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Monthly Archives: January 2021

Hierarchy of needs

Just 20 days into Brexit and it seems that nearly every industry and sector of society are either asking for a hand out or a hand up after Brexit. Some of you will be familiar with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Here’s the Brexit hierarchy of needs:

The Dark Side of the Loon

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On the run

Working up from the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy, it has become apparent that our so-called free trade deal is not free, nor frictionless. We can already see low-level shortages of fresh food on supermarket shelves. Tony Hale, managing director of London-based DH Foods, said he had five containers of fresh pork sitting at Rotterdam port that was now “completely rotten”. Another mentioned £500 000 worth of meat rotting after being delayed by our ‘frictionless trade’. Fishermen protested in Downing Street on Monday and the Government tried to buy them off by offering £23 million in compensation for losses. Let’s do the math:

£23 million = £19 166 for each fisherman

Our attempts to secure a Brexit deal for the fishermen have cost £7 BILLION. That’s 304 times more than the sum of money being offered !!

£19 K sounds a lot, but of course it’s barely enough to live on for a year, in return for the fishermen’s silence. A fisherman’s friend once said that “a cod in the hand is worth two in the net”, but this is plainly a fobbing-off strategy. Cod only knows what we’d do without EU …

Controversial thought. Should people who largely voted for Brexit be rewarded for that decision? Arguably not.

These effects are DIRECTLY related to Brexit

The bribe for the fisherman sets an important precedent. If you feel you have been adversely affected by Brexit, simply write to Boris and ask for a ‘bung’.


Parliament voted down an amendment to the Brexit Trade Bill which sought to ensure the NHS is excluded from future trade deals. This means that The NHS is once again up for sale on the international markets, breaking yet another Conservative manifesto promise. Expect American styled healthcare charges in the future and the eventual end of our NHS, currently free at the point of delivery. Oh, yes, and the £350 million per week has still not materialised …

Boris Johnson narrowly avoided defeat on a bill to avoid parliamentary scrutiny on trade deals with regimes which commit genocide. One can soon expect Liz Truss to come back from North Korea signing deals for missiles in exchange for cheese.

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Brain Damage

Maslow did not deal with money in his hierarchy of needs, as it was what fellow traveller Frederick Herzberg termed a ‘dissatisfier’. Simply stated, doubling your salary does not double your motivation, but an inadequate wage is a massive source of dissatisfaction.

Losing your livelihood can also lead to mental health issues, aka what Pink Floyd referred to as ‘brain damage’ on ‘Dark Side of the Moon’. We are currently in the midst of experiencing what could be described as ‘collective PTSD’ in the UK, as lives and livelihoods are destroyed by COVID. Whilst it makes total sense to close down non-essential activities, such as hairdressers, nail bars etc. and to restrict social participation in sports and hospitality, the impacts on mental health are considerable.

Whilst Brexit is not a direct causal factor of these COVID-related closures. Brexit has contributed to our lack of resilience in the UK and therefore our sense of dystopia about the future. Going forward, Brexit will do much more damage to our sense of belonging and place in the world, with impacts on lives and livelihoods. We can only express our sorrow to those people whose lives depend on the resumption of their businesses. All we can do is to point out that the measures taken by Boris Johnson have been too little, too late. This has resulted in repeated lockdowns and restrictions and extended the pain from COVID. Adding Brexit to COVID results in a ‘Britastrophe’.

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The Great Gig in the Sky

I am part musician, part scientist, part business academic, so it pains me to say this, but if we had to choose between eating and music, the rational choice would be to eat. Yet our Brexit Government has voted for neither. With shops now emptying of fruit, veg, meat and fish, one could have taken consolation in music. Yet it emerges that Boris Johnson rejected a special deal for musicians working in Europe as part of the Brexit trade deal. I wrote on the issue of musicians working in Europe many years ago, in Voices for Europe and recently the world’s most famous musicians have protested against this criminal assault on the arts by our Government.

Won't get fooled again (by Brexit)
Won’t get fooled again (by Brexit) … We’ll be fighting on the streets – click on Roger Daltrey to help Re-Boot Britain – Graphic by Cold War Steve

UK culture secretary Oliver Dowden urged musicians to use their ‘star power’ to lobby the EU to ease new visa and work permit rules. Dowden revealed his pathetic idiocy and ignorance in suggesting that musicians should be able to break international trade agreements. In doing so, he made himself and his Government look especially stupid. The fault rests with third-rate  negotiator Frost, who, instead of looking after the interests of musicians and others, wasted months of negotiations parroting the words that Britain is a sovereign country.


Anthony Grayling reports on further gradual shifts to move our financial services out of Britain.

HMRC are also charging truckers for delays that THEY are causing in terms of customs checks. This will not go well. There have been several reports on extensive delays for lorry drivers. In case you are confused about why this is happening, this helpful diagram explains all:

Alone again, naturally – our place as a 3rd Country

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Every year is getting shorter never seem to find the time.
Plans that either come to naught or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way
The time is gone, the song is over,
Thought I’d something more to say.

The Government has ended the restrictions on the 48-hour working week, although employers have not complained of feeling unduly shackled by EU standards and the majority of workers working more than 48 hours a week willingly opted out with better pay conditions. This opens the door to the exploitation of poorly paid workers. This breaks the government’s election manifesto pledge and was a key part of the Tories’ appeal to voters in traditional Labour seats which helped the party to secure its 2019 General Election victory. 

Time is of course at the heart of our problems with delivery of fresh food and medicines, many of which require cool chain delivery and which rely on Just In Time manufacturing in order to reach us in good condition. In some cases we have yet to see the impacts of Brexit in these areas but the signs are not good.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson continues to gaslight us into accepting sub-optimal doses of the COVID vaccine. He is going against best advice from the manufacturers and the WHO although they understand our sense of desperation, given the toxic effects of Corona + Brexit. This decision is not risk free and we shall find out the effects by experimentation.

Just 20 days in and Brexit carnage has begun, from the top to the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as we enter the Winter of Discontent.

Will we see the dark side of the loon soon?

Mike Cashman sums up for us:


How often have you heard this?

Well, this article compiled by Peter Cook summarises some of what has happened in the first 3 weeks of real Brexit. We all need to recognise these real problems that have arisen from the fact of Brexit and from the reckless rushed and incompetent negotiation. No one should refer any more to Project Fear – this is Reality and businesses are facing disaster.

Do we accept that this has happened? Government Ministers consistently refuse to answer questions about reasons for our dreadful situation, whether that is Brexit or Covid. As expected, they have started to blame Covid for Brexit problems.

Will Boris Johnson now move on? Will his Government act honourably, do what the Dutch Government have done and resign en masse with him? Ask your MP.

We finish as we began, with a performance of Pink Floyd’s “Another Prick in the Mall”, on a train after The People’s March:

With thanks to Sy Donne, Irina Fridman, Helga Perry, Adrian Ekins-Daukes, Mike Cashman, Jo Wace, Martin Housden, Lisa Lanfranchi, Carol Fraser, Roger Cracknell, Patricia Manning, Daphne Franks, Peter Daws, June Austin, Greg Newman for helping compile this article.

Anus Horribilis

No, it’s not a mis-spelt article title. Anus Horribilis refers to the toxic combination of Brexshit and Corona aka a Britastrophe. In this yearly roundup I’m picking out some of the lowlights of 2020 and some of the early indicators of the Britastrophe to come. But of course, firstly, let me wish you happy new year via some music:

Project Fear v Project Fact

Gibraltar struck their own arrangements with the EU on 30.12.20 and British residents gained the ability to live and work in Spain and 27 EU countries by adopting Schengen. In the longer term this may lead to the re-integration of Gibraltar into Spain. Brexiteers said it would never happen …

Northern Ireland has similar privileges, now that Johnson dropped his “dead body promise” that there would NEVER be a border in the Irish sea. Included in the arrangements are the continuation of the EHIC healthcare scheme and the Erasmus scheme for young people to study in Europe.

Write to your MP. Demand a level playing field on free movement, Erasmus and EHIC cards. There must be unity of rights and freedoms.

Just yesterday it was revealed that another lorry park is to be built around the White Cliffs of Dover to cope with delays caused by Brexit. Michael Gove promised frictionless borders. Stockpiling means that borders are currently less busy but just reflect on these mind boggling facts:

More than 220 million customs forms will have to be processed by about 5,000 Customs officers for freight transport in the New Year. These apply to anything over 7.5 tonnes, laden or not. You’ll need a Kent (Road) Access Permit (KRAP) which lasts 24 hours, every time you come in, for a start. Some British exporters are to temporarily delay sending goods to Europe for a couple of weeks because they won’t subject their drivers to the delays.

Read this shocking account of lorry drivers trapped in Kent for days by Kent Police under direction from Priti Patel and our Brexit Government. Anus Horribilis has only just begun.

Treated like animals to feed the Brexiteers red meat and silence opposition to Brexit


In an act of wilful madness, Johnson has changed the regime of COVID vaccinations so that people get a sub-optimal single dose with a possible follow up some 12 weeks later. The worst case scenario from this is that we will have millions of under-protected people wandering around thinking they are invincible. At the same time, the Government plan to mix and match vaccines from different manufacturers when there is no clinical evidence to suggest this is safe. The Government blamed the suppliers for failing to supply sufficient vaccine. Pfizer have just denied this is the case.

Write to your MP. Demand that COVID vaccines be given according to the recommended dosing regime.

BOJONA-21 is here – a psychotropic drug that makes it impossible for people to tell truth from lies. It’s very catchy so watch out. It is transmitted through contact with The Sun, Daily Mail and The Express.


Brexiteers have had a sudden and dramatic change of heart. From 2016-2020 they cried “Remoaners! Traitors! Saboteurs! Enemies of the people!!!” In a dramatic reversal they are now saying: “It’s time to put aside our differences and move forward together…”

I for one am not prepared to collaborate with people who wilfully voted to ruin my children’s futures and have not demonstrated any atonement or behavioural change. Here is a video of someone who sent a death threat to my family and was later on caught in the act using spray paints and a knife to attack my property:

I will never “move on” and faced a huge dose of hatred from hardline Brexiteers over this tweet. Why are they so angry? They won FFS.

Thanks to Leon Berger and Charlie Rome for their inputs to this.

Happy new year

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Anus Horribilis
A town called Malice
Anus Horribilis
Anus Horribilis – Theresa May dies not seem so bad these days
Taking Back Control of our Laws

Take Back Control of our Laws

Write to your MP, asking them to Take Back Control of our Laws, now that Brexit is done. A couple of example letters for you to base your letter on are included below. The sample letters range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Pick your style and get writing. Let’s hold our MPs to account for the Brexit illusions from 2016 now that we can expect the sunlit uplands to appear. Your MP’s email is of the form

Dear xxx,

I write to ask for the £350 million every week for the NHS, now that you have got Brexit done. Please can you provide a discounted cash flow statement for these inputs, set against the £200 BILLION or so of costs accrued so far on Brexit. Can you also provide an account of all the contracts issued to companies who failed to deliver PPE, test and trace and so on so I can calculate the impact on my tax bill.

All the best


Dear xxx,

Now that you have got Brexit done, I write to ask you to help rid the UK of those EU laws which were holding us back. In particular I ask that you attend to the pressing matter of upgrading the lightbulbs in my street lamps. They offer no illumination and were installed by my council, following pressure from residents to restore the street to Edwardian times. As well as this, they have been forced to introduce the ritual of regular bear-bating sessions and the infection of local people with syphilis and typhoid. I understand from the Council that they were forced, yes forced, to have these practices, because of EU laws imposed upon our once great nation.

Please also table a motion in Parliament to insist that all bananas conform to a maximum angle of curvature of 7 degrees. I chose the number 7 for no reason other than it is a prime number.

Whilst you are doing this, I have a number of annoying migrating birds in my garden. Many are of European origin. I have invented a unique device that traps the foreign ones and then deprives them of food until they are no more. I have shown my design patent to Priti Patel. Would you like to see it? (under confidential disclosure of course). I am presently designing an upgraded model that strangles the birds whilst playing Ode to Joy, in the hope that the word will get back to Brussels that we don’t want their stupid Beethoven music. After all, we have Robbie Williams.

Let’s Take Back Control of our Laws.

I await your reply.

Keep up the good work.

Peter Cook


Dear xxx.

Brexit is done ! Thats the battle, crying on the street. Now we can take bak control of our money, boarders and laws. I write to ask. you to deal with this pressing matter,

There is a man called Tomek in my town. We call him Tommy and he likes it, But he doesnt speak propper English. When I speak with him he OFTEN gets things WRONG. It annoys my wife and my friend Brad in the pub where we have illegal lockdown boozing sessions. Please have Tommy arrested and sent to the Ascension Islands to learn. I know he run’s the only super-market in town, but we were fine before Tommy came here. so we will be grate agin.

We must take bak controll of are shops. Do it today and. show these forins hat we can grow are own.

Cheers matey



Share your letters and we’ll add them.

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Scotland The Brave

I am not Scottish but I support Scotland the Brave. Let me explain why. In 2014 I understood the problem of being 500 miles away from Westminster and being ignored, from conversations with Scottish friends. I used to point out that one did not need to be that far away to be ignored. Just 15 or 50 miles from Westminster was quite enough to be ignored. The problem is in essence Westminster and our English exceptionalism. I was also of the view that fragmentation of countries was a bad idea as it made our differences more important than our similarities.

My view changed in 2016 after the Brexit referendum. Scotland did not vote for self harm by a large margin. Although I’m sad to see them go, I now fully support Scottish independence and their return to the European Union. Scotland has one huge advantage going forward. It would be much more united in its purpose and that would produce the necessary cohesion to build an independent nation.

We are presently working to Re-Boot Britain. Amongst our number we have several people in England who wish to promote an independent Scotland. They plan to do this via campaigning to eject Conservatives and other parties in Scotland, or even standing SNP candidates in local English elections.

My apologies to my Scottish friends. We are not all complete arseholes.

Please sign up for my lifelong friend Eric’s blog naebother:

My Dad’s dream was to return to an independent Scotland whose main export was not talented people, he died waiting.

Scotland the Brave

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Please sign the petition

This week marks the end of our membership of the European Single Market and Customs Union. On 1 January, each and every Scot, including our children, will lose the right to live, travel and work freely in 31 other European countries.  Covid Level 4 restrictions mean that we are not able to protest in the streets as we would have liked. But throughout Scotland we will be protesting in large numbers: in our homes, in open spaces, on social media, against this attack on our futures and those of our children. We call on as many as possible to share pictures of themselves displaying the EU stars – a symbol of European unity – in some form, accompanied by the hashtag #WeWillBeBack.

As we prepare for this sad day, we in the European Movement in Scotland are united in this pledge:

“We declare that Scotland is a European country, embracing our common values of peace, democracy, human rights, equality, sustainability and solidarity.

The clear wish of the great majority of the Scottish people is that Scotland should be within the European Union.

We commit to working to bring this about, whatever Scotland’s constitutional status”.

Scotland The Brave

We end with one of my favourite songs, featuring Stuart Adamson R.I.P. My friend Bill Nelson wrote a beautiful piece of music for Stuart’s funeral at Barrowlands.

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Priti Patel

The mysterious case of Priti Patel

Reaching a deal with the EU and Boris Johnson’s request to Leavers and Remainers to “move on” did not inhibit his Lying Machine from continuing full blast during the festive period. On Christmas Day, Priti Patel gave us her Christmas message, saying that after Brexit we would all be safer. This lie was unmasked by Sir Ian Blair, former Metropolitan Police commissioner in an interview on Radio 4 on 4 January 2021.

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Sir Ian emphasised the loss of the European Arrest Warrant and of a major EU database which had been accessed more than 500 million times a year by British police.

“We’ve lost powers.”

“We lost full access to Europe-wide, real-time, interrogatable databases on criminal records, DNA, fingerprints, criminal intelligence.”

He added that the police had  been emphasising for some time that this would make us less safe. So what did Ms Patel mean in her claim that the nation would be safer after exiting the EU? 

Apparently Patel was referring to “even tougher powers”, to be given to the police and security agencies.

However, Patel could have introduced these powers if we had stayed in the EU!

The EU cannot intervene in policing and enforcement of criminal law by Member States. 

The EU’s activities are limited to providing services through voluntary co-operation which are beyond the capacity of member states acting individually.  This is a good example of how the extremist Brexiteer leadership tries to persuade us that leaving the EU benefits us, through lies, bullying and fake news.  This is The mysterious case of Priti Patel indeed. If you are persuaded by the notion that bullies are unaware of their actions, think again about bullying back better.

We will continue to expose them so that their disgraceful record remains fresh in the public mind.

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Priti Woman – PG rated by You Tube but fine by us