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Monthly Archives: November 2022

Weekly news from Don

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “next two years stuck in a doom cycle … Richy Scumbag uses Johnson playbook … bluster and evasion to shut down questions  … 66% of population have lost faith in politicians … Braverman is deliberately inflammatory, divisive and unacceptable … has shown herself to be untrustworthy and unfit for office … Richy Scumbag is unfit to be PM … political embarrassment, nationally and internationally … Wretched spectacle of a Home Secretary trying to out-bigot the bigots … nastiness and incompetence taking root at the Home Office … Tory policies discredited … Richy Scumbag faces a winter of discontent … Thick Lizzie’s disastrous government lost the confidence of financial markets … Britain is fragile … for years growth rate has been dismal, a problem made worse by Brexit … public services are in a dreadful state … poor households are acutely vulnerable …The chances of Jeremy *unt making the right choices are slim … thoughtless spending cuts are likely, so are tax gimmicks … the economy will need less short-sighted fiddling … British ministers are unable to explain what they want … their confusion is the problem. Politician heal thyself … panicky investors, soaring gilt yields and financial turmoil … just retribution for Brexit, though obviously a milder punishment than British voters inflicted on themselves … Fiscal Black Hole’ is a lie peddled by the government at its peril … economist’s research proves black hole is dangerous fiction …Thick Lizzie and Toilet Kwarteng torched the credibility of the UK government … spending cuts usually depress growth … Bank of England predicts recession till 2024 … triggering a doom loop … crisis of government credibility … meltdown in public service budgets … if they ignore the truth Tories will carry the blame for catastrophe … how much we have lost for how little we have gained … it is rare I meet someone still willing to admit they voted  Leave … what are they left with … blue passports … like everything to do with Brexit nothing is as it seems  and certainly not as was promised … no wonder traders are finding it harder and harder and more expensive to do business … we voluntarily decided to make trading arrangements more complicated … Brexit just keeps on damaging the UK, devouring Prime Ministers, its purchasing power and global attractiveness … in the face of evil goodwill is not enough … Johnson has put in repeated calls to Rupert Murdoch … none has been returned … Johnson’s day is over, ditto Trump … Sunday Times said Richy Scumbag must call an election … the Tory made mess was so bad it would be better to leave it to Labour to clear up the mess and take the flak for higher taxes and cuts in public services. Tories could come back in when the dirty work was done …  paper spoke of dozens of unexploded bombs that could end the careers of senior Tories … calling on Scumbag to abolish Non Dom tax status … Rees Mogg attended the funeral of Christopher Booker … Rees Mogg wrote about 4,000 EU laws still on statute books and his determination to see them gone … if Rees Mogg had studied Booker he would know that most of the laws coming from the EU was passed down from global bodies and was the consequence of globalisation … years down the line and Rees Mogg is still untouched by reality … one can only wonder how people at the top of the of the political tree can be so ignorant … Brexit has devastated the hospitality sector … government does not train young people for hospitality business … decimated by Covid … hikes in energy prices … disaster … visa system is far too complicated and expensive … too expensive, too much red tape … we are at crisis point …no prospect of this improving … crippling, making everything more difficult and more expensive … for the first time since records began there are more job vacancies than people looking for work … ending free movement is the exact opposite of what the country needs … cost is enormous … hitting every sector … serious long term irreversible damage to the British economy …for a government struggling to balance the books you might think this would make them think again … Tories do not seem to care that its own mismanagement and indifference to the consequences are costing £7B a year in lost taxes … Biden will no longer face being removed from power … UK provided a warning … a friend in Chicago told me the antics of the Tories frightened the hell out of people … UK was considered an oasis of sanity … to see Tory craziness made steel workers of Michigan think again … Brexit politicians, Leave campaigners never accept responsibility for the problems caused by the very thing they demanded … none of the Brexit promises have been fulfilled … Lord Wolfson says this is not the Brexit he voted for … I wonder how he progressed from running anything more complex than a jumble sale … Chancellor Jeremy *unt has called for another ‘efficiency review’ this does not say much for Francis Maude’s earlier efforts … ‘efficiency and reform’ in the early days of the coalition … it quickly ran into difficulties and had to reset plans … as *unt announces cuts in jobs and services one spending commitment destines to survive is the Maude ‘efficiency review’… one of the more controversial PPE suppliers has been forced to cough up £70M after a legal dispute … it is nice to know it is possible to claw back some of the money spent on useless PPE equipment. How much more of the remaining billions can we expect to get back? … Cabinet Ministers would normally stay for a Commons Statement by the PM …  Richy Scumbag rose to make a statement about COP27 … stampede for the exit … why was the Chancellor wearing a medal on Remembrance Day … Lieutenant of the Victorian Order … awarded to *unt’s father … true there is a custom of wearing family medals at Remembrance events … wearing an LVO is crazy … Lord Wolfson said … if we do the right thing it will be 4 or years for Britain to show it is thriving outside the EU … six years on and with the economy badly damaged … Wolfson is now saying he did not get the Brexit he wanted … I served two Foreign Secretaries, Johnson and Raas … neither of whom showed any interest in working … Richy Scumbag and Jeremy *unt have promised to fill ‘the black hole’ … £4.5B wasted on error and fraud … Jeremy *unt’s final report as chair of  Conservative and Policy Forum paints a grim picture … If Starmer is serious about restricting overseas recruitment he needs to get his sums right … there is no point in training extra staff if terms and conditions are so dire you cannot retain them …routine outpatient appointments are measured in years … Private Finance Initiative offers a short term political fix but risk coupling crippling long term debts with poor value for money …each and every one of the deaths at Grenfell Tower was avoidable … a rogue’s gallery of manufacturers, designers etc etc etc … Crapita … scandal ridden … pisspoor … the whole fandango could be a complete waste of money … still do not know what works … Elon Musk’s twitter shitshow …

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The Brexocist

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “excess deaths have shown a marked increase in the UK … difficulty accessing emergency care is adding to avoidable deaths in the UK … Murdoch’s TalkTV is regularly recording zero audience … Murdoch has spent millions … £50M for barely viewed presenter Piers Moron alone … Johnson inherited the longest ever waiting lists and social care vacancies ever … Brexit making vacancies harder to fill … worrying reductions in the life expectancies of women … Johnson made bold promises that were never likely to succeed … no chance of delivering the 2019 Mandate and they know it … a massive lie … Scumbag has two years to deliver on Johnson’s health fantasies … Scumbag banking his future on delivering the impossible … clinical staff silenced on issues that could save lives … we will see avoidable deaths mount this winter … delay and obfuscation … staff shortages … morale rock bottom … a horrible winter awaits … Johnson’s serial dishonesty … Thick Lizzie’s fiscal recklessness … disastrous … the sense of respite is overdone … Scumbag has some qualities but many flaws … the relief is damning. Competence ought to be a given not an ambition … stability is nowhere near enough … Britain is still below pre Pandemic levels of output … the taboo that Tories are unlikely to think rationally about Brexit is unlikely to end … quickly bounced into making promises … tin ear .. tax status of his wife … talk of Tory unity is wildly premature … reappointment of Sue Ellen Braverman … is a victory of expediency over ability … this is before the real pain bites … a grim saga of high inflation and rising interest rates … his personal wealth is a lightning rod for voter discontent … tragedy … expectations so reduced that not imploding  is the sign of a grown up …  dysfunction … slow growth … inability to talk honestly about Brexit … economic indicators flashing red … cartoon radicalism … primary qualification is loyalty not ability … billions need to be found to balance the books … Tories have devolved a taste for sacrifice … defensive move by a PM whose party is ungovernable, may backfire … by promoting Braverman Scumbag damages his own reputation … politically naive … Scumbag’s ascendancy was more rapid than it should have been … Scumbag is a cause of the problem … tidy up a mess that he helped create … when the Tories erred in recent years Scumbag … always in favour of the mistake … supported Brexit … supported an extraordinary solution to the problem (Johnson) … can be put down to cynicism … support for Quixotic policy is the norm for Scumbag … governs in party interest rather than national interest … little evidence that Scumbag will challenge vested interests … inexperience, even with copious intelligence, is always a problem … Tories had nowhere else to turn … Scumbag does not mark a change from failed policies, he personifies them … The rot in Tory Party did not begin with Thick Lizzie … Brexit, which Scumbag supports, is the handbrake on country’s economic prospects …Johnson’s chaotic reign … more ruin … Tory failure to challenge its supporters does so much damage to the country … Richy Scumbag’s career in exploitative finance makes him unfit to be PM … will soon deploy the logic that made him rich to justify making millions of people poorer … 90% of schools face bankruptcy … catastrophic NHS failure … Scumbag has made money out of manipulating money, profited from the bankruptcy of others, ruthlessly exploited the leniency of regulators … the great Tory failed experiment in populism made the richest politician in Britain PM. Enriching the rich was ultimately what Brexit was about… British manufacturing is reeling from Brexit idiocy …  the way successive administrations have gone about implementing Brexit has made things worse… manufacturing is particularly vulnerable to Brexit … cost of red tape at borders is £7B per year (government figures) … Germany now attracts more Japanese firms than the UK … decline of the car industry in the last six years … it has collapsed … new models are all going to be built abroad … Brexit problems made worse by government incompetence … it gets worse … Brigit industry is having to spend billions more … ever more ridiculous deadlines … Brexiter fantasy … Rees Mogg’s absurd law … grim picture … Brexit has done absolutely nothing to help … huge amount of damage … no sign that government recognises the problem … even 2016 Leave Voters know this is a bare faced lie … Chaos … scandal upon scandal … shutting down rather than answering legitimate problems … Richy Scumbag …. thick streak of selfishness … integrity holed below the waterline on day one … barely answers a single question … preferring bluster and evasion … no parliamentary accountability … total contempt for it …  Scumbag is in the Johnson – Trump camp for standards … years of chaos and uncertainty … UK needs stability and competence … PM’s choice is save the economy or save Brexit … the absence of agreed plans hangs over government … an appallingly irresponsible  fiscal event … it is not possible to make Brexit work … businesses are moving from Britain … not Project Fear, Project Reality … by far the biggest destructor is the fallout from Brexit …  Scumbag’s cabinet … very few have real ability … clueless and frankly dangerous … sanity is off the menu … Brexit has poisoned our whole economic discourse … outbreak of reality seems a long way off …  Cabinet  should be chosen on merit not loyalty … next few years will be tough … disruptive … symptoms are bloating and egomania … vanity projects … Thick Lizzie represented the culmination of 12 years of Tory policies … income inequality, low productivity and poor public services … freaking social contract …. Sluggish economy … add Brexit to the toxic mix and you have the makings of long term decline…. those attracted to the leadership of such a party are intellectually wanting driven by hunger for personal wealth … Britain’s fiasco … this was, to put it mildly, misleading …  nursing shortage of 46,828 … nearly 12% of nursing jobs unfilled …  winter of discontent would pose hard questions for both parties … Thick Lizzie’s phone had been hacked … a year’s worth of messages … a similar attack on a government issue phone would have been difficult …  Sue Ellen used her personal e-mail to handle classified messages … she is now back in the same job … the outlook for Britain is grim … madness in Westminster …86 profit warnings … more than in any year since 2008 … everything is getting more expensive … 3 way squeeze on households … Consumer confidence has crashed … UK is heading into a grim winter … the economic damage caused by Brexit gets ever clearer … Sue Ellen talks of ‘invasion’ … such talk is inflammatory and immoral … miserable tale of incompetence, cruelty and complacency … Sue Ellen repeatedly pledged stronger borders, lower immigration and more sovereignty … They have achieved the opposite … harebrained … paying Rwanda to take asylum seekers … slapstick version of geo-politics … rather than being a sovereign Britain is a supplicant … incompetence and cruelty of the right … every solution is impractical … the result is paralysis, misery and death … Nobody celebrates Brexit anymore … failure to deliver … we were sold a pup … we were tricked. We were deceived, they conned us, there is no way Brexit benefited us … If Johnson were to walk past I would spit on him … we were all hoodwinked … he did not deliver … shown how incompetent this government is … they should not have promised what they could not deliver … complete and utter lies … acute labour shortage … ideological stuff rushed through without considering the consequences … we have had to accept a lower work ethic … daily reminders of government failure … Chief Twit Elon Musk is determined to make the sewer even more vile …  Britain needs strong economic growth … not going to happen … Richy Scumbag confronts a bleak economic landscape … biggest danger of Brexit is not the decline in trade but the hit to financial services … City of London did very well out of being in the EU … a victory that Brexit threw away … Brexit has hurt financial services in many ways …£900B has transferred from the city to the EU … City has lost 7,400 highly paid jobs … playing into your competitor’s hands is always a bad idea … there was a point when Gavin Williamson thought he could be PM … hilarity is not confined to Elon Musk tanking the already tarnished reputation of his $44B purchase … after declaring that Toilet Kwarteng’s budget ‘was the best I heard a Chancellor deliver’ … Telegraph has succumbed to deep depression … Rees Mogg is no mood to apologise for backing a succession of losers … ‘it is the dominant left wing ideology that is to blame for UK going pear shaped … Johnson clearly invoked a faux past … myth that Britain singlehandedly won WW2 … nonsense … Churchill himself advocated what he called a ‘United States of Europe’ … people who should be chastised are seen as heroes of incivility … why is Nigel Garbage not appear on Question Time now that the true reality of his lies are becoming apparent? … Trussonomics, a policy dreamed up by the extreme right of the Tory Party … who is brave enough to tell the truth: stay outside the EU and become increasingly poor or get back in and regain prosperity? … 

Pip Pip             Don Adamson Medway Delta (Retired)                       Brexorcist and Saboteur First Class

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Write your letter

Here are some recent letters. They work. This batch are quite short. Write your own. Don’t forget to write to King Charles III.
Subject: Your expenses

Dear Mr Docherty,

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but your name is all over Twitter today with an accusation that you claimed £8.89 on your expenses for a Ukrainian flag.

I find this extremely hard to believe. Surely it’s not true, is it?

Yours sincerely
Subject: Your TV appearance on Politics Today

Dear Ms Ford,

You made an utter fool of yourself on Politics Today. But you know that already.


Yours sincerely
Subject: Gavin Williamson bullying (proven, not alleged)

Dear Mr Stride,

Congratulations on becoming the latest useful idiot to the PM with your defence of the indefensible on ITV Lunchtime News this afternoon.

Yours sincerely
Subject: What happened?

Dear Ms Whately,

Day 1: ‘This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability’

Now:    Suella Braverman – broke the Ministerial Code, Security risk. Cruel human being.

Gavin Williamson – Bullying (a bit like Priti Patel did under Johnson). Incompetent, judging on previous history in government.

Conclusion: Same old, same old. Integrity and professionalism claims blown out of the water already. We now await the accountability?

Your thoughts please?

Yours Sincerely
Subject: Your appearance on Politics Today

Dear Mr Hunt,

Re your debate with Steve Reed, the opposition Justice Secretary, on Politics Today earlier today, the extreme Right Wing of the Conservative Party is the ERG, and you know it. Your indignation doesn’t wash.

Also, Suella Braverman does NOT speak for the majority of people in the country as you said. She is seen as out of her depth, bullying (proven) cruel, vile and a security risk to the country, who is only there at the behest of the PM to pacify the ERG.

You did yourself no favours, but then you were only wheeled out as just the latest Tory MP to support a failed party.

Yours sincerely

How the rest of the world sees Brexit

Check this interview out on US National Public Radio. Brexit has contributed to our lack of resilience in Britain. We are this more exposed to shocks.

We must also be ‘grateful’ to Liz Truss. In just a few weeks, she conducted a clinical trial on Britain, a trial for which no one volunteered. The experiment was in hard Brexit economics. All the patients died and we are left with a £30 billion black hole in the economy. Even Boris Johnson was unable to match these levels of spaffing.

The interview is syndicated across 1000 + US Radio networks.

Click on the image to listen to the radio package


Scotland is NOW

We need help to build our website for Scottish independence and free ourselves from Tory lies about Scotland’s need for self-determination after the catastrophe of Brexit. Find our page on Scotland here. We need a fully developed set of proposals that deal with the economy, social affairs, environment, relationships with what remains of Britain, the politics and so on. Recent myths that have emerged include:

Scotland cannot finance itself

Rubbish. Scotland is self sufficient in sustainable energy alone. Scotland outperforms all the other UK nations in terms of international exports. In  contrast, England’s international trade deficit in goods is massive.

Scotland would lose the pound, have no currency or be financially unstable

Rubbish. Scotland already has its own currency and decisions about currency can be made at the most advantageous time to the Scottish people. Plenty of small countries have their own currencies and exist perfectly well on the high seas of a global financial world. To see financial instability in a strong economy one only has to look to Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ and the impact on Britain’s fortunes! It is bad leadership and financial management that leads to such problems.

This is what trickle down economics looks like ….

Scotland would lose the Royal Family

Rubbish. The royals own a lot of land in Scotland. It’s possible to share our royal family if you concerned about such things. It’s a non-issue if you are a unionist. You can have your Royal Family and eat it too.

Scotland does not have the economy to prosper

Rubbish : Lots of small countries thrive around the world. Scotland is a net exporter. As a member of the single market, Scotland stands to gain from what I call “The Best of Both”.

Scotland would suffer from a land border with England

Rubbish. To quote a well used Brexiteer phrase “They (England) need us (Scotland) more than we need them”. Check the figures re the balance of trade between Scotland and GB. In brief Scotland exports £17,455 per head per year, while the UK exports £8,626.

Why then are the Tories making a big deal of spinning lies about Scotland?

I think it’s simple to understand. In 2019 You Gov reported that Tory voters said that they were happy to see Scotland and Northern Ireland as ‘collateral damage’ of Brexit. Perhaps they have realised how wrong they were in the wake of Brexit Carnage. Even the Torygraph is now reporting that project fear was right all along.

If you are able to help us build the case for an independent Scotland, please get in touch via

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