People say, what’s the point of writing to MPs? Well, other people read the letters. It informs their views on whether they are going to lose elections and so on. Everything counts. Here’s a cracker from one of our team. Please use of modify the letter to write to your MP. Find your MP email address at Write to Them.

Dear Ms Whately,

The Sue Gray report has now been published, so I would now like to hear your thoughts.on the matter.

We knew before the report was issued that the rules that applied to the general population were completely ignored by the PM.

It now turns out that the extent of rule breaking was far worse than originally thought.

We, the UK population, now know with absolute certainty that the PM is a liar, so I want to know if he has your continued support?

If you do still support him, I would like to know why? I sincerely hope that you don’t, as this will make you complicit in the corruption and law-breaking.

The PM has said he will not resign, so do you think that a fine from the police for his law-breaking is an appropriate consequence for his actions?

I hope I get something better than a stock reply from you. This is important, and a whitewash of what has been happening at the heart of our government is unacceptable.

As my elected MP, your integrity is under very close scrutiny.

Yours sincerely

Dr. Bob

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