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Hard Labour

General Election fallout

I stood an independent candidate for the GE recently with a difference … standing a cat for election, on the basis that a cat could do no worse than Rishi Sunak … We had done something similar in 2019 as a joke, asking for no votes and finding that we did not come last !! The original intention was to undertake a two year campaign of events, briefings and other campaigning, but only a few thought it worthwhile, so we could not resource the longer project. I decided at the 11th hour to conduct an intensive campaign over six weeks, to see if we could disrupt the sitting Tory’s 15 000 majority and thereby assist with tactical voting by removing Rehman Chishti. I’m delighted to say that we succeeded at this level and also assisted in removing not ONE, but at least FOUR Tories from office !! Here i describe some of the highlights.

Help us pay for damage by Reform UK fans

344 votes were cast for Stan the Cat. I came 6th out of 8 candidates, beating two national parties (The Christian People’s Alliance and Social Democrat Party), both with budgets and national resources.

This was not too shabby, given that I recommended people vote for Labour rather than myself at two sets of hustings. In spite of this kamikaze mission, I gained more votes than Count Binface, who had immense national publicity, also outperforming the vast majority of independent candidates. I was constantly schooled by some independents in The Rejoin Party and more generally, that my cat campaign was wrong headed. They are now silent. Here’s one example of my many armchair advisers.

Every day over the last 6 months, we have seen adverts on facebook / You Tube etc. from Labour (and Conservative). It was not possible to compete with the £ millions used by major parties to spam people with ads, so Stan the Cat was a means of ‘punching above our weight’ in an impossible situation to cut through to 71 000 people. Although my campaign was serious (a manifesto was available and so on), I also observe that people are switched off by politics (turnout was down in my area from 70% to 56%), so I set out to conduct a campaign which was both serious on content and fun on the means of engagement. Many people who said they would vote for my cat have subsequently told me that they felt compelled to vote for Labour in the end (Labour told residents that ‘it was too close to call” and “a vote for anyone else would cause the sky to fall in” etc. All the main parties use this tactic. In the end, my prediction came to pass … Labour won comfortably with 5000 majority and my cat was no threat to their win, but I fully understand why people were frightened to make a different choice.

I did all the on the ground campaigning by myself, accepting that most people thought that resistance was pointless and potentially dangerous. The few that offered to help were not really ready to hit the ground running, some were Labour supporters who really did not get the campaign objective of ‘do no harm’ and so on. I eventually judged them to be a drain on progress, given the short time we had and decided to get on the bicycle and do the work myself, picking up advocates on route at bus stops, cafes, bars and in pop up events on the high streets and so on. This proved to be much more effective although exhausting. My original plan of building a team over two years and offering a range of community engagement events would have been much better, but most people only act when there is a burning platform i.e. the snap election.

At the same time, I helped The Lib Dems to win in Epsom through recruitment of volunteers and putting down a vicious attack on Helen Maguire, Lib Dem candidate by Gina Miller, leader of the so-called True and Fair party.

Our anti-Tory leaflets also helped to remove the truly odious Kelly Tolhurst and Nathan Gamester in Rochester / Strood and Chatham / Aylesford, through local distribution to network contacts. Others took small orders of 1000 / 2000 to target Tory strongholds and marginals. As my mum used to say “Every little helps, said the old woman pissing into the sea”.

I also helped to recruit 14 candidates for the Climate Party and coached them on various matters from campaigning to hustings and social media. They have made a small but vital footprint in the sand for future generations.

Given that Deform UK got 8000 votes from 41 000 in my area, I consider my 344 as being really good. Not content with stumbloing into the ballot box, some Deform UK acolytes conducted a knife attack on my bicycle tyres and ran keys down my car. As a result I have a bill of at least £500 to put these things right. I suspect the car incident was down to our familiar local Brexitear Ken, as it was close to his house and he did say in his last communication that “doubtless we’ll meet again”, but, of course, Kent Police do not wish to investigate an ex-Met Policeman who left under mysterious circumstances … If you can help by supporting the repairs please donate via PayPal or Go Fund Me. I asked one of the Reform UK party people who I know from musical jam sessions if he could deal with the miscreant, but, of course, he dodged the question as they always do …

Deform UK also staged a series of online attacks. Read the comments on this video.

The comments from gammon are comedy gold if a little wearing …

I also faced endless online criticism from some people across UK who voted to Remain in the EU, who said that I would split the vote and allow the Tories to win. In fact, I did the exact opposite. I knew exactly what I was doing in my area but the armchair critics thought they knew best. Rather than looking at the campaign objectives and the detail, they continued to operate from a visceral sense of panic and doom. In that sense, these people are united with Brexiteers in their inability to see things objectively. I will be detaching from the Rejoin movement gradually, as this election experience has demonstrated that (a) we are lost (b) when some leadership is shown it is rejected in favour of the status quo and (c) Starmer remains the leader of a Brexit party at the time of writing. Mealy mouthed accommodations by Starmer on Brexit are not enough. They will not solve the raft of economic, social, environmental and political problems we face as a country going forward. Yes, we won the battle against the Tories but lost the war against Brexit. Here’s the film I made on Starmer which I did not promote at the time to respect my ‘do no harm’ promise to the Labour candidate. It remains prescient.

I was Gina Miller’s Campaign Manager for several months this year, eventually offering to resign after I realised that she preferred media attention over local campaigning and took her advice from Isabel Oakeshott and Richard Tice. I tried to persuade her of the need to rebalance from media appearances on “Talk Shit TV” with five viewere to the hard work of local campaigning. One of my greatest regrets is that I failed in this attempt. She sacked me to save face from my resignation proposal, stating a host of trivia as the reasons. You may say that I’m bitter. I’m not overall as it was a privilege to have the offer from someone I admired greatly. I do however remain cross about a sum of £5000 + that is owed due to a broken promise over a bonus (I worked for free initially based on referrals). When Mrs Miller reneged on the promise of referrals, we moved to a financial arrangement. She lost three campaign managers over a few months. To lose one is unfortunate, to lose three, careless … I suppose the big lesson here is that it’s sometimes a mistake to meet your heroes.

In the end, Gina Miller, a woman with £46 million and a supposed international brand, got 845 votes, versus a man with a bicycle and a cat 🐈 I’ll take this as a win !!! Miaow !!

ITV and the local media channel KMTV refused the carry any coverage of my contributions to the Hustings, despite being told by several candidates and members of the public that they were by far the best contributions to the debate. KMTV ‘forgot’ to invite me and other independent candidates to the Hustings whilst stating on their website that ALL candidates had been invited. I suspect that the main parties were aware of this ‘omission’ but did nothing about it. So much for democracy.

Had I conducted a long range campaign, I believe it could have been transformational … leaflets hit the doorsteps around 10 days before the election, not everyone got them as I became aware that some people got three copies from the Royal Mail and others none and so on. A member of staff told me that some Royal Mail people throw the leaflets away if they don’t agree with them …

On the upside, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and discussing the issues they face in the area as well as the big ticket items currently being ignored by Starmer. I’m minded to start some citizens assemblies to ensure that he hears from the people of Medway.

Overall I am minded to think that further campaigning to end Brexit is pointless. We still lack leadership, strategy, structure and collaboration mechanisms and the major movements who people listen to are polluted by Labour. Brexit is a cross party issue. I am 8 years older than when I begun this etc. The Remoaners are still far to accommodating in their expectations of politicians and lack the skills and drive that gave Nigel Farage his victory.

Some wonderful people supported me online over the six weeks and I’m very grateful to them, especially David Hennessey, Julian Foster, June Austin, Greg Newman, James Rowland, Helga Perry, and many more, too numerous to mention. Here’s a small selection of the online activity.

Help us pay for Reform’s attacks


Peter Cook’s Manifesto

I launch my manifesto out today for my independent candidacy in Gillingham and Rainham. Please download the ‘catifesto’. You may also wish to access the Hustings from last night in Rainham Kent. It was a joyous adult conversation amongst good people, made much better by the absence of the Tory and RefUK parties. As an independent I differ from most of the main parties in many ways, for example :

Brexit – Start the journey to end Brexit NOW

Climate – Accelerate progress towards Net Zero NOW and seize the opportunities provided by the Green Industrial Revolution

Gaza – No parasan – ceasefire and a Good Friday Agreement styled dialogue NOW

Plus many more local policies on NHS, Education, Transport, Housing, Immigration and so on.

We also attended the hustings recently. Find a livestream below:

Click image to view.

ITV news gave air time to Rehman Chishti and ReFUK even though they did not attend !! They also gave no coverage to the elephant in the room aka Brexit – quel surprise !! Nor did they give coverage to other small parties. This kind of political censorship by mainstream media is a deplorable development.

I’ve tweeted ITV about it and sent a formal complaint.

Farage v Cats

Get The Tories Out in Medway

Will you help my cat, Stan remove a Tory in Gillingham and Rainham? Donate generously now so we can get him onto the ballot paper for the General Election, giving them a genuine and compelling protest vote, splitting the vote and spelling Cat-astrophe for the Tories. Miaaaaooooowwwww.

We have decided to stand a cat for election in June 2024 to get the Tories out in my area of Medway (#GTTO), having done extraordinarily well in 2019 with a similar approach. Read why this is not a batshit or catshit crazy idea here. lease support the project by clicking on the crowdfunder link. We have until THURSDAY 13th June to make a decision to fully fund a mailing to 70 000 people in the constituency and we have no political backers.

Stan the Cat will achieve one of three outcomes:

Suppress disaffected Tory voters who will not vote differently by getting them to vote for Stan.

Remove hard Tory voters by switching them to Reform UK, thus splitting the Tory vote and allowing the tactical candidate to win.

Moving soft Tory voters by getting them to vote tactically for the recommended tactical voting party.

This is a carefully calibrated tactic based on deep knowledge of the area and expert level skills in canvassing. We will systematically target Tory voting areas and leave people alone who have already made a different choice other than the Tories.

Read our CATIFESTO below:

Farage v Cats
Let’s split the Tory / Reform vote.
The UCAT logo. Click on STAN to BACK a CAT.

Join Cats Against Brexit Mayhem on Facebook

Cats Against Brexit Mayhem
Our Catwoman. Click to back Susanne.

The elephant in the room

We are now registered as an independent candidate in Gillingham and Rainham for the General Election. Our aims are two fold:

  1. To split the Tory vote there and allow the tactical candidate to win.
  2. To make sure that the Brexit elephant in the room remains in on the cabinet table for the next Government to deal with.

We desperately need another £500 of support to fund our leaflet campaign for 70 000 people in the area. Please back us here.

The Brexit Elephant in the room.

Find our press release, our leaflet and a 250 word local press release below:

Peter Cook, Independent

Peter is a self-made Medway-born business-person and professional speaker, from Gillingham. He is standing Stan the cat for election, on the basis that it could do no worse than Rehman ‘n’ Rishi. Although this sounds mad, Peter is deadly serious about the need for a better Medway and better politics.  Peter’s policies include:

  • Expand the Medway Tunnel for bicycle and pedestrian use, to boost the Medway economy.
  • End Brexit chaos. Apply to Rejoin the EU, to reclaim our seat at the top table, improve trade and our place in the world. Brexit created 4.5% GDP loss to Britain. Our cost of living crisis has its roots in Brexit, like trying to swim the channel with a 4.5kg block of concrete around your neck. We cannot grow Britain without addressing the Brexit elephant (cat) in the room.
  • Restore broken Medway communities. No new houses without infrastructure: doctors; schools; hubs; pubs etc. Rethink town centres, rather than letting them wither.
  • Prosecute criminal MPs and water companies. Justice for Post Office workers, contaminated blood victims, WASPI women etc.
  • Convert the Great Lines to a giant litter tray … oh wait a minute, they already are … let’s green and clean up our towns instead.

Vote for Peter if you are fed up with political incompetence and incontinence, just fed up with politics and politicians in general, or think Britain needs a reboot. As an independent, I have no party to serve, just people who deserve a better Medway.


We need a canvassing team next. I am organising a speakeasy meeting at “UCAT HQ” this coming Tuesday at the Frog and Toad in Gillingham from 7 pm and another on Wednesday, the Mackland Arms in Rainham from 7 pm and the 12 Degrees in Rochester Thursday 20th June from 7 pm.

Frog and Toad 11 June

Mackland Arms 12 June

12 Degrees 20 June

There’s not a lot of love for Rehman Chishti in my area. See these comments from his facebook page:

The wonderful work of James Rowland. Click on the cat to back Stan.
The Brexit Elephant in the room
Stan versus Goliath. Click the QR code to back Stan.
Brexit resilence concrete

Progress towards joining EU anew

Read General Election first

We set out five goals for Reboot Britain some years ago. It seems relevant to review progress as they set the conditions for joining the EU anew. Here they are below in hugely reduced outline form as they first appeared. I’m pleased to say that we’ve made significant progress on many fronts.

Five Goals
Our Five Goals.

Part of Breaking Parliamentary Paralysis is the need to remove the Brexit culture carriers from power. Compared with 2019 we have made good progress when one looks back. ERG now a busted flush and divided into at least five families, more likely ten.

Gove is gone, so is Leadsom, Lee Anderson, Chris Heaton Harris, John Redwood, Kwarteng, Douglas Ross, Elphicke x 2, Bill Cash, Dehenna Davidson, Brandon Lewis, Craig McKinlay, Charles Walker, Nadine Dorries, Boris Johnson, Therese Coffey, Crispin Blunt, Failing Grayling, Peter Boner, Andrew Bridgen, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Gordon Henderson, Lucy Allen and a long tail of swivel-headed Brexiteers who have been forced to resign due to rape, having one’s hand in the till and other peccadilloes. In a perfect world, most of these people would be in Belmarsh Prison by now, but politics does not work like that. This is why we need fundamental parliamentary reform. But this sets the tone for how we might be received by the EU when making an application to join anew and it’s quite clear that we have achieved some ‘ethic cleansing’ here.

So, who should be on the list for PPE, or “Parliamentary Political Exfoliation“? Braverman, Badenoch, Mogg, Morduant, Steve Baker, Duncan-Smith, Coutinho, Michael Fabricate, Barclay, Patel, Esther McVey, Sir John Hayes, Edward Leigh, Desmond Swayne, Francois, Truss, Mone, Jenkyns, Sunak (Sunak may be gone by the time I publish this of course!!) Of course Farage has fled to his only remaining friend Mr Trump to rumours that he and Tice and Tice and Oakeshott no longer speak to each other.

Order your GE leaflets now

Quite a few members of Reboot Britain have extended their work, with appearances on BBC Question Time, Any Answers, LBC and with letters and articles in local and national newspapers. All of this matters since mainstream media is effectively the ‘diet’ of the Brexiteers and we must change what they eat for Brexfast. See our selection of Radio appearances at Radio Gaga, our suggestions for media activity at media and our book ‘Private Eyelines‘ which satirises populist MSM. Ian Hislop and Gina Miller have copies of this large format fully illustrated and full colour book.

Private Eyelines
One of the pages from Private Eyelines. Click to view on Amazon. Best prices via direct orders

It’s fair to say that mainstream media are now in remission on Brexit. Even The Sun recently reported on the fact that ‘BREX border checks’ would cost £4.7 Billion !!

BREX FAIL. Click to read The Son.

The Brexit referendum was won in part by fake news spread on social media. We need therefore to fight fake news on this medium. We have a number of social media groups whose sole purpose is to amplify our footprint on social media. Join our ABV (Anti-Brexit Virus) groups below and subscribe to this website as an independent source.



We have reached a point where nearly 2/3 of people believe Brexit has failed and that we must join the EU anew. Of course, demographic change aka deaths of Brexiteers have affected this number. So has the entry of young people into the age of voting, most of whom are not polluted by faux nostalgia and illusions about ‘Brexitannia’. Soft Brexiteers are in remission, with only a thin minority of loud gammon voices still calling for a ‘pure Brexit’, a return to civil war as a means of running the country and drowning refugees in the English Channel. Farage leads the gammon charge but even he has fled the country for better pay by Donald Trump. Crucially, we must still talk to soft Brexiteers to help them down the mountain. Our book ‘Reboot Britain‘ teaches you how to conduct Brexorcisms, essentially a therapeutic approach to change. Unlike most of the books written about Brexit which are essentially therapy for Remainers, our book actually SHOWS you how to conduct these difficult conversations. Read samples on Amazon. There is more to do in this area but we have made significant progress from 52:48 towards 67:33 in favour of joining the EU anew.

Click to read Reboot Britain on Amazon.

I have developed a number of links with members of the EU on Linkedin, as have members of Reboot Britain, but it’s fair to say that there is more work to be done here. It would be a mistake to make Britain match fit for joining the EU whilst having forgot the other partner in the reunion. If you can help in this ambition. Yet Ursula von der Leyen recently reconfirmed that she looks forward to working with the new Government towards this ambition.

Once again we will take the Mini Cooper out around the UK with our leaflets in the coming month. Please support us via PayPal or GoFundMe.

We need you

General Election

There’s a lot to be done in the next six weeks in the run up to the General Election aka Independence Day. We have a one time opportunity to change the course of the future … this will not wait !! I am spreading my effort across a number of initiatives to meet several goals :

To remove the Tory majority and end the chaos of 14 years of Tory disaster capitalism jet propelled by Brexit.

To introduce more plurality in Parliament and make sure that Brexit and Joining the EU anew remains on the agenda.

To this end, we have several collaborative projects which you must join:

To get a minimum of 500 000 of our ABC (Anyone But Conservative) leaflets out to various constituencies. Please order yours NOW by mailing me at Guide prices : 500 = £42, 2000 = £67, 5000 £100 etc. These are non-party campaigning leaflets, perfectly legal to use alongside regular campaigning. We need a small army of people to get these leaflets out. If you cannot deliver leaflets but want to get the Tories out, please send money so that we can buy the needed leaflets and resource distribution. By sponsoring others, you will get digital copies of the leaflet to use on social media and in other communications.

Support this project

We will support Helen Maguire on the ground and online in Epsom, Ewell and Leatherhead. The area is Chris “Failing” Grayling’s constituency and the new Tory candidate is a Trump supporter with a reliable track record of losing elections!! Having worked on the ground in Epsom, Ewell and Leatherhead for Gina Miller, I have determined that the area is a two horse race between The Lib Dems and one nation Tories. As such and having done some due diligence on the situation I can no longer support Gina Miller’s party in Epsom, as I believe it will split the vote to stop the Tories. To help the Lib Dems to win this seat in the blue wall on the ground, online or both, please mail me at

Helen Maguire’s pitch.

I plan a meeting to discuss the GE at the Ewell Tap on Thursday May 30th. This is the same day as BBC Question Time.

We will support the Rejoin Party in Sidcup and Bexley and in other places where they are standing. Rejoin are fresh from a massive vote in the London Assembly Elections and will publish their target seats soon. Who’s in for this?

The Climate Party are a small party with an excellent strategy to target centre-right voters who are concerned about sustainable development and environment but with a pragmatic view of how Britain may seize the initiative from zero carbon politics. Ed Gemmill leads the party. They seek candidates and volunteers and are willing to pay the deposit for standing in July 4th. See Change the Climate. Ed is himself targeting “Brexit Hardman” Steve Baker’s constituency of High Wycombe, a worthy target for a man who has done so much damage to Britain. If you can help in target seats below, get in touch via We are especially interested in candidates in the following areas below but if you have vim and vigour, please apply anyway.

One mission, One vision.

Target Seats
Target Seats,

Maximise your vote in an unfair system by swapping it. It’s perfectly legal and decent in a broken FPTP system. Find our more at Swap My Vote.

Join us at 8 pm Monday 27 May on ZOOM via this link to discuss plans to change the course of history at the election.

Rejoin EU

London Calling

With your help, the Rejoin Party retained their deposit and came 6th overall in the London Assembly elections.  Support also fell away from UKIP and the far right with Britain First and The Heritage party losing their deposits  This is a wonderful result and your votes and shares of the campaign undoubtedly contributed to this result.  A big thank you !!! 

See the note below from the leader of the Rejoin Party.   Why not join Rejoin for the next battle aka the General Election?

Rejoin Party

Hey Peter,

Just wanted to say a big “thank you” for all your help and support during the election campaign.

You may have heard we managed to keep our deposit for the first time ever (🥳) – by just 611 votes!

What you may not have heard is that this forces the BBC to redesignate us a “party with significant support” in London (one of just 6 parties! Us and the “usual suspects”). This in turn means over the next 4 years we should be able to force the BBC to have “reverse Brexit” commentator on in London at least (in theory!)

Anyway, thanks once again for all your help and support – those 611 crucial votes only came out of our very low budget campaign!

Best regards,


Join us next Monday 13 May on ZOOM at 8 pm

p.s. Our leaflets are ready to order to finish the job on the Tory party btw.

Rejoin EU

London Assembly for Rejoin

The London Assembly elections take place soon. If you vote strategically, you will be able to send a strong message to the whole of the country that we wish to Rejoin the EU. This will not affect the election of Sadiq Khan as Mayor. Let me explain how:

You have three votes : Tier 1 : Mayor, Tier 2 : constituency London Assembly Member, and Tier 3 : London-wide Assembly Members. Each election operates under different rules and therefore you don’t have to split the vote for Major in order to give your third vote to the Rejoin Party candidates. Tier 1 and 2 operate under the First Past the Post (FPTP) system, whereas Tier 3 operates under a D’Hondt based proportional system. This is where Rejoin candidates are standing. Thus a vote for Rejoin is NON-DESTRUCTIVE in terms of the vote for London Mayor. Read the rules at The Electoral Commission.

Help The Rejoin Party at their campaign events:

Fri 12 April : Soho and Fitzrovia : 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM Soho Square Gardens W1D 4NR

Sat 13 April : Notting Hill and Portobello Road :11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Portobello Road Market, near Notting Hill Gate W11 1AN

Sun 14 April : Hackney: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Hackney Central, Broadway Market E8 4PH

Mon 15 April : University College London (UCL) and Surrounding Area: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Malet Place, near UCL Main Quad WC1E 6BT

Wed 17 April : London School of Economics (LSE) and Surrounding Area: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM Sheffield Street, outside LSE Old Building WC2A 2AE

Thur 18 April : Islington: 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM: Angel Central Shopping Centre N1 0PS

Sat 20 April : Shoreditch and Hoxton: 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM Shoreditch High Street, near Boxpark E1 6JE

Sun 21 April : South Bank and Waterloo: 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM Near the Southbank Centre Book Market SE1 8XX

Fri 26 April : King’s Cross and St Pancras International: 7:00 AM – 10:00 AM Near the entrance to the international departures N1C 4QP

Sat 27 April : Camden Market and Surrounds: 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Camden Lock Place, near the food market NW1 8AF

Mon 29 April Kings College London (KCL) : 12.00 – 2.00 PM Surrey Street WC2R 2LS

Tues 30 April London School of Economics 12.00 – 2.00 PM Sheffield Street WC2A 2AE

Wed 1 May University College London (UCL) 12.00 – 2.00 PM Malet Street WC1E 6BT

The Chronicles of Brexit

Last of the Summer Whine

I note empirically from loads of conversations in real life and on Linkedin that the last remaining Brexiteers really only have one issue left. It’s their illusion that the EU is an unelected, bloated dictatorship. Although online Brexorcisms are essentially a waste of time for a host of reasons, other people do notice the whining desperation of these people and therefore I spend a little time on this artform. Here’s a sadly amusing sequence from Steve Rimmington, who today admitted that he was diagnosed with mental health problems but refused to get treatment. I am left wondering if this influenced his Brexit vote (only joking of course – mental health problems, particularly untreated as in Steve’s case, are something that the Government and everyone need to take seriously). I always seek an answer from such people about the benefits of Brexit. None ever came during our exchange and instead Steve tried distraction and gaslighting. None of these work as someone who wrote the book on Brexorcism. Here is some of our exchange, as a series of responses to a post from Sir Keir Starmer.

Steve’s valid objection is that I have not worked as an employee in the service sector. It’s true. Yet I have met plenty of people who do. One does not need to have committed suicide to be a suicide counsellor and so on. More importantly, Steve does not seem to understand that Zero Hours Contracts are particularly a UK phenomenon, with many European countries outlawing them. Zero-hours contracts are NOT permitted in: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Spain. So, UK was able to operate these bad HR arrangements whilst it was a member of the EU. This rather debunks his notion of a controlling EU superstate. Exploitation of workers is a feature of bad management and that’s what a decent Government might address in a decent political system. Our Brexit government has failed to do so and the direction of travel is back to the workhouse. Although ZHC are currently running at a rate of 3.6% the trend is upwards in Brexit Britain and I agree with Steve that they are a bad feature of our employment landscape.

Steve decides to take offence at this point. As a self employed person of 30 years I have effectively always been on zero hours, having juggled clients over this time. So, I do understand the uncertainty that this can produce. Having said that, I chose my employment arrangement which makes an enormous difference. As a former CIPD Council member, I can confirm that Brexit will gradually lead to poorer employee protection.

Steve attempts to suggest that I blame everything on Brexit. He has not seen my multiple causation / correction iceberg model that includes COVID and Ukraine as causation factors for our malaise. However COVID is a short term effect and Ukraine has only really had a dramatic effect on oil prices and, to some extent, food. Brexit has affected our resilience to the tune of 4.5% GDP loss into the future. Like trying to swim the channel with a 20kg block of concrete round your neck.

The Brexit iceberg – a simplified multiple cause / correlation model.

Steve then tries more shapeshifting to avoid answering the simple question about the ‘many benefits’ of Brexit. In a very usual trick he tries to blame the EU for OUR decision to leave the EU. He appears to have forgotten the promises of zero friction, only sunny uplands and no downsides with immediate benefits. In a real life Brexorcisms I never let people pass to a new subject until they have answered the set question. Rather than explain the benefits of Brexit, Steve suggests that I have insulted him. An insult might be something like “you smell”, but as is clear here I have kept to the simple question of asking him to explain Brexit benefits. In real life, this very occasionally leads to violence. Despite this, I always advocate real life rather than online Brexorcisms due to the factors mentioned below. Steve demonstrates these well.

Online Brexorcisms
The perils of working online with people who have quasi religious beliefs about Brexit.

Steve has worked out that I’m getting bored so he attempts to cough up some benefits. The COVID vaccine story is a verified LIE. And the Australian deal heavily favours Australia being worth just £11 bn as compared with £550 bn with EU. To put this in plain terms, the Australian trade deal offers a potential saving of just £1 per household. How will you spend yours? Steve was right when he stated that he was humouring me. Sadly the self-inflicted slow decline of a once proud nation is not funny.

Steve does not understand that we were so desperate to secure Brexit deals that we effectively are in a Brexit fire sale. The Australian deal crucially threatens our farming and farmers. And the CPTPP deal is worth LESS than 0.08% over a decade. Even Nigerian Fraudster Kemi Badenoch has admitted this. Steve does not understand negotiation strategy. All the more reason for Steve to read Reboot Britain. I know he won’t. He will just get more angry with his Brexit buyers’ remorse and attempt to blame others for his decision. And finally on the questions raised at the outset of this article:

BLOATED : The EU has around 30 000 Civil servants to serve 500 million people whereas Britain has 502,710 to serve 67 million people. I will leave you to do the math. This has increased by 19,260 in recent times. It is the UK who score most highly on bureaucracy.

UNELECTED : Contrary to headlines in the Daily Mail / Express, EU officials are elected.

DICTATORSHIP : The EU sets guidelines for high standards of behaviour in many areas of global governance, but individual nations are free to address national issues. If it were a dictatorship, everyone would rive on the same side of the road, bullfighting and fox hunting would be banned and so on. The accusation is quite simply barking mad. In many areas the EU is way ahead of Britain in terms of democratic processes such as Citizens’ Assemblies and so on. For dictatorship see Belarus and North Korea.

At this point I concluded that Steve was really a waste of my time online. I left him with the option of calling me for a proper conversation or an online debate. I much prefer real life conversation as a medium for Brexorcism. I do offer crayons with all direct purchases of my books by the way. Steve left me with the view that nobody could predict the future. Of course, he’s right, if we are talking about the precision of forecasting methods, scenario planning and so on, but it is entirely false to say that Brexit futures cannot be predicted. Most of the predictions made by the Remain movement have come to pass and the worst is yet to come. I am not King Canute either. At this point, Steve does not realise that the Bank of England have withheld an evaluation report on Brexit. I can only presume it makes for uncomfortable reading …

Click the image to read the books online.

Read The Last Remaining Brexiteers

Join us in London next week

The Chronicles of Brexit

The Chronicles of Brexit

This is the opening prelude to a new book on Brexit and Rejoining the EU. Aptly titled “The Chronicles of Brexit”, combining the notion of the fantasy world of Narnia together with the chronic condition of political paralysis.

I still hear Remainers telling me that Brexit is done. They have fallen prey to the kool aid put forward by the Brexiteers, that Brexit was a project and not a process. A project has a finite end point such as building the Channel Tunnel whereas a process continues. As I write in 2024, Brexit continues to wreak a slow chronic infusion of damage socially, economically, politically, environmentally, technologically and legally. We hardly need to rehearse the impacts here, from the gradual departure of businesses, industries and brains from UK plc, the rating of Britain as a ‘problem child’ regarding inward investment, to the unsavoury sights and smells of shit in our rivers and the jubilation by a few residual racists at the joy of drowning migrants. This is Brexit Britain. It’s nothing to be proud of.

Many of the chronic impacts predicted in these chronicles have come to pass since I wrote the original articles collected in this book. Worst of all, we are still dogged by the parliamentary paralysis that made Brexit possible. Keir Starmer continues to spout the vacuous football chant ‘make Brexit work’ to charm people with feeble minds, when all the data suggests that he could carve out a leadership position and win an election comfortably by stating that ‘Brexit isn’t working’. The Lib Dems continue to suggest that we could rejoin the EU ‘when the time is right’. Of course, that time will never come … Only the Scottish National Party (SNP) are brave enough to lead on the need for independence from Brexit Albion.

The Chronicles of Brexit
Images by James Rowland.

A little while back, I designed a t-shirt with a picture of Hannibal Lecter and the slogan ‘Brexit consumes all its children’ with a list : Cameron, May, Johnson, Truss, Sunak, Starmer. I predict that Starmer will also be consumed by the offspring of Brexit, perhaps with some fava beans and a nice Chianti  … the offspring of Brexit include the cost of living, ramped up concerns about immigration, a broken NHS, business failures and so on. Of course I was hammered by my left-wing colleagues on Twitter, who have gotten into such a stir with Tory fascism that they are now manically possessed by the idea that we must get Starmer in, then we can talk about Brexit. I hope they are right but fear they are not. See Scottish Bylines as to why I say this.

Even 18th century retro-Latin imperialist adventure capitalist Jacob Rees-Mogg bragged that we will get nothing back from Brexit for 50 years … I am impatient as a ‘Brexit fundamentalist’ (The only good Brexit is a dead Brexit) not for myself at my advanced age, but for future generations. And the softly-softly approaches used by some of the central Remain organisations have largely assisted us in getting a ‘boiled frog Brexit’; so slow that we (the frogs) hardly notice the chronic decline (death by gradual boiling). This makes any approach to undoing Brexit especially difficult, as it requires a large majority of people to have their lived experiences changed by Brexit realities, which will only be visible in slow motion and in small doses.

My labour chums tell me “shh, we’ll consider rejoining in 2032”. This misses two important points. Nobody will remember what Brexit was by then and, in any case, much of the damage wreaked by Brexit will be complete and much of it irreversible by 2032. It is at best a dream, at worst a weapon of mass deception to get elected. But I cannot vote for a Brexit party in a General Election even if that means allowing a Tory back in. There is always hope and I hope you will want to read the book and act upon its advice and guidance.

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