Some hard facts for those who are bored rigid by Brexit and want some quick insights into what’s coming over the hill for Christmas and the New Year. Click on the images for more insights into the issues raised.

Did you vote for Customs checks at the Kent border?

Did you vote for 72 mile queues at Dover?

Is this what Brexit means?
Did you vote to have your UK bank account removed?

Did you vote for US styled private health insurance in Europe?

Did you vote to lose UK job opportunities if you live in Europe?
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Did you know that our Government is breaking international law to Get Brexit Done?

Six former Prime Ministers and many senior Tory MP’s have said this is a grave mistake.  Mrs Thatcher said this was not the way of Britain

Do you know how this will affect our ability to conduct trade negotiations with the rest of the world?

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Did you know that our Government is planning to slacken our laws regarding animal welfare after Brexit?

From hedgehogs to the birds and the bees, this war on nature is both short-sighted, ill-informed and cruel

Will you support us in asking Government to take greater care?

Write to your MP to demand a suspension of Brexit in the wake of Corona.

Did you know that Brexit means chaos at our borders?

90% of our food comes from the EU in winter

Life saving medicines and cancer treatments will also be affected

Will you let Brexit take your breath away?

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