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Sajjad Karim

Sajjad Karim, MEP

In this interview we speak with Sajjad Karim, MEP on how we got to this moment on Brexit, how suspending or extending Brexit remain entirely feasible options, even at this late stage. COVID and the demise of Donald Trump are particular aspects of the dialogue.

Saj gives important insights into Brexit, based on his intimate knowledge and experience of working at the European Parliament and as someone who understands trade negotiations. A solicitor by original profession, Saj bridges the gap between politics and the law. Watch the full interview. It’s well worth your time:

Well worth your time

Saj’s interview is part of the “Futurama : Festival of Brexit” series. With thanks to Rachel Ashley and Cathy Reynolds.

Sajjad Karim : Bridge over troubled waters

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2 thoughts on “Sajjad Karim, MEP

  1. andy graham

    Well worth the 45 minutes to listen to commonsense and thoughtful insight into the bigger picture. It is not over yet!!!

    1. Peter Cook

      Thank you for watching the whole interview Andy

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