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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Russia Today

In March 2019, Parliament’s Intelligence Committee finished an investigation into Russian interference in British politics.  Their report is controversial since the subject matter includes a major Russian operation in 2016 supporting Brexit, the flow of Russian money into British politics, particularly to the Tories. and the attendance of senior Tories, including  Johnson and  Dominic Cummings at events held by the ‘Conservative Friends of Russia’. This group was founded by Nabolin, a London based diplomat who has been linked to  Russian foreign intelligence. Cummings also worked  in Russia between 1994 and 1997, and may have met figures in Russian politics, intelligence and security.

Johnson prevented the Committee publishing its report before the General Election and then delayed renconvening it.  No 10 worked hard to  install a compliant stooge as chairman – former minister  ‘Failing Grayling’, so-called for his many failures whilst in office. Despite their efforts, opposition MPs on the committee persuaded a Tory, Julian Lewis, former chair of the defence select committee, to take the chair instead. Johnson and Cummings reacted by expelling Lewis from the Tory party.

Lewis has lost no time in publishing the report. Johnson immediately rejected the committee’s call for an intelligence report into “potential interference in the EU referendum”, insisting the government had seen “no evidence” of such meddling. SNP committee member Stewart Hosie said there was no evidence because the government “did not want to know”. This is not surprising, given Johnson’s own Russian contacts and his need to support the flimsy credibility of the referendum. Rather than face the Russian threat, Tory governments placed party unity, and appeasing extremist Tory Brexiteers over the interests of Britain as a whole and the prosperity of its citizens. Meanwhile the Russian Ambassador, Alexander Yakovenko, returned to Moscow last year to be decorated by Putin. He is said to have remarked:

“We have crushed the British to the ground. They are on their knees and will not rise for a very long time.”

Write to your MP Call for Brexit to be suspended pending a full investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 referendums and elections in general


It seems that Leave voters elected to “take back control” of the UK for the following reasons:

So an unelected technocrat could run the country (Dominic Cummings)?

So Russian oligarchs could infiltrate our institutions and spread communism through the country?

So that our NHS could be sold off? Yesterday Parliament voted against protecting the NHS from foreign control in case you missed this amidst stories of a 3 year old baby in a 3 month old baby’s skin.

Answers on a postcard please.

Today we take to Parliament to ask for Brexit to be suspended in the wake of Russian interference in elections and other matters. Be there, or write to your MP to ask them to do the same.

Our activism is not supported in any way. Please support our work to Re-Boot Britain via Rage Against The Brexit Machine

A “Britastrophe”

Britastrophe Tour in Leeds – by Daphne Franks

It’s great that some Remainers are still raging against Brexit.   I am one of them, but I know some who are politely sighing and saying “ah well, it’s over, that’s Brexit done, we’ve left the EU, tut tut, what a shame, that’s the next fifty years and our children’s future gone, but hey we tried.”

So it was brilliant to join Leeds for Europe and Bradford for Europe in the Britastrophe Tour protest outside the Art Gallery in the centre of Leeds on Saturday.  There were about fifty socially-distanced people there waving EU flags and banners, such as “109,000 Leeds Jobs at Risk from a No-Deal Brexit”.  I held a placard reading “One Crisis at a Time” which I think is an excellent point – who needs the total uncertainty of Brexit on top of a global pandemic with the Government’s muddly messages that “there may be a second wave coming this winter” neatly contrasted with “it will all be over by Christmas!” Read the report by The Yorkshire Post – Britain’s most trusted newspaper.

We very much enjoyed listening to Peter Cook’s anti-Brexit songs – my favourite lyric was the rewrite of “Another Brick in the Wall” as “Another Prick in the Mall”.  Afterwards we marched up The Headrow passing many people who were giving us a thumbs up and some police asking what it was about – though the banners, I felt, did give something of a hint.

Just one bloke decided to make what I think was supposed to be the noise of a sheep at us – which is interesting, since I consider any “sheep” to be the ones who have been mindlessly chanting “Get Brexit Done” and “Leave Means Leave” without knowing anything about what the results might be.

I live in Skipton and enjoyed meeting the Leeds for Europe people there – it was a well-organised and heartening event, and got a good write-up in the Yorkshire Post.  It was good to know that there are other people who are not prepared to sit back and simply sigh as the destruction of Brexit slips through.

The Britastrophe Tour makes its final stops at Worcester St Andrew’s Spire (10.30) and Eastnor Castle (12.00) today. To those that have asked if we can visit them to give talks or musical performances with the Bollocks to Brexit Mini, the answer is yes, but the project needs support via “Let’s Re-Boot Britain“.

Oh yes, and where’s the Russia report? We accessed a secret copy below. Read the details …

Eyesight tests

So we went to Barnard Castle from Durham to get our eyesight checked. Sadly we forgot that the four year old child in our care was locked in the car whilst we performed and “Baby Dom” expired, due to our not leaving the windows open. I guess Cummings and Boris Johnson would see that as part of herd immunity …

We also had a piece in the Yorkshire Post – the most trusted newspaper in Britian see Henry Moore Art Institute

We are considering continuing the tour if there is demand – see Go Fund Me to help us continue the work.

We also seek writers to contribute to this platform, both in terms of scholarly articles and Op Ed pieces as well as more populist / short pithy pieces to reach outside the bubble. Please e-mail us your details at

Write to your MP to explain the dangerous consequences of Corona + Brexit = a Britastrophe


Arrested development … How did Chris Grayling come to be rejected by the intelligence committee in a rigged election? We look back for some clues …

Chris Grayling - School Report Aged 9