If you think that politicians are all the same, think again. Please vote for Gina Miller’s True and Fair party in the Mid Beds by-election today. The candidate Alan Victor is NOT a politician and therefore does not come from the broken political system in Westminster which caused this election.

Alan has lived and worked in the area for 30 years, so he’s not just arrived on the patch. Importantly, he has worked in corporate life as well as a Director of several charities, responsible for delivering caring services in and around the constituency.

Vote for better politics and politicians

This by-election is a unique opportunity to elect someone who will put the people of Mid Bedfordshire before petty party politics. True and Fair are committed to ending Brexit and the unfair FPTP system. Crucially they are taking votes from disaffected Tories who want more compassionate and caring politics. Find out more about the policies of the True and Fair party, started by Gina Miller in the wake of a decline in our fortunes, socially, economically, environmentally and politically.

If you think that truth, trust, transparency and fairness are badly needed in our broken politics, give Alan a chance to serve you. If he obtains sufficient votes this will send a powerful message to Westminster that “Enough is Enough”. It will also send all the parties a wake up call that they need to rethink their attitude to Brexit carnage and it’s offspring in broken Britain. If you think that we must vote Labour, just remember that they remain a Brexit party and show no signs of wanting political reform in a binary duopoly. The Lib Dems also offer a mealy mouthed view on Brexit. Read more at Mad Nads and Red Blue Brexit.

If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got

Here’s what one Mid Beds’ constituent had to say about Alan Victor and the importance of truth and fairness in politics.

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