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EU TUBE – films to banish Brexit and join EU anew

Subscribe, share and support our EU TUBE page. If you like the films, please download the songs via Bandcamp. This helps us continue to make more content. We get no royalties from you watching You Tube videos, just a few pennies a year, so please buy the albums and songs.

Here are some tasty samples from our EU TUBE page:

Immigration sorted in two minutes. Suella Braverman does not want to fix the problem as she has to pray at the Brexit altar to a few knuckle dragging racists. Tell he she’s wrong.
Gambling with YOUR money. A satirical remake of Wrecking Ball. Liz Truss’s spaffing of £30 BILLION of your mortgages and pensions was NOT funny however !!
Brexit under the microscope – Scientific, Technological and Environmental impacts of Brexit – Well worth 14 minutes of your time.
Faux Bojo in Chesham and Amersham aka Morden at the end of the Northern Line. Drew Galdron is a genius and we have done many projects with him.
A social stock take on Brexit. Well worth 17 minutes of your time. We also have pieces on economic, political, legal, technological and environmental impacts of Brexit on the channel.

“Sunakered” – An EDM dance groove on the condition of Brexitosis which consumes our nation.

Stan the Cat is standing for election again to get the Tories out in 2024 – please support him via

German TV – skip to 5 minutes and 30 seconds for feature on Brexit. We have done interviews with many foreign media outlets.
Ad-libbed street mini keynote, which makes the links between the national disaster of Brexit and the global catastrophe of Climate Extinction. Protest and survive !! Share the film.

Essex Police attempt to arrest anti-Brexit protestors … and fail big time

There’s over 200 videos on the channel !!!