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Protest Songs

Over many years, we have written 3 albums worth of original protest songs. Some are poignant, others satirical and one or two acidic. Please download the songs rather than just listening to them. All proceeds go towards our Re-Boot Britain cause. The best place to do this is on Bandcamp, where we retain the vast majority of the royalties, but of course we are also present on all the major platforms:

Support independent artists on Bandcamp – Click image
Find Rage Against The Brexit Machine on iTunes – click image
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Find Rage Against The Brexit Machine on Spotify – click image – the least good way to support independent artists as margins are wafer thin

Here are some examples of the rich mixture of material we have recorded over the years, from the sublime to the ridiculous. Most are originals but there are some re-makes of familiar songs. Please note, we get ZERO royalties from just watching You Tube videos. Please buy the songs. They take considerable effort to produce. Just grazing on You Tube is in effect stealing the artist’s music.

Produced for 31.01.20 – A Requiem for Brexit
Mutant Algorithm
Poignant reflections on Dominic Cummings flagrant breakage of lockdown

Find all our videos at YouTube

An ironic look at Brexit reality from the viewpoint of a leave voter
A Brexit Raga
Live in Manchester
A Chas & Dave Cockney Brexit Knees-up
For all Citizens of Nowhere