Professor Joshua Silver and Peter Cook don’t just want to see Boris Johnson step down as Prime Minister.  They plan to prosecutive him for his “crimes of passion”.  In other words, crimes Johnson committed from his “crocodile brain / limbic system / shopping trolley” rather than from any form of intelligent analysis and Churchillian decision-making that would befit a head of state. We want to see him prosecuted and jailed for his crimes. Click here to help.

Joshua and Peter’s proposal stems from several concerns they share, to name a few:

  • The industrial scale lies Boris Johnson told in Parliament and to The Queen.
  • The illegal activities of Mr Johnson, for example, via the prorogation of Parliament and the breaking of international law by the likely forthcoming Article 16 legislation which will threaten peace in Northern Ireland.
  • The hate crimes Johnson has committed, for example the Jimmy Savile affair which has spilled over into thoughtless behaviour on the streets of London.  As mentioned in Parliament on 09 Feb 2022, Johnson’s “careless whispers” contributed to the deaths of Jo Cox and David Amiss.
  • The crimes Johnson has committed against the people, through unprecedented Brexit lies which will ruin future generation’s lives and livelihoods.  This, in the wake of the recent revelation that the only Brexit benefits are in “Great British Queues”.
  • Mr Johnson’s wilful approach to herd immunity, which has cost the lives of 179 000 people unnecessarily, when there were other political choices open to the Cabinet, rather than using care homes as COVID mortuaries.

If you agree, please sign, share and support this project by Professor Joshua Silver and myself.

If we succeed, it will be the first time that the people have prosecuted a Prime Minister. This is not a pipedream. It is a well-researched project that could succeed, with sufficient backing. 

Sign, Share across all social media.  E-mail or message at least 10 people and ask them to do the same.  Deliver us from Johnson. Click on the image and / or the press release to Jail Johnson.

Jail Johnson
Peter Cook 
09 Feb 2022

Jail Johnson Press Release
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