We are touring Britain to spread the word that Brexit has failed and that Rejoining the EU is not only desirable but possible.  Many people believe that Brexit is done and there’s nothing we can do about it.  It’s what psychologists call ‘learned helplessness’. It’s not correct. Read our latest article at Scottish Bylines on Strategies to join the EU anew.

Join the EU anew : Five Goals
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Since writing the article, even more mayhem broke our, with the advent of the New Conservatives, a far right fascist breakaway group, exclusively white. Their main gambit is twofold: to ‘out-Farage’ Tice and to demonise ‘brown Prime Minister Sunak’ to win their seats in the red wall. They just can’t help themselves can they?

Join the EU anew : Fascist Factions
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The leave trolls are out again, spreading myths on strategies to join the EU anew. I gave a mini talk at Greenwich on tour with the Mini recently, with three simple points about Brexit and rejoining the EU:

Cutting comments and the Cutty Sark.

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Remove a Tory

Some 63% of people believe that Brexit has failed. We must move the dial to 70% by early 2024. An active campaign of Brexorcisms on the population is needed to accelerate the movement now gathering momentum. Read our book Reboot Britain on Amazon to find out how we do that. A Brexorcism requires skill, patience and time. The book covers all three aspects of what is needed to have these difficult conversations anew.