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Mugs for Brexit mugs

Contact us via to buy mugs for Brexit mugs. Some examples are shown below:

You might want to bid for our bag of sovrinty on e-bay. Guaranteed completely useless.

Bags of Brexit Wind
Sovrinty – priceless

Or how about a 50 pence Brexit coin? Priceless !! It won’t even buy you a pint of brown beer in a straight glass.

Coins for Brexit mugs

And the UNFORGETTABLE Liz Truss woodchip memorial lectern … going for a song at just £1100, with all proceeds going to help get the Tories out in 2024 by registering a party to oust the sitting Conservative MP. Read all about the project here.

Join us at Rage Against The Brexit Machine on Facebook

Join us at Cats Against Brexit Mayhem on Facebook