I met a Latvian anti-Brexit sports therapist in the sauna today. Got a free consultation and some very good advice on my rehabilitation after the near death experience after hitting a lorry travelling at 50 mph on my bicycle. As well as the advice on my recovery, we had a wonderful conversation about the sheer stupidity of the British people and the gentle art of Brexorcism. I live in a 70% Brexity area. Racism is high on the list of reasons for voting Brexit and a good number of my ‘clients’ are in a state of ‘Bregret’, although some do not know quite how to say it, especially if they are high testosterone overweight males. The sauna acts as some kind of non-secular confessional box.

The social contract in a sauna prevents escalation of difficult conversations with Brexiteers in my experience. Quite a different setting to a pub or cafe. Once again, I’m finding that being nearly naked disarms even the most ardent Brexiteers in my area. I have had lots of difficult conversations with some of them this last week whilst healing my broken bones.

DISCLAIMER : The cover picture is not representative of the clientele in the sauna in Strood! Nor will you meet Johnson naked in my local sauna!

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