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Multiply your efforts

To multiply your efforts in SuspENDing Brexit, please follow these strategies:


Please join our weekly ZOOM calls every Monday via ZOOM.

Purpose : To plan weekly and daily actions to Break Brexit Before Brexit Breaks Britain

Activity : We produce a weekly brief which goes out on Rage Against The Brexit Machine

Personalisation : From this people repurpose materials for their own needs around three areas:

1. Letters to MP’s – to target Parliamentary Paralysis
2. Press and media activity – to take back control of the media
3. Social media – to “Brexorcise” the opposition 1:1 or en masse


We have a Facebook group dedicated to amplifying social media posts on all social media – fb, Facebook groups, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and more generally across your favourite Social Media channels. Please join us at ABV-20 (Anti-Brexit Virus-20) Super Spreaders.


If you are unable to do the above, please support our work which is full time and cannot continue without support. Please go to Go Fund Me. Multiply your efforts and SuspEND Brexit.

Amplify anti-Brexit activism to 11 – click on the dial