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Meetings and events

Have I got Brexit news for EU

First Wednesdays of the month by appointment at 8.00pm UK time via We offer a fully collaborative forum where we ‘create the news’ that the tabloids don’t wish to print, about Brexit populism and related issues to Reboot Britain. It’s the most fun you can have talking about Brexit, restoring democracy, facing down populism and breaking the Conservative majority in Parliament to get us to a point where a re-entry strategy makes some sense. We don’t sob or look backwards at these events – that’s just therapy. We get on with the business of beating politicians and populist media at their own wicked games … 🙂 These meetings are presently by invitation only.

ZOOM meetings
Use to join Have I got Brexit news for EU.

Start the week

Induction sessions by appointment on Mondays at 8.00pm GMT on ZOOM. We offer a mini presentation on Reboot Britain plus an opportunity to ask questions and have your voice heard. To read up on the project please watch the video or read more at Reboot Britain. Contact us to arrange an induction session.