Whilst I was working as Gina Miller’s campaign manager I was asked to handle an enquiry from Dean Gwilliam. Dean had seen Gina’s TV appearance on Sky with Sophy Ridge and was fatally impressed by her sense of purpose in seeking truth, justice, transparency and fairness. Dean freely admitted that he voted for Brexit in 2016 but wondered if we could help. Having heard his story, I felt that we should do something, especially as he had been so honest about his views. Dean was very patient with me and explained his long campaign of seeking justice for this mother. It also happened to coincide with another similar matter from someone living in Gina’s chosen constituency of Epsom and Ewell, so I decided to seek some ways forward. In the event, Gina decided that she did not wish to act in either case for reasons that I am not at liberty to write here. But, having spent some considerable time speaking and meeting with these people I felt an obligation to see if there was some way that I could amplify their cases, if only to attract further interest or to shame some people into conducting a proper review. I have been very moved by the Mr Bates vs The Post Office cases and realise that people feel isolated and alone in such circumstances. Here is Dean’s story, as he explained it to me. I understand that he has a very large body of evidence to support his assertions. He merely seeks the truth for his mother. It is quite technical and this short paper covers seven years of advocacy, so please read carefully. I have reported summary as written by Dean and clearly there are also many pieces of documentation that support his assertions. Nonetheless, what is now needed is a proper inquiry so that the various allegations can be addressed.

Dean believes that doctors and nurses on London’s St Thomas’ Hospital’s (GSTT) Sarah Swift Ward unlawfully killed 84 year old Maureen Gwilliam, on 1/6/22, They concealed her leg interventions’ triggering of septic shock and denied her 10 days of antibiotics and intensive care. This, against her medical history, son’s reports of her sepsis 6 symptoms, from 21/5/22, and their own research, confirming sepsis survivors’ serious risk of death, for up to 5 years.

The cover-up began on 24/5/17, when University Hospitals Birmingham (UHB) and Sandwell and West Birmingham (SWBH) NHS Trusts conspired to subject Maureen to a non-consensual Right CFA-to-PTA bypass graft, to outwardly conceal her lower right legs’ critical limb ischaemia (CLI), from 10/9/14, her right big toe’s wet gangrene and required amputation, from 9/12/14, her lower right leg arteries’ occlusion, in turn, noted 5/2/15, 31/3/16 and 12/8/16 and, more particularly, her lower right leg’s resultant fixed mottling and required amputation, from 20/6/16.

Maureen’s CLI, gangrene and fixed mottling were allowed and concealed, to deny their underlying PVD or atherosclerosis, noted 23/12/13, that had caused Maureen’s 20/11/13 subtotally occluded LAD-based NSTEMI/heart attack. UHB and Maureen’s Wychall Lane Surgery GPs had caused it, by hiding her family history for ischaemic heart disease (atherosclerosis) record from 1977 and the US ARIC study’s suggestion of a related heart attack at around 72, and concealed it, by misportraying it as a sudden, blameless inferior STEMI.

The 24/5/17 bypass was performed to deny Maureen’s lower right leg’s fixed mottling, from 20/6/16, and similarly misportray its associated amputation requirement, as a sudden, blameless one. This was effected by misrepresenting Maureen’s exposed PTA’s foreseeable causation of a bloodstream infection, septic shock, above the knee amputation and kidney failure, as a chance infection, just after her supposedly successful bypass. The concealment continued by discharging Maureen, under the aftereffects of antibiotics (<=2wks), to ward 307, on 1/6/17, then to Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust’s (BCH) Moseley Hall Hospital (MHH), on 20/6/17, having covered up her sepsis’ delirium, spiking temperature and underlying infected groin graft remnant, that maintained it.

The cover-up caused further right leg AKA, on 5/7/17, and C.diff, by overexposing Maureen to antibiotics. Maureen’s C.diff was diagnosed on 21/8/17 but deliberately prolonged, by ignoring our appeals for FMT referral and confining Maureen to Fidaxomicin’s around 70% failure rate, considering Vancomyin’s failure, that would have killed her, on 30/1/17, as her SAE might have, had her son not intervened on both occassions, resulting in 999s to A&E, with life-threateningly low blood pressure, a well known septic shock symptom.

In fact, Maureen’s C.diff was maintained, until St Thomas’ relented to Dean’s appeals for FMT and cured her in 30 minutes on 3/5/18. After returning home Maureen changed GP surgery to Cofton Medical Practice, who similarly denied her emergency vascular referrals, with BHC’s community podiatrists’ help, as Wychall Lane Surgery had done and Worcestershire Royal Hospital’s A&E department proved no better, denying Maureen duplex imaging and claiming that her absent PTA pulse was inconclusive, despite her medical history. We asked for an urgent referral to GSTT, but they obstructed imaging and treatment permitting gangrene to develop in Maureen’s remaining leg, hid its underlying occluded ATA/shin artery, that was responsible for her right leg’s gangrene, discharged her when her treatment was obviously insufficient, and outwardly concealed her interventions’ causation of sepsis/septic shock.

Maureen’s clinicians did not unlawfully kill her and cover it up, alone. They were aided and abetted, from 29/6/17, by the wilful blindness and intellectual dishonesty of other pillars of our establishment. Pillars, including:

a) The IOPC, the HMICFRS, West Midlands Police, its PSD and commissioners, David Jamieson and Simon Foster, who destroyed and denied our contact and evidence, of Anthony Collins’ Solicitors (AC) and expert Professor Linda Hands’ (LH) conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and concealment of Maureen’s family history for ischamic heart disease, subtotally occluded LAD, 897 days of critical limb ischaemia, 292 days of wet gangrene, fixed mottling, 42 days of sepsis and 255 days of C.diff, in the latter’s report, whilst misportraying them as an unrelated heart attack and a couple of weeks of acute limb ischaemia. mfg Solicitors and The Wilkes Partnership also supported the two’s perjury, along with the SRA.

b) Maureen’s MPs, Richard Burden and Gary Sambrook who, along with Jeremy Hunt, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, Suella Braverman, Victoria Atkins, Sir Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak, refused to challenge the deceit behind Maureen’s destruction.

c) Birmingham County Court judges Leong, Fentiman and Murch, who supported AC and LH’s perjurious cover-up, facilitating Maureen’s ongoing destruction and unlawful killing.

d) The Met, its PSD, Sir Mark Rowley, Sadiq Khan, Susan Hall, The IOPC, Victoria Prentis, Southwark Council, other County Court judges, Southwark Coroner’s Court, the High Court, the Court of Appeal, the Supreme Court, the Lady Chief Justice Sue Carr and the Justice Select Committee who have, all, since Maureen’s death, avoided AC’s, LH’s and Southwark’s lead medical examiner Dr Luke Smith’s perjury, that disclaims Maureen’s 10 day denial of antibiotics and an ICU, by denying her one per day sepsis 6 symptoms, between 20-23/5/22, and by fabricating her need of only an HDU, initially, on 30/5/22, and her transfer to one, complete with imaginary heroic doctors, who supposedly treated her.

Editor’s note : Dean has many letter exchanges with the people listed. These would constitute the basis of an inquiry to seek the truth. At this point they are merely allegations that need resolution.

In case you are finding this incredulous by now, Dean points out that Dr Smith’s perjury is exposed by tape recordings and his cover-up of Maureen’s similar septic decline, after her 7/12/21 leg intervention, that was obscured by faking her discharge on 9/12/14 and then stopping her leaving, denying her IV antibiotics for 5 days, that Dean made an email record of when Maureen called him to explain her new cannula’s purpose but that were later denied, giving her the 9/12/21 discharge letter on her 21/12/21 discharge and postponing her intervention, in her 21/12/21 POPS letter, until after her sepsis-related tachycardia, which happened on both occasions, had been observed – Dean has the letters requesting their correction that were never responded to. Amanda Pritchard and Dr Ian Abbs were behind Maureen’s mistreatment at GSTT.

Dean now seeks the truth and some fairness. Whilst it is obvious that he has been extremely persistent and stoic in pursuing this matter, the absence of any sense of closure on the matter is troubling. A proper inquiry would restore some sense of equity. I am not a medical expert, but what looks like a continuing case of concealment does need to be addressed. Whilst medical people are not magicians, and can confuse symptoms with causes, it is also true to say that if there’s nothing to hide then there is nothing to fear in responding to Dean’s request for an inquiry.