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Brexit Freedoms

Some of my Remoaner friends keep telling me there are no Brexit Freedoms. They are not looking hard enough. I have come up with a long list of Brexit Freedoms to counterbalance the cost of Brexit, currently standing at an eye watering £128 BILLION, and predicted to outweigh the cost of COVID multiple times into the future. So, doomsayers, prepare for a shock !!


For years I have been compelled to go into English pubs and say in a weakened voice “Can I have 564 ml of Champagne please?” No longer. I can now stride in proud and say “Stout Yeoman, I want a pint of foaming English brown beer in a straight glass”. And it has a little crown on the side. As I drink the hoppy infusion, I am reminded of are Queen and Prince Andrew. It just gets better and better … Soon, we’ll be able to have English Lions back on our eggs … HM Government state that imperial units like pounds and ounces are widely valued in the UK and are a core part of many people’s British identity. I don’t know anyone of my own age that can count in stones, pounds and ounces. My sense is that this is a LIE.

Brexit has failed UK Tour

Fifty pence

We now have the Brexit fifty pence piece back, although I confess I have not seen one of late. But it signifies the fact that we now have the Pound back as our currency. I did speak with a woman who told me that her dad said that we no longer had the Pound before Brexit. Did you notice that? Buy one of the rare 50 pence pieces on e-bay and support our work to Re-Boot Britain. Outrageous prices!! 🙂

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Brexit freedoms o’ fish

Scottish Salmon fishermen report on Farming Today that Europeans still want our salmon, although exports have been hit to EU countries due to Brexit. Since Scottish Salmon is a major Scottish export, salmon fishermen are able to hire entire containers to ship their goods to Europe, reducing the mountain of Brexit paperwork and other costs in their segment of the fishing industry. Sadly this benefit does not exist for other fish varieties and the predicted decline in fishing continues, as predicted by the Remainiacs. And let’s remember this is Scottish Salmon. Once Scotland have their independence, they will take this benefit with them. Scottish Salmon and Whisky are major exports from Scotland.

Against the backdrop of the BBC’s nationalistic drive to back Brexit on Farming Today, The Food and Drink Federation showed that Scotland’s whisky and salmon exports were down by 11% and 6.4% respectively since 2019, with the UK’s total exports of food and drink was down by £2.7 billion (-15.9%) in the first three quarters of 2021 – with £2.4bn (-23.7%) directly from a drop in sales to the EU. It’s not necessarily true that the salmon are swimming against the tide.

Brexit Fish Freedoms
Cod only knows …
Brexit benefits
Helpful comparisons …

Irish unification

The current troubles with Edwin Poots and the DUP draw Irish unification ever closer. The DUP seek to throw away 30 years of relative peace on the island of Ireland by asking the Government to break international law on the Northern Ireland Protocol, a bill which they signed up to. I cannot comprehend the nuclear levels of two faced stupidity being brought to bear on the people of Ireland by the DUP. It seems that plans are underway for a cross-border administration in the wake of the breakdown of the Stormont Government. Meanwhile trade between Ireland and Northern Ireland is UP after Brexit with trade between NI and mainland Britain DOWN. Our Brexit scenarios predict that this will continue to a point where the vast majority of people see the economic advantages of a united Ireland outweigh the religious and political forces that divide the island.

Blue tape

Brexit is reckoned to SAVE £1 BILLION in cutting red tape. It is not specified where this will happen, but we presume it will be in a bonfire on worker protections, food, environmental and other regulations, making our products less safe and opening up Victorian levels of exploitation and climate damage. At the same time, The FT says that Brexit has ADDED £7 BILLION of red tape. We only have to ask lorry drivers, farmers, fishermen et al. Taking Back Control never specified who would gain that control and plainly it was the Government through moral hazard and a return to Victorian England. In case of doubt, £7 bn is more than £1 bn.

Read the Government’s LIES on Brexit at Brexit Freedom Bill

Brexit simplification in action.

Vaccination vacillation

Boris Johnson claims that the speed of our vaccination programme was due to Brexit Freedoms. Sadly it is not true. The BBC reported that we have been able to authorise the supply of this vaccine using provisions under European law. Johnson simply acted first in a desperate move to buy up the vaccine and starve the rest of the world from supplies, like the little boy in the playground who kept all the sweets and then realised that nobody wanted to play with him. By the way, the British vaccine was developed by Turkish and German scientists. I’m surprised that Brexiteers want such a “foreign invasion”.

Brexit freedoms : Rich pickings

Undoubtedly Brexit has caused an exodus of foreign workers, in part due to red tape and associated costs, but, in the main because, England has once again become a racist country under Brexit. Arguably, we did not need Brexit Freedoms to “take back control” of the fields, lorry parks, bus stations etc. I await the queues of Brexit voting OAPs to pick for Britain, drive for Britain, stack shelves for Britain and so on. So far, we have been underwhelmed with applications from “Dad’s Brexit Army”. Meanwhile illegal migration proceeds, due to our Government’s attempts to kill people who flee from terror.

Left outside alone to die by Priti Patel and Suella Braverman.


The Government claim that the Brexit Freedoms of sovereignty are many and various in their 105 page document. I can only find wind. Grab your bag of Brexit Sovrinty here.

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Blue passports

Undoubtedly the showstopper in Brexit Freedoms has been the blue passport. We will pay £30 per family and hours of queuing to benefit from this Brexit Freedom, but clearly it’s worth it. In case of doubt we were always able to have blue passports, even if they were made in France. The Government paper on this is simply FAKE NEWS:

Brexit Freedoms
LIES, LIES, LIES. To support our work on the truth about Brexit, click on the lies above.

Funding the NHS

The Government document claims that £57 BILLION is to be given to the NHS. They were promised £18.2 BILLION EVERY YEAR. You do not need a calculator to realise that the £57 billion is actually smaller than £18.2 billion every year. Go compare.

State control

France recently decided to make EDF Energy subsidise energy price hikes. So energy consumers in France will get a 4% price hike whilst UK consumers will experience a 54% price hike. And France is in the EU. How then were France able to do this if they are “controlled by an EU superstate”? See Social Care for more details on our lies about the need to raise national insurance. How was Viktor Orban able to buy his vaccines from Russia whilst being part of the EU? The EU superstate argument is vacuous.

Tampon freedom

We are now free of the Tampon Tax!! Women may rest safe in the knowledge that the VAT man is not taking a percentage of their periodic blood losses. Except that even this is a LIE-Let me explain. The trouble with so-called “tampon freedom” is that this arrangement was made in 2016, whilst we were a member of the EU. We have NOT been prevented from removing tax on tampons by our EU membership. UPDATE : the 5% tampon tax was only reduced by 1%. Brexit is literally bleeding Britain to death …

Brexit Tampon Freedoms
LIE Lets.

Amidst the other Brexit Freedoms that The Government paper puts forward that we could not do as members of EU are:

  • Giving up smoking – really?
  • Adding more arsenic into children’s food.
  • Healthy eating – who knew that the EU were stopping this?
  • Ending the throw away culture – Britain leads the world in throw away culture.
  • Faster HGV licence approval by reducing the difficulty of HGV tests, so more dangerous OAP lorry drivers on the roads.
  • Simpler, better railways – this means not doing the Northern leg of HS2.
  • Pints of French champagne.
  • Use of the 105 page document for redecoration of 10 Downing Street when Boris Johnson leaves.

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Holy Mole

Holy Mole radio show

I stumbled over the work of Holy Mole the other day – a satirical radio show to rival BBC Radio 4’s Now Show and videos to die laughing to instead of COVID. I called him up to find out more. Find Holy Mole on Twitter. Support their work via Patreon. Here are some examples of his work:

Holy Mole
Holy Mole – click the image to listen to the radio shows

Holy Mole collaborates with Chrissie Grech and Chris Doc Strange on the radio show. It deserves much more love so please subscribe and support the radio shows. They also produce an extremely diverse stream of music. Please find them on You Tube.

The Big Molehill Mashup Mix

Here it is; the big mix of my best mashups from the last 10 years

MashUp Track List:

1. Get Up, Get Down – James Brown Vs KC & The Sunshine Band
2. Somebody’s Watching My Sweet Dreams About Bleeding Virgins – Eurythmics Vs Rockwell Vs Leonna Lewis Vs Madonna
3. She Said I’m Common – Plan B Vs Pulp
4. Teenage Brightside – Killers Vs Undertones
5. Why Alison Got The Love – Moby Vs Elvis Cosetllo Vs The Source
6. Let’s Get It Out Loud – Ed Sheeran Vs Marvin Gaye
7. Just Be Good To The One I Love – S.O.S Band Vs Charlatans
8. Money’s Too Crazy To Mention – Gnarls Berkley Vs Simply Red
9. Tinna Turner’s Nine Inch Nails – T Turner Vs NIN
10. Teardrops On The Street – Massive Attack Vs Radiohead
11. Blame It On Lightning Bolts – George Ezra Vs Jake Bugg
12. Good Luck With The Police – Basement Jaxx Vs The Police
13. I Like Weak Heroes Music; Just Be Scummy, Man – Arctic Monkeys Vs S.O.S Band Vs Starlight Vs Bodyrockers
14. Play Human – Bjork Vs Rag N Bone Man
15, Power Of Fighters – Christina Aguillera Vs Frankie Goes To Hollywood
16. JCBs in Babylon – Nizlopi Vs David Gray
17. The Jesus Army Mash – White Stripes Vs Jesus Christ Superstar Vs Moby
18. Criticize The Big City – Luther Vandross Vs Gnarls Berkley
19. Born Loser – Beck Vs Albert King
20. Running In The Rain In Baltimore – Counting Crows Vs Leonna Lewis
21. Stop Me Crazy Mashing – Mark Ronson Vs Gnarls Berkley Vs Simply Red Vs Rockwell Vs S.O.S Band Vs Kim Wilde

Irish Unity Special - Daily Maul

Northern Ireland, Brexit and Truss

I’m pleased to be chairing WorldWide Wednesday tonight at 7 pm

We have two excellent speakers:

Kevin Meagher, who has worked with Tony Blair, author of A United Ireland: Why Unification Is Inevitable and How It Will Come About.

Prof Francesco Rizzuto – Dean of the School of Law at Liverpool Hope University speaking on the legal aspects of Brexit, NI and The Truss Effect.

Please sign the petition to keep the protocol.

Register here – it’s essential.

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Not my Brexit

Cowards of the Country

I try everyday to engage members of the population in a dialogue about Brexit, what I call Brexorcism. Today’s intervention was not a dialogue but I thought it both funny and incredibly sad at the same time.

I had stopped at a cafe en route home from Maidstone on my bicycle, which has signage as a ‘conversation starter’ for people who wish to discuss Brexit and the European Union with me. In over 90% of cases, this is a hugely positive strategy, opening up the conversation anew in what was a hugely Brexity area of the country. In the last three months, I have not had one instance of pushback on Brexit. Buyer’s remorse has set in, in a very big way. Most people do not however believe there is a way back from our unique act of self-harm.

Sitting outside the cafe with my tea, I had noticed that two builders had observed my bicycle and the signage out of my peripheral vision. I decided to let them be, as it is always better to let my subjects approach me than the other way round.

Of course, I listened into their conversation whilst drinking my tea. Over the course of 15 minutes, one builder aimed to persuade the other that he should now retire and enjoy life. This was based on a longer discussion that business had collapsed in the last 6 months and lots of complaints about the escalating cost of building materials (this, of course, is a direct effect of Brexit and has been happening steadily over the last year or so). I packed my things up and cycled down the road. A few minutes later, they passed me in their truck and one of them shouted “wanker” out of the window. Clearly angered by the decline of their businesses due to Brexit, they chose to strike out at someone who could have helped their situation rather than the Government. This ‘blame game’ is typical of the few remaining Brexiteers. I repeat that, in the last three months of cycling around Kent with such things on my back or on my bicycle, I have not experienced a single piece of pushback from the public, quite the opposite in fact. I have had to work quite hard to explain that Brexit can be reversed, albeit with some difficulty.

Quite clearly, the will of the people has changed on Brexit, based on literally hundreds of miles travelled and conversations had. What has NOT changed is the belief that Brexit can somehow be undone. This is why I wrote the manual on Brexorcism and the Brexit satire book, to reach outside the bubble. We will not succeed at reversing Brexit without working on the masses. Placing hope in demographic change is simply laziness. Check the books out on ETSY. They make excellent Christmas gifts for tired Remainers or Brexiteers in regret.

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Watch a full video on the art of Brexorcism
Populism will eat itself

Rage Against The Brexit Machine

This rant from stalwart campaigner Don Adamson.

This week’s comments: “Johnson seems set to make the House of Lords worse …  has been described as ‘absurd’ … ‘anachronism’ … the best day care centre for the elderly in London … 4th Earl of Russell said … ‘Britain was governed by spiritless Papal bum boys’ … Johnson intends to ennoble 30 of his chums …  Thatcher only ennobled 7 in her leaving list … MacMillan a minimalist 1 … others expressed alarm at the quality … Nadine  Dorries, culture secretary, cabinet toady and author of soupy historical sagas … in the 1920s Lloyd George flogged honours openly … tariff … £10,000 for a knighthood … £50,000 for a peerage … Johnson’s appointments are likely to be worse … he has created peerages at a faster rate than any PM in the last 50 years … the House of Lords is odd. That does not mean it is worthless… deep seated problems … dangerous short term grandstanding … Thick Lizzie blithely ignores the fact that her government signed the NI protocol she now deems unworkable … scale of industrial unrest is massive … transport workers, nurses, doctors, lawyers …  frequent assurances were flimsy ambitions … Tories still see no evil in Brexit even though it is the driver of problems … Thick Lizzie would have us believe that tax cuts would provide the loot … as likely as her assertion that barking dogs would deter drones from flying drugs into prisons … that calls for adult conversation far removed from unedifying Tory debate … Johnson was the worst PM in our history … Tories bought the Thatcher tribute act guff … quite soon we will have to acknowledge that Johnson only had the second worst cabinet of all time … Thick Lizzie does not take diplomacy and Foreign policy seriously … Braverman has defended law breaking … odd to put her in charge of law and order … as for absolute absurdity can anything match putting Rees Mogg in charge of “levelling up” ? … failed Ian Duncan Snot … failed John Deadwood … failed David Frost … a political culture gone badly wrong … a cabinet of misfits, failures, ideologues, third raters … we used to look to Britain as a role model … with respect and admiration …. not now … post truth virus that gave us Brexit and Johnson has got worse … 60% of voters think Johnson got Brexit wrong … can of worms … a growing buyer’s remorse towards Brexit … Britain is no longer a pro Brexit country … mounting disillusion towards Brexit … Labour’s ultra-cautious stance on EU is not working … Labour’s manifest weakness on the subject may cost it dear … the public mood has shifted…  Johnson’s absurd narrative … betrayal of greatness … potential ministers refused to serve under him … subservient mediocrities, willing to accept humiliation after humiliation … could continue no longer … historians across the political spectrum will judge Johnson’s premiership to have been a calamity … the worst PM in UK’s history … least suited for office … persistent casual frivolity … David Cameron runs him  close … UK at its most dysfunctional and economically weak since 1945 … Johnson’s conduct is mind boggling … Johnson had no idea how the Customs Union worked … weird courtier David Frost … calamitous negotiations … no evidence that he had thought through the implications … companies creak under the burden of extra red tape … queues at Dover are insanely long … all was wacky under Johnson … officials at No 10 doubt if Johnson read the deal negotiated by the hopeless Frost … historic economy wrecking deal … was almost certainly not scrutinised by Johnson … frivolity combined with instinctive mendacity … adolescent thought process that killed many in lockdown … not bothering to attend vital COBR meetings … lying …. honours to friends, party donors and powerful editors … promising much … not bothering to deliver … as UK economy teeters he enjoys two holidays and parties at Chequers …there is no evidence that Johnson had any sense of what was required to revive a divided, battered country … his successor might prove to be even worse …  Johnson may have ripped apart the soul and credibility of the Tory Party … willingness not to be too picky about accepting money has been great for tory funding … octogenarian multi millionaire is the BBC’s go to person when awkward accusations are made … if anything Maitlis played down Tory bias at the BBC … Sir Harry Evans was not impressed when he met Paul Dacre … Evans fearlessly took on governments and big business … Dacre is the surly baron of Middle England …  one last Johnson scandal … resignation honours list … a disgraced PM being able to fill the House of Lords with cronies is drawing widespread outrage … Johnson’s inability to tell the truth … so many lies you could not fit them into one edition of a newspaper … Johnson was known to be a liar before he became PM … the damage he has done is immense … Johnson has proved that lying wins elections and large majorities … there is no need to cover fields with solar panels; just stick them on every roof … the dimmest, meanest, most gullible and blindly tribalistic 0.3% of the population choose the PM … most economists agree that imposing tax cuts as the country heads to economic meltdown would be at best ineffectual and at worst suicidal …It is fitting that one of Johnson’s final acts as PM was to appoint his own Deputy Chief of Staff to the committee on standards … co-owner of consultancy that specialises in expensive advice to Gulf despots … weak procedures … conflicts of interest … ‘baleful consequences of family breakdown’  … thank Heaven the Daily Mail has not spent the past year hysterically supporting a politician who walked out on his first wife .. Divorced his second wife … fathered an unknown number of children … how did rationing succeed in WW2? … mostly fair … hence broad support … UK inexplicably ignoring electricity generators’ windfalls … passing most of the costs to the consumer … Keir Starmer is talking out of his hat … at least he has a plan … Thick Lizzie ignored the implosion of the NHS and social care under 12 years of Tory government … two pandemic excdrcises woefully concluded that we were woefully ill prepared … leadership candidates played to the crowds … scientists, economists and epidemiologists agonised … the biggest mistake was leaving lockdown so late … more Covid deaths occurred … South Africa banned sale of alcohol during lockdowns … greatly reduced hospital admissions (many are alcohol related) … with such a high alcohol dependency in Westminster this was never a viable option in UK … we did not have the palliative care teams, PPE protection and testing  capacity to cope … if public services are poorly resourced the harm is greatly magnified … increase in deaths 21% … Covid 19 deaths this summer double seen last summer … Covid boosted private hospital chains while the NHS was in crisis … a PM equally blonde, boosterish and untethered to reality … Times acting as mouthpiece for one of the most repugnant and incompetent Home Secretaries in recent history … ‘like reading the Express’ … can get away with printing any old rubbish … Guided by a right wing Brexiter with outdated economic views Thick Lizzie is setting the UK on a disastrous course … relentless demand for tax cuts … has made a rod for her own back … she believes her own flawed rhetoric and advice from right wing pro Brexit economists … the stakes could not be higher .. Thick Lizzie could wreck the economy and do egregious damage to social fabric … Tories want to reduce debt but have increased it from 74% of GDP in 2010 to 103% in 2021 … Trussonomics are expected to blow a £60B hole in the Budget … debt to GDP ratio on an inexorable upward trend … exporters already face strong post Brexit headwinds … 12 years of inconsistent and poorly framed leadership … Minford’s economic advocacy is not appropriate to 21st century Britain … None of Thatcher’s ideas have any significance today … Thick Lizzie needs to listen to other economists … hollowing out of the Tory Party … defenestration of its brightest MPs … leaves a talent pool so shallow it is no surprise we have a duck in Downing St … some kind of Thatcher tribute act … Thick Lizzie’s cabinet cannot match the intellect, critical thinking and political skills in Thatcher’s cabinet … there has never been a period when the challenges we face and the quality of people facing them have been so vast … Johnson’s shameful and wasteful time in office … nothing even remotely resembling strategy …  ‘Levelling Up in the Bullshit slogans category is a gold medal winner … Thick Lizzie plays to the crowd rather than take her responsibilities seriously … xenophobic paranoid gammons picked our PM … a Little Englander who plays to the crowd … they do not have the sense to see themselves as others see them … the reality of Britain’s position will come as a shock to her … The US Foreign Service is not stupid … the President takes a deep interest in Ireland … the people of Northern Ireland and business do not want this .. it is because of the zealots and swivel eyed loons in her party … Thick Lizzie wants a fight with the EU … patently cynical attempt to destroy the NI protocol and to break International Law … Consequences will be dire … legal and reputational damage to Britain is huge and getting worse … obeying the law and honouring commitments matter … pity the poor Brexiter … the brilliant Brexit they imagined has been stymied …May’s deal delivered everything Brexiters said they wanted so they rejected it … they are no more coherent this time than they were before … economist in name only Patrick Minford …such nonsense would be funny if those people were not so close to power and if the people in power did not seem to desperate to appease these political toddlers …  what they want is impossible …  beyond all reason and beyond all sanity … in the hope it will deliver the Brexit Nirvana … there is little hope the new crew will steer any better than the last …  “Can Thick Lizzie fix Britain (Comment: of course; just as soon as Johnson builds his proposed bridge to Mars) … Trust must eschew pantomime radicalism if she is to succeed … an enormous job in front of her  … Britain’s predicament is worse than many other places … 1,000 patients a day wait more than 12 hours in accident and emergency departments … sceptics have many reasons to be dubious …  made promises she cannot keep to a tiny electorate … she maintains the fiction that Brexit is unallowyed good … Jacob Rees Mogg should be put in a museum not in charge of anything … Boris Johnson … shambolic and unlamented … cartoonish mixture of tax cuts, deregulation and Brussels bashing … commitments would keep the Brexit head bangers happy but would do little to help business … she will be remembered as a reactionary, not a radical … in 2025 or earlier she will face a deeply dissatisfied public in a general election … Suella Braverman will make Priti Patel look like a bleeding heart liberal … judges were horrified …  NHS woes will be a major battleground in the next election … Truss is the fourth roll of the dice for a party squinting hard … the country may be looking for something else entirely … a repeat is about to unfold … expensive promises … economy has been bludgeoned … alarming for investors …

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Private Eyelines
Private Eyelines

Portraits of Brexiteers

As part of our continuing work to Brexorcise the population as a preparatory step on the road to rejoining the EU, I encountered two tough cases recently. Selecting your target is vital if you want to make the most of your time, but given that I go out daily with an open invite to talk to people painted on my t-shirt, bicycle etc. one cannot always choose your ‘client’ for Brexorcism. Learn the underlying psychologies, sociology and therapeutic approaches here. The two individuals were themselves quite complex and this underlines the need to use personalised approaches to reach such people.

The Club Landlord

I had the ultimate confessional from the Club Landlord last night. A man in his 50’s who was jailed for violent crimes in his 20’s. He has taken to God of late, believes in Brexit mainly because he watches You Tube videos that tell him that the whole world is a conspiracy and that most of the time we are lied to. Amongst the lies that he believes we have been told include that COVID exists. The conversation went on for hours. He is a lost cause in terms of Brexorcism so I chose to just listen to him. He has picked up the term critical thinking from somewhere but tends to go only to the internet for his information, and then, a fairly narrow channel of material. He voted for Brexit as a protest vote and does not care about the outcomes, even though he has teenage children. I know him quite well and mainly feel sad for him.

There is no single standard Brexit Brain. Learn how to enter them by clicking on the image.

The Trade Unionist

I stopped at a cafe with my bicycle. A man about 50-60 approached and observed my signage, opening up with “I would die for the King and my country”. After some introductions, he self identified as a trade unionist. I imagined him to be left of centre and enquired “what do you think about Brexit?”. He replied that it was the best thing that had happened to Britain as we could make our own Labour laws. He winced as I pointed out that Liz Truss plans to roll back the working time directive which prevents exploitation of the masses, but dodged the question about this. I asked him about what he was now able to do because of Brexit and he answered with some twaddle about WW II. I restated the question but he returned to WW II. I asked “Were you in WW II?” He replied yes but clearly this was not true. He eventually admitted that the country was just the same as it was before Brexit, in other words, that there were no benefits. We moved on to Mick Lynch and host of other topics and it was hard to get away from him. Finally we discussed the 2019 election, Boris, Corbyn and so on. I explained from personal experience of standing a cat for election that my experience on the doorstep demonstrated that Boris and Brexit did not win but Corbyn lost, in part due to our populist media but possibly due to his own presentation and policies in a word that is more sensitive to style over substance. To my surprise, he revealed that he voted for Boris Johnson !! A trade unionist, Brexiteer who voted for a right wing populist. To quote Jim Morrison “People are strange”.

Tory Brexit Scum

Tory Party Conference

We have just produced these materials for the Tory Party Conference. Please share them widely:

Tory Brexit Scum is a Country and Western Punk Rock song by the band X RAY BREX. Download the album via Bandcamp. PG rated.

Tory Brexit Scum – see how they run …

And just for balance, we conducted an interview with BBC One News this week. We made the point that support for Labour was conditional on them opposing Brexit, which is perfectly possible, despite a load of bullshit from some areas of Labour. The BBC cut our comment on Brexit, naturally, but it was mentioned by Rosie Duffield. See below:


Scotland is NOW

We need help to build our website for Scottish independence and free ourselves from Tory lies about Scotland’s need for self-determination after the catastrophe of Brexit. Find our page on Scotland here. We need a fully developed set of proposals that deal with the economy, social affairs, environment, relationships with what remains of Britain, the politics and so on. Recent myths that have emerged include:

Scotland cannot finance itself

Rubbish. Scotland is self sufficient in sustainable energy alone. Scotland outperforms all the other UK nations in terms of international exports. In  contrast, England’s international trade deficit in goods is massive.

Scotland would lose the pound, have no currency or be financially unstable

Rubbish. Scotland already has its own currency and decisions about currency can be made at the most advantageous time to the Scottish people. Plenty of small countries have their own currencies and exist perfectly well on the high seas of a global financial world. To see financial instability in a strong economy one only has to look to Kwasi Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ and the impact on Britain’s fortunes! It is bad leadership and financial management that leads to such problems.

This is what trickle down economics looks like ….

Scotland would lose the Royal Family

Rubbish. The royals own a lot of land in Scotland. It’s possible to share our royal family if you concerned about such things. It’s a non-issue if you are a unionist. You can have your Royal Family and eat it too.

Scotland does not have the economy to prosper

Rubbish : Lots of small countries thrive around the world. Scotland is a net exporter. As a member of the single market, Scotland stands to gain from what I call “The Best of Both”.

Scotland would suffer from a land border with England

Rubbish. To quote a well used Brexiteer phrase “They (England) need us (Scotland) more than we need them”. Check the figures re the balance of trade between Scotland and GB. In brief Scotland exports £17,455 per head per year, while the UK exports £8,626.

Why then are the Tories making a big deal of spinning lies about Scotland?

I think it’s simple to understand. In 2019 You Gov reported that Tory voters said that they were happy to see Scotland and Northern Ireland as ‘collateral damage’ of Brexit. Perhaps they have realised how wrong they were in the wake of Brexit Carnage. Even the Torygraph is now reporting that project fear was right all along.

If you are able to help us build the case for an independent Scotland, please get in touch via

Hannibal Lecter Brexit T-Shirt

Weekly news from Don

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “next two years stuck in a doom cycle … Richy Scumbag uses Johnson playbook … bluster and evasion to shut down questions  … 66% of population have lost faith in politicians … Braverman is deliberately inflammatory, divisive and unacceptable … has shown herself to be untrustworthy and unfit for office … Richy Scumbag is unfit to be PM … political embarrassment, nationally and internationally … Wretched spectacle of a Home Secretary trying to out-bigot the bigots … nastiness and incompetence taking root at the Home Office … Tory policies discredited … Richy Scumbag faces a winter of discontent … Thick Lizzie’s disastrous government lost the confidence of financial markets … Britain is fragile … for years growth rate has been dismal, a problem made worse by Brexit … public services are in a dreadful state … poor households are acutely vulnerable …The chances of Jeremy *unt making the right choices are slim … thoughtless spending cuts are likely, so are tax gimmicks … the economy will need less short-sighted fiddling … British ministers are unable to explain what they want … their confusion is the problem. Politician heal thyself … panicky investors, soaring gilt yields and financial turmoil … just retribution for Brexit, though obviously a milder punishment than British voters inflicted on themselves … Fiscal Black Hole’ is a lie peddled by the government at its peril … economist’s research proves black hole is dangerous fiction …Thick Lizzie and Toilet Kwarteng torched the credibility of the UK government … spending cuts usually depress growth … Bank of England predicts recession till 2024 … triggering a doom loop … crisis of government credibility … meltdown in public service budgets … if they ignore the truth Tories will carry the blame for catastrophe … how much we have lost for how little we have gained … it is rare I meet someone still willing to admit they voted  Leave … what are they left with … blue passports … like everything to do with Brexit nothing is as it seems  and certainly not as was promised … no wonder traders are finding it harder and harder and more expensive to do business … we voluntarily decided to make trading arrangements more complicated … Brexit just keeps on damaging the UK, devouring Prime Ministers, its purchasing power and global attractiveness … in the face of evil goodwill is not enough … Johnson has put in repeated calls to Rupert Murdoch … none has been returned … Johnson’s day is over, ditto Trump … Sunday Times said Richy Scumbag must call an election … the Tory made mess was so bad it would be better to leave it to Labour to clear up the mess and take the flak for higher taxes and cuts in public services. Tories could come back in when the dirty work was done …  paper spoke of dozens of unexploded bombs that could end the careers of senior Tories … calling on Scumbag to abolish Non Dom tax status … Rees Mogg attended the funeral of Christopher Booker … Rees Mogg wrote about 4,000 EU laws still on statute books and his determination to see them gone … if Rees Mogg had studied Booker he would know that most of the laws coming from the EU was passed down from global bodies and was the consequence of globalisation … years down the line and Rees Mogg is still untouched by reality … one can only wonder how people at the top of the of the political tree can be so ignorant … Brexit has devastated the hospitality sector … government does not train young people for hospitality business … decimated by Covid … hikes in energy prices … disaster … visa system is far too complicated and expensive … too expensive, too much red tape … we are at crisis point …no prospect of this improving … crippling, making everything more difficult and more expensive … for the first time since records began there are more job vacancies than people looking for work … ending free movement is the exact opposite of what the country needs … cost is enormous … hitting every sector … serious long term irreversible damage to the British economy …for a government struggling to balance the books you might think this would make them think again … Tories do not seem to care that its own mismanagement and indifference to the consequences are costing £7B a year in lost taxes … Biden will no longer face being removed from power … UK provided a warning … a friend in Chicago told me the antics of the Tories frightened the hell out of people … UK was considered an oasis of sanity … to see Tory craziness made steel workers of Michigan think again … Brexit politicians, Leave campaigners never accept responsibility for the problems caused by the very thing they demanded … none of the Brexit promises have been fulfilled … Lord Wolfson says this is not the Brexit he voted for … I wonder how he progressed from running anything more complex than a jumble sale … Chancellor Jeremy *unt has called for another ‘efficiency review’ this does not say much for Francis Maude’s earlier efforts … ‘efficiency and reform’ in the early days of the coalition … it quickly ran into difficulties and had to reset plans … as *unt announces cuts in jobs and services one spending commitment destines to survive is the Maude ‘efficiency review’… one of the more controversial PPE suppliers has been forced to cough up £70M after a legal dispute … it is nice to know it is possible to claw back some of the money spent on useless PPE equipment. How much more of the remaining billions can we expect to get back? … Cabinet Ministers would normally stay for a Commons Statement by the PM …  Richy Scumbag rose to make a statement about COP27 … stampede for the exit … why was the Chancellor wearing a medal on Remembrance Day … Lieutenant of the Victorian Order … awarded to *unt’s father … true there is a custom of wearing family medals at Remembrance events … wearing an LVO is crazy … Lord Wolfson said … if we do the right thing it will be 4 or years for Britain to show it is thriving outside the EU … six years on and with the economy badly damaged … Wolfson is now saying he did not get the Brexit he wanted … I served two Foreign Secretaries, Johnson and Raas … neither of whom showed any interest in working … Richy Scumbag and Jeremy *unt have promised to fill ‘the black hole’ … £4.5B wasted on error and fraud … Jeremy *unt’s final report as chair of  Conservative and Policy Forum paints a grim picture … If Starmer is serious about restricting overseas recruitment he needs to get his sums right … there is no point in training extra staff if terms and conditions are so dire you cannot retain them …routine outpatient appointments are measured in years … Private Finance Initiative offers a short term political fix but risk coupling crippling long term debts with poor value for money …each and every one of the deaths at Grenfell Tower was avoidable … a rogue’s gallery of manufacturers, designers etc etc etc … Crapita … scandal ridden … pisspoor … the whole fandango could be a complete waste of money … still do not know what works … Elon Musk’s twitter shitshow …

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Brexit Broke Britain

Don Adamson writes

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “Ahead of us is the worst two years economically in living memory … British Toryism has come to the end of a long era … failed as a trustworthy government … Tories lost control of the economy … become an instrument for political elite self preservation, a machine to keep people like Boris Johnson in power … Brexit is the triumph of ideology over economic self interest … Tory Utopian  cult … Tories have very few sources of intellectual renewal …  there is money in climate change denial … there may be  conservative thinkers who understands the profound damage Brexit has done … but they have nowhere to go …  Tories must be paid for this with a generation out of power …  at every stage Tories doubled down on crass xenophobia and legalised corruption … what is missing is a critique of Brexit …UK economy is hobbled … every week brings worse news for Brexit believers … widely viewed as a mistake … Andrew Neil said *unt’s Autumn Statement was the ‘day Brexit died’ …. Telegraph says ‘we’re in this mess because of Brexit … Brexit free trade deals … ‘hopeless’ … met year Britain will be ‘the sick man of Europe’ … sharpest economic decline in the continent … Piers Morgan, who vehemently opposed the Peoples Vote comment ‘it is time to admit that Brexit is a disaster … without question there is mounting public disenchantment with Brexit …  there is clearly a large public appetite for a major reset with the EU … economists maintain Brexit has deepened economic crisis … George Eustice, head of DEFRA at the time said the trade deal with Australia ‘was not very good, nor was the one with New Zealand.’ … After years of being told that Brexit was a triumph we now find that a) when you are desperate and b) led by people with the negotiating skills of Neville Chamberlain, a disappointing result is guaranteed … it was not in our economic interests … neither Australia or NZ had anything to offer in return … if this was the only damage Brexit was heaping on the UK farm industry they might count themselves lucky but it is not … effortless lies of the Brexit campaign … result is appallingly badly negotiated trade deals giving huge rivals massive advantages … a raft of other problems … UK government seems intent on making it worse not better … prospects for small farmers grim … one in 8 jobs is not filled … £60m worth of food left to rot in the fields last year … slaughter and waste of tens of thousands of pigs … government is taking huge risks with the industry … illegal meat on 21 of 22 lorries coming into the country … the chances of African Swine Fever another devastating disease getting into the country much higher than they were … post Brexit food checks at the border are just not happening … just like the fishing industry the farming industry was cast aside the second the referendumb votes were in … a government desperate to leave the EU at any price and signed trade deals no matter how bad in a pathetic attempt to show that Global Britain really existed … betrayed the industry … Eton College invited Nigel Garbage to speak … girls from visiting state schools invited to the event subjected to misogynistic abuse and racial slurs … ‘top private schools’ are a big part of what is wrong with Britain … Richy Scumbag is busily pretending the economy was swimming along nicely prior to Ukraine War and Kamikwaze Trussonomics … Thick Lizzie’s biography will be lucky if it sells a few hundred copies … books on contemporary politicians do not sell … Paul Dacre’s loathing of Richy Scumbag for his betrayal of Johnson … Tories are not going to win the next election … Johnson has still to land the job worthy of his dubious talents, wanted to see Murdoch … at his cattle ranch in Montana … Murdoch obligingly paid £11,000 for Johnson and two flunkies to make the visit … Gove is taking luxury breaks … two nights … £2,036 …paradoxically an attempt to distance themselves for responsibility for the failures of Brexit … Murdoch dictates politics both in the UK and the US … beyond scandalous … One of the strangest things about Britain, a country obsessed with immigration, is that we have no way of counting things … Office of National Statistics figures show a net immigration record of 504,000 are ‘experimental and provisional’ … Brexit was achieved on a promise to cut immigration to ‘tens of thousands’ … you would expect a rise of half million to cause riots in the street … Brexit was supposed to decrease immigration and drive up wages of least skilled Brits. The opposite has happened … engineering factories in England could double their workforce, earning very decent money, if they could find the people … an A & E department in Wales that will soon close because … cannot attract doctors … 165,000 missing care home workers … as for skilled welders, forget it … Britain is an aging society … two decades of flirtation with right wing populism brings division and self hate … I hope the Tory failure by their own metrics  will convince Tory voters that Brexit was a chimera … number of people that see Brexit as a mistake is steadily rising … makes the cross party omerta on the subject bizarre … a clear majority believe Brexit was the wrong choice … a unanimity that Brexit was going badly … elephantine problem sitting defiantly in the room … dropping turds … Nick Robinson asked Michael Gove to explain Brexit benefits … Gove was a key architect of Brexit … his failure to explain was stunning … skewering of Jeremy *unt … exposed *unt as Trumpian … based his entire strategy on OBR … accepting OBR figures when it suited him and rejecting them when it did not … fiscal black hole … Brexit black hole is an economic reality … hard to discern what Sunak’s point might have been … Dominic Raas faces three separate allegations of bullying … hardly an isolated  case … Priti Patel … multiple proven  investigations … public money used to pay settlements against civil servants she abused … wider culture of ministers being railing and dismissive Jacob Rees Mogg … apparently unaware that government had sold off large amounts of office space … ministers dysfunctional and abusive … to denigrate people who cannot answer back is textbook bullying … clash between ideology and reality … civil servants deal with the world as it is … put it on the wrong side of Brexiters … alarmingly few of the people running the country have worked at the coal face … no former doctors, teachers or administrators … how can you run an  organisation if you have no idea how … dysfunctional work environment  will produce dysfunctional work … consequences of bad ministerial culture are everywhere … austerity … underfunding … and Brexit chaos … toxic culture of British politics … Brexit has damaged British construction through a self inflicted skills shortage and higher prices for raw materials … Brexit has hit construction industry hard … EU exporters decided …. red tape, expense and bother of trading with the UK not worth it … stopped supplying the Brits … pathetic attempt by British government to change regulations by abandoning EU scheme … and introducing UK specific scheme … harebrained notion is damaging every sector of the economy … nobody beyond the Brexiters can see the reason … to change at huge expense and end up with a system that is worse than the existing one … skills shortages … UK has been unable to train enough Brits … the system just does not work … government’s inability to reform the planning system and make it work … many firms are just not large enough to train apprentices … complete failure of reforms to the apprenticeship system … has added insult to injury … Brexit ultras insist that there is a vast pool of labour and people just need to be forced into the workplace … just kidding themselves … problems Brexit has imposed … disastrous UK regulatory regime … delay the construction of homes and switch to low carbon heating … one more powerful incentive to stop supplying the UK market … British economy heading towards a slowdown … made worse by problems coming down the track … government that makes changes for no good reason … solid foundations and good sense do not interest this government … when Richy Scumbag came out for Brexit he made it very much about him giving his word to his constituents that it would work out for the best … I can see a lot of disillusioned Tories switching to the Lib Deems or not bothering to vote … Buyer’s Remorse is worrying Tory local associations … Labour activists have been trawling through Scumbag’s 2016 Brexit literature … finding its way to the press … bold promises to local farmers … concept of non tariff barriers notably absent at the time … Scumbag demonstrated how ignorant he was … Tory grandees once queued up to pay court to Michelle Mone, now with allegations that she made millions after lobbying ministers … she has become Baroness No Mates … If Lords Commissioners or National Crime Agency find her guilty she will be booted out of Lords … Thick Lizzie’s aides described Michael Gove … a troubled and dark soul with a streak of sadism … Daily Mail trying to build bridges with Labour … requires Rothermere to swallow bitter pills, not least in relation to non Dom tax status … when will somebody tip off Starmer that Brexit is a disaster? … Sick man of Europe … It has not taken long for Britain to revert to the state it was in during the 1960s and 1970s … Labour has spent years trying to make a round Brexit fit into a square non Brexit hole … Economic cheer is thin on the ground. Household incomes … pummelled by soaring energy costs … rising interest rates … rising taxes … Office for Budget Responsibility predicts steepest drop in living standards on record … only Russian economy would fare worse among G20 countries … Thick Lizzie’s disastrous mini budget … after 12 years of Tory rule Britain has limited political imagination. When a government source suggested closer ties with the EU a weeklong bloodletting followed … that a clear majority of Brits think leaving the EU was a mistake barely influences the debate … both Labour and Tories plough on with an argument in which public opinion is irrelevant … NHS and CBI are crying out for more workers … polls indicate that Brits, on the whole, are happy for immigration to go up if needed … talk of looser immigration rules are pooh Poohed by Tories … Labour discuses the subject with the caution of a hostage negotiator talking to a suicide bomber … for Tories only voters that count are immigration sceptic Brexiters … Britain is ruled for elderly for whom economic growth feels like an inconvenience  rather than a necessity … Labour will govern within Tory parameters …people have begun to notice that things are not going well. They will get worse. The country is about to witness its biggest drop in real incomes since records began … Britain may be strategically closer to the USA and Germany stronger economically but post Brexit France is the military heavyweight … Europe can learn from Britain about the folly of leaving the EU …

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