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We set out five goals for Reboot Britain some years ago. It seems relevant to review progress as they set the conditions for joining the EU anew. Here they are below in hugely reduced outline form as they first appeared. I’m pleased to say that we’ve made significant progress on many fronts.

Five Goals
Our Five Goals.

Part of Breaking Parliamentary Paralysis is the need to remove the Brexit culture carriers from power. Compared with 2019 we have made good progress when one looks back. ERG now a busted flush and divided into at least five families, more likely ten.

Gove is gone, so is Leadsom, Lee Anderson, Chris Heaton Harris, John Redwood, Kwarteng, Douglas Ross, Elphicke x 2, Bill Cash, Dehenna Davidson, Brandon Lewis, Craig McKinlay, Charles Walker, Nadine Dorries, Boris Johnson, Therese Coffey, Crispin Blunt, Failing Grayling, Peter Boner, Andrew Bridgen, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, Gordon Henderson, Lucy Allen and a long tail of swivel-headed Brexiteers who have been forced to resign due to rape, having one’s hand in the till and other peccadilloes. In a perfect world, most of these people would be in Belmarsh Prison by now, but politics does not work like that. This is why we need fundamental parliamentary reform. But this sets the tone for how we might be received by the EU when making an application to join anew and it’s quite clear that we have achieved some ‘ethic cleansing’ here.

So, who should be on the list for PPE, or “Parliamentary Political Exfoliation“? Braverman, Badenoch, Mogg, Morduant, Steve Baker, Duncan-Smith, Coutinho, Michael Fabricate, Barclay, Patel, Esther McVey, Sir John Hayes, Edward Leigh, Desmond Swayne, Francois, Truss, Mone, Jenkyns, Sunak (Sunak may be gone by the time I publish this of course!!) Of course Farage has fled to his only remaining friend Mr Trump to rumours that he and Tice and Tice and Oakeshott no longer speak to each other.

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Quite a few members of Reboot Britain have extended their work, with appearances on BBC Question Time, Any Answers, LBC and with letters and articles in local and national newspapers. All of this matters since mainstream media is effectively the ‘diet’ of the Brexiteers and we must change what they eat for Brexfast. See our selection of Radio appearances at Radio Gaga, our suggestions for media activity at media and our book ‘Private Eyelines‘ which satirises populist MSM. Ian Hislop and Gina Miller have copies of this large format fully illustrated and full colour book.

Private Eyelines
One of the pages from Private Eyelines. Click to view on Amazon. Best prices via direct orders

It’s fair to say that mainstream media are now in remission on Brexit. Even The Sun recently reported on the fact that ‘BREX border checks’ would cost £4.7 Billion !!

BREX FAIL. Click to read The Son.

The Brexit referendum was won in part by fake news spread on social media. We need therefore to fight fake news on this medium. We have a number of social media groups whose sole purpose is to amplify our footprint on social media. Join our ABV (Anti-Brexit Virus) groups below and subscribe to this website as an independent source.



We have reached a point where nearly 2/3 of people believe Brexit has failed and that we must join the EU anew. Of course, demographic change aka deaths of Brexiteers have affected this number. So has the entry of young people into the age of voting, most of whom are not polluted by faux nostalgia and illusions about ‘Brexitannia’. Soft Brexiteers are in remission, with only a thin minority of loud gammon voices still calling for a ‘pure Brexit’, a return to civil war as a means of running the country and drowning refugees in the English Channel. Farage leads the gammon charge but even he has fled the country for better pay by Donald Trump. Crucially, we must still talk to soft Brexiteers to help them down the mountain. Our book ‘Reboot Britain‘ teaches you how to conduct Brexorcisms, essentially a therapeutic approach to change. Unlike most of the books written about Brexit which are essentially therapy for Remainers, our book actually SHOWS you how to conduct these difficult conversations. Read samples on Amazon. There is more to do in this area but we have made significant progress from 52:48 towards 67:33 in favour of joining the EU anew.

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I have developed a number of links with members of the EU on Linkedin, as have members of Reboot Britain, but it’s fair to say that there is more work to be done here. It would be a mistake to make Britain match fit for joining the EU whilst having forgot the other partner in the reunion. If you can help in this ambition. Yet Ursula von der Leyen recently reconfirmed that she looks forward to working with the new Government towards this ambition.

Once again we will take the Mini Cooper out around the UK with our leaflets in the coming month. Please support us via PayPal or GoFundMe.