I SAW A KING. A Coronation Special song written by © Paolo Bolzoni from Milan now in Maastricht, 6 May 2023.

I saw a king sitting on a stone
In a church built in a time long gone
Unnaturally dressed in mystic clothes
Stood in what tradition for him chose
For he’s used to the comfort of a proper throne

An archbishop buzzing like a bee
Forced the king on his knees
The clergy carrying his gown
Whispering “try to calm down”
As Charles was not quite at ease

Orb, sacred vestments baton and swords
Solemnly carried after being 70 years stored
The Masons watched in disbelief
It’s our copyright! they sobbed in grief
For what the king did on his own accord

The archbishop took a red book
Not the Firm’s chequebook
“Bible” was written on its cover
Charles had hardly time to recover 
Before swearing with a solemn look

I swear to defend the faith, said the King
For that’s a holy thing
Worry not, it’s not a wraith
Provided it’s the Anglican faith
Salvation to Britain it will bring

I know Anglicans are in a small minority
And over other 60 million Brits I have no authority
Rishi reading from the Bible laughing at the poor chaps
Who believe in all his crap
For cutting taxes is the real priority

It’s all an ancient uniform fashion show
The guests are sitting in orderly rows
The members of the Firm in the first
Spare wheel Harry in the third
Alone his eyes closed in woe

The BBC, CNN and world TV channels
Interviews and opinions in the panels
In fierce competition for the audience
Who slowly lost their patience
And zapped to the sport channel

Back to the palace, the main actors on the balustrade
Smiled and waived, looked like a happy brigade
Outside the crowd sing and cheer
Looking forward to their beer
And poor Willy who is next bravely kept his staid


Paolo Bolzoni is a Milanese economist specialised in International Banking, and an amateur cabaret artist. A lover of philosophy, logic and quantum mechanics, his witty approach to issues gives a novel view to topics all too often deemed to be for “specialists only”. Philosophy and rugby are his masters of life values. Bolzoni is an active member of the UK Liberal Democrats and of the Netherlands D66 Social Democrats. He lives in Maastricht, Netherlands, where he enjoys his vineyard.

Paolo Bolzoni.