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Brexit Shopping

Stop and Shop Brexit

You will find all kinds of things to buy here. Click on the links below. All proceeds go to our project to Reboot Britain:

Books on Brexorcism

We are authors of 14 books on Leadership. Check out Private Eyelines, Reboot Britain and Let’s Talk about

Some of our books – click to look inside.

Keynotes and speaking

As professional speakers we offer a range of keynotes and events.

“The convenor of our discussion group described it as the best we’ve had for a long time”.

Helen Gibbons, Chair, European Movement, Sussex.

Our keynotes are both serious and fun.

Music and songwriting

We have written five albums of songs about pro-Europe and anti-Brexit themes. We can produce your own song if you wish.

Mugs for Brexit mugs

Drink tea or coffee whilst making a statement. These mugs are conversation starters just like the T-Shirts.

Mugs for Brexit mugs.

Stickers and flags

In collaboration with EU Flag mafia we offer stickers, leaflets and other items to help you change minds on Brexit. These include our original “Britastrophe” stickers, thought up in the bath and our latest design below:


Be properly dressed to keep the flame of Europe burning. These T-Shirts start conversations about Europe and Brexit for the purposes of Brexorcism.

FREE graphics and memes

We have made a ton of graphics and memes over the years. Contact us if you would like something specific.