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Monthly Archives: June 2024


Peter Cook’s Manifesto

I launch my manifesto out today for my independent candidacy in Gillingham and Rainham. Please download the ‘catifesto’. You may also wish to access the Hustings from last night in Rainham Kent. It was a joyous adult conversation amongst good people, made much better by the absence of the Tory and RefUK parties. As an independent I differ from most of the main parties in many ways, for example :

Brexit – Start the journey to end Brexit NOW

Climate – Accelerate progress towards Net Zero NOW and seize the opportunities provided by the Green Industrial Revolution

Gaza – No parasan – ceasefire and a Good Friday Agreement styled dialogue NOW

Plus many more local policies on NHS, Education, Transport, Housing, Immigration and so on.

We also attended the hustings recently. Find a livestream below:

Click image to view.

ITV news gave air time to Rehman Chishti and ReFUK even though they did not attend !! They also gave no coverage to the elephant in the room aka Brexit – quel surprise !! Nor did they give coverage to other small parties. This kind of political censorship by mainstream media is a deplorable development.

I’ve tweeted ITV about it and sent a formal complaint.

Farage v Cats

Get The Tories Out in Medway

Will you help my cat, Stan remove a Tory in Gillingham and Rainham? Donate generously now so we can get him onto the ballot paper for the General Election, giving them a genuine and compelling protest vote, splitting the vote and spelling Cat-astrophe for the Tories. Miaaaaooooowwwww.

We have decided to stand a cat for election in June 2024 to get the Tories out in my area of Medway (#GTTO), having done extraordinarily well in 2019 with a similar approach. Read why this is not a batshit or catshit crazy idea here. lease support the project by clicking on the crowdfunder link. We have until THURSDAY 13th June to make a decision to fully fund a mailing to 70 000 people in the constituency and we have no political backers.

Stan the Cat will achieve one of three outcomes:

Suppress disaffected Tory voters who will not vote differently by getting them to vote for Stan.

Remove hard Tory voters by switching them to Reform UK, thus splitting the Tory vote and allowing the tactical candidate to win.

Moving soft Tory voters by getting them to vote tactically for the recommended tactical voting party.

This is a carefully calibrated tactic based on deep knowledge of the area and expert level skills in canvassing. We will systematically target Tory voting areas and leave people alone who have already made a different choice other than the Tories.

Read our CATIFESTO below:

Farage v Cats
Let’s split the Tory / Reform vote.
The UCAT logo. Click on STAN to BACK a CAT.

Join Cats Against Brexit Mayhem on Facebook

Cats Against Brexit Mayhem
Our Catwoman. Click to back Susanne.

The elephant in the room

We are now registered as an independent candidate in Gillingham and Rainham for the General Election. Our aims are two fold:

  1. To split the Tory vote there and allow the tactical candidate to win.
  2. To make sure that the Brexit elephant in the room remains in on the cabinet table for the next Government to deal with.

We desperately need another £500 of support to fund our leaflet campaign for 70 000 people in the area. Please back us here.

The Brexit Elephant in the room.

Find our press release, our leaflet and a 250 word local press release below:

Peter Cook, Independent

Peter is a self-made Medway-born business-person and professional speaker, from Gillingham. He is standing Stan the cat for election, on the basis that it could do no worse than Rehman ‘n’ Rishi. Although this sounds mad, Peter is deadly serious about the need for a better Medway and better politics.  Peter’s policies include:

  • Expand the Medway Tunnel for bicycle and pedestrian use, to boost the Medway economy.
  • End Brexit chaos. Apply to Rejoin the EU, to reclaim our seat at the top table, improve trade and our place in the world. Brexit created 4.5% GDP loss to Britain. Our cost of living crisis has its roots in Brexit, like trying to swim the channel with a 4.5kg block of concrete around your neck. We cannot grow Britain without addressing the Brexit elephant (cat) in the room.
  • Restore broken Medway communities. No new houses without infrastructure: doctors; schools; hubs; pubs etc. Rethink town centres, rather than letting them wither.
  • Prosecute criminal MPs and water companies. Justice for Post Office workers, contaminated blood victims, WASPI women etc.
  • Convert the Great Lines to a giant litter tray … oh wait a minute, they already are … let’s green and clean up our towns instead.

Vote for Peter if you are fed up with political incompetence and incontinence, just fed up with politics and politicians in general, or think Britain needs a reboot. As an independent, I have no party to serve, just people who deserve a better Medway.


We need a canvassing team next. I am organising a speakeasy meeting at “UCAT HQ” this coming Tuesday at the Frog and Toad in Gillingham from 7 pm and another on Wednesday, the Mackland Arms in Rainham from 7 pm and the 12 Degrees in Rochester Thursday 20th June from 7 pm.

Frog and Toad 11 June

Mackland Arms 12 June

12 Degrees 20 June

There’s not a lot of love for Rehman Chishti in my area. See these comments from his facebook page:

The wonderful work of James Rowland. Click on the cat to back Stan.
The Brexit Elephant in the room
Stan versus Goliath. Click the QR code to back Stan.

Ask Elvis

I bumped into someone I used to know at open mic jam sessions the other week. I knew him as ‘shy Elvis’. A diffident individual who would only perform Elvis songs and then only after extensive rehearsal. At the time (maybe 10 years ago), he seemed intensely nervous and rather shy. He inhabited the persona of Elvis Presley with brylcreemed hair, sideburns and a rockabilly sense of fashion. Rooted in the 1950s but probably born in the late 70s or early 80s, he was something of an enigma.

I was in a local pharmacy where a much older Elvis was haranguing the local pharmacist. I could not help but listen as he had raised his voice considerably. It was clear that he was on a whole cocktail of medicines for anxiety, depression and a palette of what could be described as 21st century malaises. Several items of his medication were unavailable and the pharmacist was patiently explaining this to him. He was shouting “but I have to have medicine x, I have to have medicine y”. He became more aggressive towards the female pharmacist and she went off to investigate the possibility of securing supplies.

I interjected: “Hello Elvis”.

He did a double take. I reminded him about our acquaintance at jam sessions. He recognised me, so we had just a sliver of rapport.

I went on “Just to explain, she cannot get you the medicines as there are massive shortages due to Brexit”.

He barked back, having not really listened “I don’t care, I just want my drugs”.

I repeated calmly “Brexit is causing your shortages. She cannot help that”. The pharmacist had returned by that time and nodded privately to me.

Elvis then shouted again at her “I just came to get my drugs and I’m now getting a lecture about politics”.

I replied “I’m just trying to explain why you cannot get your medication”. The pharmacist nodded and then asked him to come back in a few days.

I would hazard an educated guess from my previous contact with “Elvis” that he probably voted for Brexit or perhaps did not vote at all and became cross that I had in effect connected his lived experience to the root cause of his problems. This is what we must do as part of a much longer Brexorcism process.

Keep asking Brexiteers difficult questions using every opportunity.

Learn how to do Brexorcisms here.

Be gentle with your subjects / victims. Some will be surprised or have no clue. Do take care. Some become angry when the truth bomb explodes.

For a bit of light relief, here’s my appearance on BBC 2’s Ask Elvis segment on the Steve Wright Show. This is NOT the same Elvis by the way.