Here’s a roundup of the whirlwind trail of news from Brexit land.

Praise the Lord – we have a failed Australian PM as a UK post Brexit trade negotiator! Tony Abbott is a known racist, climate change denier and misogynist. As such he fits in perfectly in our culture wars where rape is not a suspendable offence if you are a Tory MP. Liz Truss, Minister for Women and Equalities, defended Mr Abbott and dodged bullets about his background by seeming to suggest that things done outside of Britain somehow do not count when selecting senior people to handle our affairs.

Meanwhile, the blame game continues with senior resignations in Ofqual whilst Government Ministers who made the decisions re schools remain in post. It rather seems that the new role of the Civil Service is for people to throw themselves on swords as and when needed. Sally Collier resigned with a package of £1 million which should be enough to buy some rolls of gaffa tape to seal her mouth from telling any unfortunate truths.

Brexit mostly delivers pain as we are now beginning to discover with revelations of power cuts and water supply problems to come. But it also provides occasional uplifting moments and I’m pleased to announce that Brexit has provided the name of our latest musical venture. “Mutant Algorithm” will release their first song “Britastrophe” soon.

It is always useful in business to take a moment to understand how others see us. In this case the Germans have even managed to parody their past in relation to our Ministry of Silly Brexit Walks

And in case any of you are still wondering how Brexit is going, it’s going well if you are a hedge fund manager as all instability leads to possible gains if you work the money markets. Some £8 billion have been bet on Brexit since 2016. Our own national debt has just topped £2 TRILLION. That’s £3000 per person in the UK. We are still asking what the benefits are. We do however know who will pay for Brexit … of course it will be the people. It seems that there are moves afoot to get rid of the triple lock on pensions, a Tory Party manifesto promise from just 9 months ago. Pensioners, many of whom voted for Brexit, will have to pay for it, or possibly die from COVID with Johnson’s plans for a double whammy of Corona, Brexit, Flu and Floods this winter. Still they voted for it and I’m sure lashings of “Bulldog Spirit” will help to stomach the losses …

In March 2020, I made some predictions about the UK in August. Turns out I was mostly right – here they are for the record … Brexit is a big mistake in the wake of COVID. Keep writing to your MP to demand a suspension of Brexit.

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I’d rather have Aussie rock band Men at Work in charge than the current crop of fools. At least they understood that BREX – it’s a mistake …


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