Brexit will impact the arts in particular
  • An interruption by Dominic Cummings
  • What Brexit options remain as a route to remaining Europeans
  • What people can do on a daily basis about it
  • An insight into the soul of Michel Barnier
  • What Europe really means

Julie provides vital insights into Brexit, based on her intimate knowledge and experience of working at the European Parliament. Watch the full interview. It’s well worth your time:

Thank you so much for this interview Julie

Julie Ward’s interview is part of the Futurama : Festival of Brexit series. With thanks to Rachel Ashley, Cath Mossy and Cathy Reynolds.


Write to your MP and share Julie’s interview with a suitable letter about the folly of Brexit under COVID crisis and more generally.