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Kent Toilet of England


We have the opportunity to call our Kent Councillors to account in the local elections by choosing any candidate other than Conservatives. Kent has recently been reclassified from the Garden of England to the Toilet of England. Brexit has changed the landscape of Kent dramatically:

  • The M20 is now permanently under threat of closure due to Brexit border problems. With any accident, Kent suffers the risk of gridlock, with just the A2 / M2 and A20 / M20 / M26 as major arteries in the county.
As featured on “Have I Got News For You” – click image to view.
  • Ebbsfleet international is now a lorry park and our Eurostar connection to France severed. It’s now quicker to
  • Manston airport, Sevington in Ashford and the White Cliffs in Dover have also been converted to lorry parks. The A256 from Ramsgate to Folkestone is now a temporary car park.
  • Kent County Council are loading us with 5% hike in Council taxes to pay for the “Britastrophe” caused by the toxic combination of Brexit and Corona. Several Councillors have been suspended for objecting to this, when the country needs a boost rather than more austerity.

“It is unforgivable for the costs to be placed on the shoulders of Kentish taxpayers, while the government wastes billions on failed programmes such as test and trace.”

  • The promised sunlit uplands from Brexit have not materialised. Kent residents have been misled time after time by Boris Johnson’s Government. Even the so called “Take Back Control” mantra has failed to deliver tangible improvements in our laws, borders and money. The promise has been replaced by Kent permits, more bureaucracy and a “Brexodus” of businesses from the county. It seems that Boris Johnson’s prediction of “Fuck Business” was true : if you want to export to Europe, the best way to do this is to leave the UK.
England’s green and pleasant car park.
  • Kent Police have 33 other police forces working on the ground to keep traffic flows moving. We the Kent taxpayers are having to foot “the bill” to control Brexit chaos, which has only just begun.
  • Kent industries such as fishing, farming and financial services are now threatened, in spite of the promises of frictionless trade.

Vote for any candidate other than the Conservative to ensure that Brexit doesn’t pay.

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