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GE 2024 : Cats Against Brexit Mayhem

We plan to remove a Brexit voting Tory from office in Gillingham and Rainham. Please support us at Go Fund Me.

If this project works, we will, at best, remove the sitting Tory from office in my constituency. At worst, we expect to inflict sufficient damage on the Tory candidate to ensure that the Labour Party or Lib Dems win the seat through micro-targeting of voters. Either way, it’s a win-win-win. A few quid from a lot of people will see us on our way and Rehman Chishti out of our way.

My name is Peter Cook. In 2019, I stood a cat for election in Gillingham and Rainham to bring the Tory vote down and allow other parties to put their best feet forward. Yes, a cat, you got that right! Despite my insistence that nobody should vote for ‘Stan the Cat’, and with no budget or campaign team, the UCAT party did not come last.

We beat the Christian People’s Alliance with 229 votes and were not so far away from defeating UKIP (happy face) and the Green party (sad face) in Medway. The long-term Tory party agent told me at the hustings “If it hadn’t been for your stupid fucking cat, you were easily the best candidate on the stage”. The Lib Dem Chair in Medway said that “my cat was an existential threat to the Lib Dems”. I found this statement utterly ridiculous but never mind.

In spite of this, I helped the local Lib Dem candidate retain their deposit (the first time this had happened in more than a decade), by taking him out on pub visits and so on, but the Lib Dem Chair was, of course, oblivious to that.

It occurred to me that :

(a) If I had campaigned across the long-term with a campaign team rather than a couple of weeks, we could easily have done much better.

(b) Certainly, if I had asked for people’s votes (I got 229 votes despite begging people to vote for the other candidates) we would have done a lot better.

(c) With a budget, we could have done several leaflet campaigns, town hall meetings and media coverage, and ;

(d) Stan the cat had much better policies than the established parties !!

Having successfully stood ‘Stan the Cat’ for election in 2019, we plan a much improved campaign to remove Rehman Chishti from office in 2024 and in doing so to send a message to Labour and the other parties that “Brexit is NOT done”, but “Britain is DONE FOR if we carry on trying to make Brexit work”.

Cats Against Brexit Mayhem
Bollocks to Brexit.

I plan to start an intensive campaign of pounding the streets, attending hustings conducting media activity, communicating with residents and building a team to support me. If we succeed, we will oust Rehman Chishti, long-standing Tory MP who does little for the area. Even if we fail, we will probably cause the constituency to fall to Labour or the Lib Dems, so there is no ‘lose’ strategy in all of this. Stan the Cat will achieve one of three outcomes:

Suppress disaffected Tory voters who will not vote differently by getting them to vote for Stan.

Remove hard Tory voters by switching them to Reform UK, thus splitting the Tory vote and allowing the tactical candidate to win.

Moving soft Tory voters by getting them to vote tactically for the recommended tactical voting party.

This is a carefully calibrated tactic based on deep knowledge of the area and expert level skills in canvassing. We will systematically target Tory voting areas and leave people alone who have already made a different choice other than the Tories.

If I win, I may hand the seat to another party such as the Rejoin Party, possibly even to one of the mainstream parties, depending on the outcome of the election. A hung parliament or coalition is possible, so I will make my donation once we have the facts at the time. My seat will NOT be given to ANY party which supports Brexit unless they make a serious commitment to Rejoining the EU.

I will upgrade the serious campaigning this time around. That said, we’ll keep Stan the Cat as our furry mascot and the key campaigning idea of “Could a cat do any worse than a Tory”, which was a very persuasive slogan in 2019.

Better a Cat in a Hat than a Tory Tw..t?

Cats Against Brexit Mayhem
Upskirting Farage to find Putin and Trump.

Humans have failed to join together to STOP BREXIT, so it’s time to let cats take over … As their human servant I am here to execute their wishes.

We can and must Rejoin the EU as a priority.

We have a serious manifesto available below.

To understand why we are targeting Rehman Chishti, please read Gillingham and Rainham.

We are also against climate denial.

We also stood 300 virtual cats in GE2019 to disrupt Tory / BXP vote. We plan to do it again with your help on Facebook.

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Better a Cat flap than a Tory twat

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