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Brexshit Bonus

Yet another Brexit freedom has emerged. We are to be free to dump more shit in our rivers. Previously, we were tethered to those pesky EU standards for clean beaches  and rivers. Read The Guardian article for more details. Rather than levelling up after Brexit, we are quite literally shitting on our own doorstep. Are you still happy about Brexit and its false promises? Planning to swim with your kids in a river of Brexshit with Therese Coffey who points out that “it’s just a bit of poo”. Granted there are many more things to think about at the moment but (a) our Government has turned a blind eye to these and (b) urgency is not a reason to let important standards drop.

Liz Truss Brexshit
Brexshit Broke Britain

I wrote a song which foreshadowed the problem a year ago called Tory Brexit Scum. Check the PG rated video out below.

Tory Brexit Scum – Country and Western Punk Rock : PG rated.

Somewhat coincidentally, Crispin Blunt and Jeremy Hunt feature in the song along with some other rhymes. Jeremy Hunt is rumoured to be about to leave the Tory party before having to face losing his seat. As for Crispin Blunt, time will tell …

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Sunakered one year on

We are Sunakered on the anniversary of Rishi Sunak’s unelected reign. Don Adamson reports from his Brexit bunker in Barnsley.

This week’s homework

Discuss the following statement: David Frost has been described as the most over promoted person in the country. This was true of Frost when the Foreign Office appointed him ambassador.

This week’s quotes:

They look around them and despair …

every country in the world except UK can see that the future is green … Brexit has been as much help as a hole in the head … this government has been in office for 13 years … made things worse for wealth makers … UK manufacturers think tax and regulatory system is worse than France Italy or Germany … UK’s system is worse than Communist China … EU regulations were to be abolished, now being retained … not a fanciful list of impossible, costly demands … just a matter of having a reliable, simple and consistent set of rules … not asking for much … infrastructure worse than ten years ago … quite an achievement but Tories managed it … want better roads, better internet, better national grid … start connecting to wind farms, solar panels and other green projects … better access to skilled labour … the shambles the government has made … that the government cannot to six months without fiddling the tax system is ridiculous …  British industry is already beating a path to the Labour Party … 

Read Faulty Towers

Britain is locked in a cycle that costs a lot and delivers little …

Britain takes only the tiniest fraction of the world’s asylum seekers … sending to Rwanda … now planning to send British prisoners overseas … desperation of government … systematic crisis in justice system … nothing in criminal justice works any more … police catch and charge half as many culprits as seven years ago … serious cases take years to come to trial …sometimes causing cases to collapse … probation service still on its knees after a botched privatisation and renationalisation … prisons worse than all the rest … only one out of 37 men’s prisons found to be good with all the rest failing … hopelessly overcrowded … prison is falling on all fronts … costs £45,000 to imprison somebody, when they come out they return to crime and create more victims of crime … a huge failure of the political and media class … benefits nobody … 

Labour has got itself into a mess over Brexit

Labour was the original Eurosceptic party … opposing entry in 1970 ,,, holding a referendum on EU membership in 1976 … grotesque fusion of anti –EU sentiment on the Labour left with all the newly emboldened Eurosceptics on the Tory right … Nigel Garbage and Johnson mendaciously  exploited … Labour’s embrace of Thatcherism under Blair and Brown meant that short term city interests were prioritised over an effective long term strategy … inevitable consequence was the North-South divide … Labour under Keith Starmer has committed itself to a notably hard Brexit … : no customs union, no single market and no freedom of movement … comes at a very considerable cost … If Labour wins the 2014 election its Brexit policy will accelerate UK decline … Britain’s international standing will be further undermined … this is what Labour is asking us to vote for … 

Read Red Blue Brexit

Keith Starmer’s success will be ‘measured by the enthusiasm he can generate and the activism he can mobilise’

… good luck with that: you cannot achieve either of those things from inside a bunker designed to keep out ideas, enthusiasm and creative agency … 

As they push further right Tories are finished

Scant regard for truth or accuracy, constant blame shifting despite 13 years in office … invoking of scapegoats and fictitious bogeymen … Tories no longer even pretend to embody the virtues it once attributed to itself …such as fiscal probity, accountability to taxpayers or a business friendly environment… looks increasingly like a bear pit of extremists, cranks and mediocrities … incapable of exercising its duty to the nation or taking the slightest responsibility for the damage it has done … it needs to go …

Read Pay as EU go


India provides a happier example … a continent sized country, its boom is fuelled by internal migration … many travel from the poor north to the more prosperous south and west, to seize new opportunities and, increasingly to take those vacated by the south’s aging workforce … an illustration of what an unfettered work force can do … a lesson for governments everywhere …

The problem with conference speeches is that they have two audiences 

… one is the party the other is the wider public … those in the hall are often an odd lot … Tory members turn up dressed like extras from an Evelyn Hall adaptation, brogues, bow ties and signet rings … Labour delegates have pink hair, tote bags, tattoos …


… the struggle with aging…. successful countries have stabilised their birth rate, brought in immigrants to enrich their economies, encouraged  workers to stay on in their 60s and got men to do their share of care work at home so women can tap their economic potential … Making deals with unsavoury partners and non democracies is an ugly but necessary part of foreign policy. It is an entirely different matter when it does not even work.

Brexit was basically a pack of lies

… horrendous … made a mess of everything … return to EU now inevitable … sticking plasters on Brexit not enough … 

Read Brexit has failed

Tax is not taxing for Tories

… Labour Party demanding to know if Tories were aware of HMRC investigations in Bamford’s tax affairs as they trousered £10M in donations from him … Since Scumbag became PM Bamford has not put a penny the way of the national party. ‘Anthony was incandescent when Scumbag knifed his mate Johnson ‘… Scumbag is said to regard Bamford as ‘pompous and self important’ … Bamford paid the bill for Johnson’s wedding party … subsidised the newlywed’s accommodation … 

Rachel Reeves

… Fiscal responsibility is not negotiable … the ‘big if’ is whether Labour can make that work …  Brexit has flat lined growth. Global instability means all governments face permanently high borrowing costs. Britain’s economic model means taxes are at their highest level ever just to keep dysfunctional public services afloat … we cannot borrow and spend our way out … Truss fiasco has added credibility to Britain’s borrowing costs … Will it work? Labour needs to be honest about the potential obstacles…British Construction Industry … zero raised their hands to the question ‘Who thinks Brexit is going well for British industry’ … the need for economic and political stability … the total lack of it  under the 5 PM, 13 year ABC shambles of Austerity, Brexit and Cock-ups …

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GB News 

… lunacy, delusion, poisonous, culture war ranting… some of the very worst people in British public life … not only vile but dangerous… 

Tory Party 

… witless use of power and determination to keep their hands on the chainsaw … … held power for 13 years … chains awed  UK membership of EU … rare example of a country placing long term economic sanctions on itself … xenophobia … proud but useless independence … based around unthinking hatred for foreigners … country is fed up with a government that has no social, moral or environmental agenda … politicians are involved in a nastiness competition to see who can be the most beastly … who needs clean air .. who cares if children can walk safely to school … do voters want their neighbourhoods organised for the benefit of people passing though it … who cares about evidence … voters want to hear that everything is splendid so let’s pretend it is … 

Don Adamson Pip Pip             Medway Delta Retired Brexorcist and Saboteur First Class

Oven ready

Deceptive Bends

Professor Anand Menon recently published a paper for UK in a Changing Europe (UKICE) stating that there was no political advantage for Labour or Conservatives in focusing on Brexit as an election issue. I know Anand, having met and spoken with him at events on quite a few occasions. As a fellow academic, this gives me the right to challenge him. I’m sorry mate, but you have confused political expediency with political leadership. Let me explain:

UK in a changing Europe’s research states that neither the Conservatives nor Labour stand to gain much from focusing on Brexit. We know that the word Brexit has gone out of circulation, primarily because (a) hardly any of the political parties want to talk about Brexit and many have demonised party members from even uttering the word (b) the media has a virtual blackout on the word Brexit, preferring ‘global factors’ as a euphemism for the lived experience of the British Brexit people (c) many families and friend circles do not wish to reopen the toxic conversations that characterised the Brexit referendum. It’s a particularly English condition to sweep difficult conversations under the carpet. But, and it’s a very BIG BUT

Not talking about Brexit does not make Brexit go away

Leaving the Brexit conversation undone is what therapists call ‘unfinished business’ or ‘closure’, rather like an angry boil that is left to fester. Unless the Brexit boil is popped, it will continue to haunt families with its puss for a generation. UKICE have of course published many fine articles and studies that point out that Brexit is far from done, with many further ‘bumps in the road’ to come. This is why a new conversation about Brexit and Europe is needed. Also why I advocate an active rather than a passive approach to difficult conversations about Europe and Brexit (a passive approach is simply waiting for granny and grandad Brexit to die). This is what I call ‘Brexorcism‘.

Brexorcism unplugged.

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Brexit’s offspring are being talked about

Whilst mentioning the B word may not be a vote winner according to Menon, all the ‘offspring’ of Brexit are being talked about as voter priorities. Like it or loathe it, all of the issues on our Brexit iceberg have their roots, fully or partly in Brexit.

The Brexit Iceberg
All of these electoral issues have their roots wholly or partly in Brexit. Menon is wrong in his analysis.
Menon concludes ‘meh’. I conclude that this is sloppy analysis by UKICE.

Political expediency versus political leadership

Menon is right from UKICE polling data that it may not be politically expedient to mention Brexit. Expediency is not importance however. Two things occur to me:

Firstly and most importantly, political leadership is not about constantly responding to polls about the here and now. This is in effect driving through the rear view mirror. Leadership is about synthesising long-term decisions and short term actions to lead people towards better futures. OK, of course I realise that UKICE is not OK Magazine, but I feel that Menon has conflated expediency with leadership. As a leader, Keir Starmer et al. should be in the business of explaining the connections between our ‘Brexitberg’ elements (NHS collapse, cost of living, migration, UK stagnation, business collapse, lost trade, friction, food shortages, sector specific staff shortages, brain drain etc.) with Brexit. Starmer has stated that he wants to deal with root causes and not symptoms of our problems. Brexit is at the heart of Britain’s decline.

Secondly, snapshots are just that. A snapshot in time. I recall that Menon was first talking about this research at a UKICE event way back in 2022. The focus groups were conducted in Brendan Clarke-Smith’s constituency of Brexity Bassetlaw, Thurrock and Lee Anderson’s constituency of Ashfield !!! This knocks the qualitative findings out of the park in terms of validity. What possessed Public First aka Britain First in choosing these areas and not a mixed sample? And why did UKICE decide to use them for this research? The quantitative poll of 4005 people is now nearly 6 months out of date, so the dataset is also of dubious value. We are nearly at the point where 2/3 of the population accept that Brexit has failed and within striking distance of 70%

Bassetlaw, Thurrock and Ashfield are not representative !!!

Leaders synthesise long-term decisions and short term actions for better futures

Yes, people in Bassetlaw and Thurrock can argue that Brexit realities are the fault of the Tories not being Brexity enough (although I’m at a loss to understand how much more Brexity Johnson, Truss and Sunak’s puppet cabinet could have been), or that Remainers have ‘thwarted’ a true Brexit (I never knew I had so much power, having been ignored by MPs on all sides etc.). Nobody knows or agrees on what a true Brexit would have been and certainly an immediate exit via WTO would have left us with a 10-12% GDP deficit compared with the 4.5% we currently have. This would have been catastrophic. I predict that we will soon reach a point where 70% of people accept that Brexit has failed, even if the B word has been airbrushed out of public discourse. People are not stupid and, like it or not, Brexit and the offspring of Brexit will remain on or under the table as election issues, especially if people keep the conversation going about Brexit. Learn how to do it here:

Learn the skills of Brexorcism here.

Why this matters

In my humble opinion, Menon is feeding Remainers and Rejoiners a false narrative. Having met Anand quite a few times, I sense he is at best a fence sitter on the subject of Brexit in order to keep in with his politicos on both sides of the debate such as David Frost and others. Some tell me that he is a closet Brexiteer, which would explain his misleading conclusions from the research.

The not so secret Labour ‘promise’ to look at Brexit again in 2032 is also another unicorn designed to put Remainers and Rejoiners to sleep. See Faulty Towers for more on Labour’s disingenuous Brexit strategy. Sorry Anand, I expect better from a professor who should know the difference between political expediency and political leadership. I look forward to a conversation about the matter.

Not grasping the nettle. Sir Keir Starmer. Image by P Paton.

Faulty Towers

I’ll keep this simple. Labour insiders tell me that Keir Starmer will ‘get round’ to rejoining the EU in 2032 when nobody’s looking. Here’s why this is a unicorn to placate Labour ideologues and silence debate. It is 2023 now. Cast your mind forward 9 years ….

By 2032, few will remember what Brexit was, let alone care to do anything about it

Even in 2023 Brexit has disappeared from the news cycle and from public discourse. The poor attendance of around 5000 at the Rejoin march is an indicator of ‘Learned Helplessness’ and ‘Brexit fatigue’ amongst the general public, who either believe that Brexit is done or that we can’t do anything about it. Climate denial, bully dogs, ULEZ, mythical meat taxes, Holly Willoughby, potholes, HS2 and a stream of Tory gaslighting has effectively clogged the media channels and occupied the minds of people who are attracted to the next shiny bright object in the news. We fall for it every time.

By 2032, Horizon type deals and other ‘mini pay as EU go’ deals will reduce the pool of people who still think that Brexit is an issue

See our article Pay as EU go for more on Rishi Sunak’s strategy to pick single issues off one at a time and thus dilute the community of people interested in the underlying issue of Brexit.

By 2032, the damage of Brexit will be complete, much of it irreversible, thus little point in rejoining

For example, once the car industry leaves Britain due to rules of origin issues, they will not rush back just because a rejoin strategy is in place. Business relocations are big decisions etc. By 2027 our premier position in financial services will have declined as companies relocate or take key staff out of Brexit Britain. And so on. Like a chemical reaction, some are irreversible. Labour know all of this but fail to act. Even Prof Anand Menon is making excuses for Keir Starmer based on ‘here and now’ research. The word Brexit may have been silenced by all the political parties, media and people not wishing to re-open family wounds but all the products of Brexit are being talked about per our Brexit iceberg. Importantly, Brexit won’t go away if we keep not talking about it. It will remain a festering sore in many families for a generation until ‘gran and grandad Brexit’ have spun off this mortal coil.

The Brexit Iceberg
The Brexit Iceberg.

By 2032 the EU may well have worked around us

This is not an insignificant point. Although there is value on both sides from rejoining at this time, there will be precious little socio-economic capital in the EU accepting us back in 2032. Just the much larger asset of political capital for the EU … they would be able to day that “the prodigal son returned”. However, the EU may well have speeded up accession of other nations seeking to join and may feel that Brexit Britain are just not worth the trouble. As a business person I fully understand that sometimes people choose the easier paths rather than the more difficult ones.

By 2032, our divergence from EU standards will make it technically more difficult to rejoin

Although this is perhaps the smallest issue, it makes the whole matter less tractable and politicians prefer to do easy things rather than difficult things.

The time is now. Join the True and Fair party

Only the True and Fair party have a clear position on Brexit in England. See Rejoin the EU.

Write to your Labour MP with the above points. The long game began with Jeremy Corbyn. It must end NOW.

From the Vault – Lib Dem conference feat Madeleina Kay and Steve Bray
Rishi 2.0

Rishi 2.0

The Tufton Street gang have decided to genetically reformat Rishi Sunak to help him win an election. The ‘battleship grey’ Rishi 1.0 was at least built on the solid foundations of Sunak’s dull technocratic self to calm down politics. Rishi 1.0 had to deal with two crises:

Boris Johnson’s negligent killings of old people via his herd immunity fallacy, his “oven ready Brexit” deal which is burnt to a crisp, gross spaffing of our money on failed vanity projects, a tsunami of cronyism, gross lies and excuses and, of course, the Partygate scandals whilst people were forced to let their loved ones die alone, including the Queen.

Liz Truss’ wilful destruction of the economy in one weekend, adding thousands of pounds per year irreversibly to mortgages, billions to our national debt and a total loss of confidence in the UK plc on the world stage.

Cue Rishi 2.0, the radical reinvention from bland to ‘exciting’. Sunak’s ‘mum’ aka Akshata Murty launched Rishi’s reformatting at the Tory party conference, in order to curry favour from Tory faithful. With support from the warmup act Penny Morduant aka Alana Partridge, who managed the dubious accolade of saying “stand up and fight” 12 times in 80 seconds, although nobody was sure why, who with, when, where or with what.

Rishi 2.0 – What’s in store?

‘Radical Rishi 2.0‘ will be tough on society and tough on the causes of society. Fierce with the 99% of wokeists, leftists, left luggage attendents, left handed bankers, left leaning journalists, centrists, greenies, hippies, commies, liberals, snowflakes, members of the London Assembly, forins, doctors, train drivers, nurses, social workers, teachers, farmers, fishermen, firemen, train drivers, trainspotters, comedians, LGBTQIA+, judges et al. In fact everyone that does not sign up to the Tory fascist agenda. Here are some of the policies which Rishi 2.0 will likely hint at in the coming months, slightly exaggerated for fun. Of course he will actually do nothing about any of them:

Rishi 2.0
Rishi 2.0 Part I.

Running through some of the Rishi 2.0 bullet points above:

On Thursday Sunak aligned himself with Italian fascist Georgia Meloni, to build a desperate consensus around his “Stop the Boats” campaign. However, Brexit Britain will be regarded as international pariahs if we leave the ECHR as a piece of Brexit grandstanding. Twinned with North Korea and Russia.

It sounds frivolous to suggest that model railway company Hornby should run the railways, but clearly a Government that does not know whether the rail link has been built to Manchester airport is not fit to commission rail projects using £ billions of our taxes. The HS2 fiasco has cost £91 billion of taxpayers’ money.

Check out CPC 2023 by clicking on Thomas.

As with Johnson, the devil is in the detail with Sunak. Having announced that HS2 will go to Euston at CPC 2023, the truth is that this will only happen with private investment to build the line from Old Oak Common to Euston. If I were an investor at this point in the cycle I’d not be up for investing in a railway that could be cancelled in a few years’ time after an election.

Rishi 2.0
Rishi 2.0 Part II.

The distraction of a new British educational qualification almost literally concretes over the problems of crumbling schools. Rishi is trying to gaslight us away from the problems of RAAC by introducing the ABS (Absolute Bullshitter Sunak / Advanced British Standard) qualification to replace A and T Levels. You fool no-one Rishi.

RAAC and Roll
Gillian Keegan – concreting over education problems.

Will Rishi cancel the triple lock for pensioners as the new hard man of the Tory party? Time will tell. So far, it is more of the same with Jeremy Hunt targeting the most vulnerable with his next set of cuts. But the pensioners could well be next as a new cash cow. After all, I guess that Lee Anderson would ask what is the point of them being alive if they won’t vote Conservative? In any case, I guess Anderson believes that pensioners can live on 30p a day.

The Times

Levelling up proves to be a project about levelling roads, with 25% of the £36 billion ‘windfall’ from HS2 going to fill potholes. This may help to fill election leaflets in MP constituencies but is hardly a demonstration of Rishi Sunak’s so-called claim of “long term decisions for a brighter future“.

Manchester Evening News

Clearly the Tories love the distraction of XL Bully dogs to stop people thinking of more important matters. Nonetheless I doubt we’ll see The Police employing them to patrol the streets, but anything is possible given recent lies about meat tax and 15 minute cities.

Finally, Robert Jenrick has suggested that we must breed more children to cope with the need for more carers for old people. I imagine that Boris Johnson is ready as CIO (Chief Insemination Officer).

Daily Maul

Will Rishi 2.0 succeed?

Highly doubtful – Tufton Street have no idea about personality change, as they are people without personalities. Leopards and spots etc. Rishi Sunak’s speech to CPC 2023 was pretty much his usual “Blue Peter” style of delivery and the excitement of all the promises has been shown to be a pack of lies within a day. CPC 2023 looked like a wake for a dying brand. I guess Tufton Street could tell Sunak to work on his image rather than his content. Perhaps some pink flashes in his hair, flairs to give him more appeal to youth or at least trousers that reach his ankles? Or maybe a beard to make him look a bit more radical / risky?

Risky Sunak – a dying beard?

You can’t take the bore out of bland

You can’t take the Rishi out of the Sunakered

Join the True and Fair party

The room next door ….



Don Adamson reports the news that the Brexit media refuse to print from his Brexit bunker in Barnsley.

This week’s homework

One – discuss the following statement. – Compare Rupert Murdoch’s conduct in the matter of Brexit with the conduct of Josef Goebbels in the matter of Nazi war crimes. Is the only real difference that at least Goebbels had the decency to predict the trial verdict? 

Suella Braverman Priti Patel
Dreams of drowning children.

Two – Why do Russian spies spend so much time and effort trying to steal British secrets? Putain likes the Tory Party so much he bought it. These Tories will tell Putain anything he wants to know?

Brexit and Russia
Brexit and Russia

Three – Discuss the following statement. Princess Anne presided at the awards ceremony when Grease Bogg was dubbed knight. Persistent rumour states that he late Queen would show her displeasure at controversial honours and awards by refusing to attend the awards ceremony and to get somebody else to dish out the gongs. Awards do not get much more controversial than a knighthood for Grease Bogg. Would it have been appropriate if King Charles had demanded that Prince Andrew should have been deputed to confer the knighthood on Grease Bogg? 

Four – ‘Cock of the North’ is the nickname awarded to Henry Percy, son and heir of the Duke of Northumberland. Some years ago the BBC did a series of Shakespearean plays. They got Sean Connery to play Young Percy. At least that was better than giving the part to some upper class twit from RADA. Would ‘C**t of the South’ be an appropriate nickname for Johnson? 

This week’s quotes

Richy Scumbag’s anti green turn 

… feebler goals will raise uncertainties, deter investors and probably not win votes …  if Richy Scumbag hopes that attacking Labour’s green plans is a way to turn around the polling figure, then he is almost certainly wrong…. his hotch potch of delays is likely to deter investors, making it harder to cut the price of technologies; that will raise the costs paid by consumers … the immediate consequence will be questions over Britain’s commitment to emissions targets and uncertainty for business … it is stable long term policies that drive down the costs of new technologies … more delays will not help Richy Scumbag …  without clear regulation the market will take longer to grow, costs will be slower to fall … how businesses  should plan if we tear up key planks of government policy … pollsters are sceptical that greenery is a strong wedge issue for Scumbag … rowing back on commitments looks more likely to divide his own voters … across all parties voters are likelier to say the government should do more, not less on climate ….

Times have been tough for British workers 

…; price rises outpacing wage growth … until recently Brits enjoyed access to the cheapest food in Europe…. inflation is uncomfortably high … a faster pace of price rises than is found in USA, France or Germany, 

A year ago financial markets gave Britain a fright …

after Thick Lizzie’s new government unveiled a growth plan that involved £45B of annual, unfunded tax cuts … cavalier approach sent yields on gilts spiralling and the pound plummeting to its lowest level against the dollar …  Thick Lizzie’s 49 days in office, were the briefest of any PM … Britain is still paying a ‘moron risk premium’ … Tory party is still reeling … Tory deficit to Labour is close to 20 points in the polls. Tory reputation for economic competence is shattered … Thick Lizzie shows little contrition…

Just remember what Truss and Hunt did in 2022.

Russell Brand is the symbol of a cruel, misogynistic and politically vacant era 

…several women have accused Brand of sexual assault and rape … an investigation by the Sunday Times and Channel 4 revealed two decades of misogynistic behaviour ranging from criminality to the harassment of junior staff the bulk of the coverage regurgitates behaviour Brand once bragged about and which was blithely accepted by media executives, politicians and viewers … he boasted about his predilections for ‘them blowjobs where the mascara runs a little bit … the most chilling allegations are the claims that Brand sexually assaulted a teenager with a BBC car picking up the car from school … by 2014 Brand had evolved into a wannabe politico … it was not the misogyny was unknown it was that it did not matter … the media bosses who coddled Brand and the politicians who sucked up to him now dismiss him as an exception rather than the norm …. He was not an aberration. The audio of Brand trying to arrange a meeting with Jimmy Savile, who was later revealed as a serial rapist, by offering to let him see his assistant naked sounds like a surreal parody …  … beggars belief … Censorious and puritanical attitudes that are prominent today exist as a reaction to  the excesses of a previous era … 

Conservative politicians in Europe are pitting migrants against babies 

… no EU country is producing enough babies to sustain its population … populists pit the fight for babies and the one against migration as two sides of the same coin …this is utterly crackers …  those risking their lives in small boats have not been consulting fertility tables …. 

A century after it controlled a vaster empire than the world has ever seen, today, Britain is less influential than it has been in living memory  

… it has a diminished military force and has separated from its biggest market, Europe had always been far more important than the empire … EU hope to be the promised land in the digital realm … EU laws, particularly digital ones tend to become global standards … the Brussels effect … governments around the world have adapted the law to make trade with EU easier … EU represents one of the world’s biggest markets …  tech giants must follow its rules … The Tory Party has one over-arching aim: to win elections. On some occasions, the prevailing views of the electorate might mean that he broader ambitions may be accommodated under that arch, but the extent, to which the party would, in pursuit of victory, be prepared to ditch apparently key policies or adopt those that had previously seemed untenable, should never be underestimate. … Mammoth efforts will be put into dredging up ideas that will get Tory voters salivating. Policies that might lift the UK out of the difficulties in which it now finds itself are of lesser importance … Tory Conference is likely to be filled with Mail pleasing messages … Richy Scumbag is no different from Johnson in his willingness to pander to right wing factions …. yet Johnson is not going to make it easy for Scumbag … Johnson still has the hearts of many Tory voters in a way that Richy Scumbag never will … Dynamics of the Tory conference have changed … party membership has been decimated … increasingly the lack of membership at conference has been compensated for by businesses keen to cosy up to politician and pay heavily for the privilege. This year the Tory party may struggle to attract many of them … businesses may reason there is little point in investing in an outgoing government….  Tory Party has become a club with limited membership… Scumbag and Co will use every weapon they can to persuade voters it is the club they must support…

In one of the most Tory areas in the country I said that Richy Scumbag was not as big a liar as Johnson and not as utterly useless as Thick Lizzie

I engaged the audience in show of hands questions…. Hands up if you think Brexit is going well … zero hands… 

Nobody knows what Richy Scumbag stands for 

… an advocate of low taxes and spending who has increased taxes and spending… promised to protect the environment and pushed back on targets that would do that  …Scumbag cannot cut taxes … the economy is too weak and government deficit too large … mammoth cost of losing frictionless trade with our biggest markets …. He is sacrificing prosperity and jobs to Brexiters … he must be seen to be leading a government that is competent and trustworthy …  Scumbags’ latest Yougov rating is minus 45 … failed to rescue his government from Johnson’s melodrama and Thick Lizzie’s catastrophe … his problem is not just that so many of his targets will be missed … failed to make things better and will have broken specific promises … Scumbag lacks a distinctive ideology and a capacity to inspire… Tory Party’s inability to stick with a PM is costing us dear £18,660 severance pay that Johsnon and thick Lizzie pocketed – not to mention the £115,000 a year all former PMs get … inflation busting £300,000 increase at Chequers (PM’s country cottage) … 

In 2019 BC obediently covered Nigel Garbage’s pitifully attended march as it set off from Sunderland

…. tens of thousands on the Rejoin march on 23 September not mentioned by the BBC  … it was as if they had been told not to talk about us … pathetic … thousands of Lib Dems boycotted the first day of their own conference to attend the march … overseas broadcasters covered the event…. ‘We will march each year till Britain Rejoins ‘… Fundamental problem executives at the Mail have with Johnson is that he regards his £1M 2 year’s contract as money in the bank… With no incentive to break stories or say anything remotely interesting … if you want to read anything remotely interesting about Johnson you will not find it in the paper that pays him…

Don Adamson Pip Pip             Medway Delta (Retired)          Brexorcist and Saboteur First Class


CPC 2023

CPC 2023 : Conservative Party Chaos 2023

Our front page of today’s Telegravda covers some of the main stories from the CPC 2023 (Conservative Party Chaos 2023). Yet another Tory donor, Richard Walker, CEO of Iceland, has resigned, stating that the Conservative party does not conserve. Doubtless another tree will be felled or a bully dog scandal be started to distract a public punch drunk by Brexit chaos, cost of living crisis, energy prices, NHS vandalism, pension triple lock, sending women and gays to Rwanda etc. As always I find it essential with these satirical front pages to produce a fact and fiction decoder below, as some people no longer understand the difference between Tory lies and real life. If you enjoy this satirical edition, you will love our book Private Eyelines. Find it here.

Click to read Private Eyelines.

FACT : GB News has the dubious accolade of being the so called news channel with the most fake news. Endorsed by Liz Truss today, surely the kiss of death. Here are six ways you can boycott fake GB News.

FAKE NEWS – Therese Coffey to ban the non-existent bendy banana EU regulation !! Praise the Lord.

FACT : Lee Anderson presents as a journalist on GB News but interviews Tory politicians. This is quite unacceptable but OFCOM have no teeth to deal with this gross abuse of power. GB News is thus a 24/7 Tory party campaigning platform and not a news channel. 30p Lee interviewed Suella Braveman after she attended a far right rally in the USA. Watch Led by Donkeys’ sting operation on the underground story of Suella’s wicked games. She should be jailed for this as a bare minimum.

FACT : Braverman has blamed women and gays for illegal immigration when the numbers do not support her random claims. Even a bunch of senior Tory MPs and some ministers have denounced her for her statement demonising women and LGBTQ people.

FICTION : No boxing matches are planned at the Tory Party Conference in Manchester, but the Tories are fighting like cats in a sack as the party takes their final breaths. On the other hand Liz Truss did her levelling up best to put more nails in Rishi Sunak’s coffin.

FICTION : The Rev Awdry has not taken on the contract to deliver HS2 (Hysterical Sunak II), nor has Ringo Starr locked Rishi Sunak in a tunnel. Nor has Thomas the Tank engine applied to Suella Braverman for gender reassignment …

I think the Tories deserve their fate, don’t you?

FACT : Rishi Sunak’s Meat Tax is FICTION. Liz Truss is not saving British beef, pork or bully sausage dogs. She is however on patrol to get the top job again. It’s unbelievable as she broke the economy after her 46 days in office. But, of course, The Truss is undeterred by this catastrophe. This is the power of the Brexit unicorns on Tory hopefuls. Badenoch and Morduant are also on manoeuvres at the Conservative Party Conference alongside Priti Patel who still seeks revenge on Sunak. Meanwhile Sunak desperately tries to fight his ground using the same arguments about Brexit freedoms by trying to become the motorist’s friend on potholes and speed bumps.

Torassic Park
Let the games begin … at Torassic Park.

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Tory party policy is to fill the news with not just a stream of dead cats, but a veritable tsunami of them. Lies about meat taxes, dustbins and so on. And it was only a couple of weeks ago when RAAC was occupying the headlines. They rely on the speed of the news feed to never get held to account for their sins. Don’t let them get away with it. Keep on reminding them of ‘unfinished business’. And don’t forget that Brexit is at the root of many of these problems and lies.

RAAC and Roll
Just two weeks on and airbrushed from mainstream media …
The Brexit Iceberg
The Brexit Iceberg.

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The Disney Longstocking prison ship

Human rights, human wrongs

If we want change to happen we cannot expect this to occur by repeating the same binary politics that led to our xenophobic Brexit referendum. As I write this, Suella Braverman has just declared that being a woman or gay is not a good enough reason to seek asylum in Britain. Braverman forgot to say that gay people claiming asylum are doing so because they are threatened with persecution and execution and not because of their sexual preferences. Read our latest article at The Prisma for more on this. Prisma is an Anglo Spanish newspaper, which means out work breaks outside the bubble. Join us tomorrow to discuss the end of Brexit and Braverman’s vile policies against society.

The Prisma
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Join us on Wed 4 October 8 pm ZOOM to Reboot Britain

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Check our composition out which we recorded in 2018 as a warning about Brexit. Sadly it has come to pass.
Rejoin EU

How to join the EU

The only thing stopping us from joining the EU anew is political will. That said, stasis and entropy are massive obstacles to sending ‘the application form in’ !! Parliamentary paralysis has defined the Zombie Brexit Government since 2016. It also defines the Zombie opposition with the exception of Gina Miller’s True and Fair party, The SNP, Sinn Fein and the Green Party / Plaid Cymru, to some degree.

Instant gratification

Markets are perfect as we saw in 2016 when the pound was almost instantly revalued (downwards) after the Brexit referendum. So, any application of intent to join the EU anew would be accompanied by a dead stop of the Brexit carnage in pure economic terms. For example, the car industry could say with certainty that they could remain in UK alongside other industries affected by rules of origin constraints. The slow brain drain of financial services staff from Britain would cease with impacts across the financial world. Smaller enterprises could plan to trade with Europe without friction and additional costs again. Future inward investment would begin to flow again as confidence in UK plc began to pick up and many other adjustments would take place, some instantaneous, others as the process unfolds.

So what matters most is starting the process of rejoining, not so much when it is finished. Doubtless there would be many hurdles to deal with but the main thing is to have the intent to join anew.


I am quite sure the EU would want to see the removal of the remaining Brexit culture carriers from power before they would be happy to accept our application, but that, of course, can happen along the way in the forthcoming elections. It has become clear that many safe seats are likely to fall in an election, especially if Labour and the Lib Dems stop fucking each other up. The EU would also be wise to wish to see a supermajority of opinion in the public for rejoining – we are close to 2/3 who believe that Brexit has failed.

Theatrics of joining anew

I would expect a guarded and bureaucratic and ‘flat’ receipt from the EU of an application rather than a joyous and instant response. This is all part of the theatre of resetting the relationship. The theatrics of an application may also mean that we might be pushed behind Ukraine to give that time and a sense of not jumping the queue. Again, this would give time to make the various resets, but the key thing is starting the process. Gina Miller explains something of the process to rejoin in her article for The Independent. We concur that joining anew won’t be easy, but then again Brexit wasn’t easy either.

Beware of the myths

Read our Bylines article Myths and Riffs of Brexit to deal with the Brexiteers who are now operating project fear by suggesting myths such as having to have the Euro, Schengen etc. Do not fall prey to such myths.

Things you can do today

Write to your MP, asking them to shift on the topic

Join the True and Fair party

Brexorcise a friend or foe using our toolkit

SS Brexit

Post march review

Don Adamson writes from his Barnsley Brexit bunker.

This week’s homework

One – Discuss the following statement

I have been criticised for ‘conflating’ (whatever that means) Russell Brand’s support for Brexit with his alleged criminality. Brexit is evil, rape is evil. A person who is capable of one is perfectly capable of the other. Does it come as a surprise that the ‘freethinkers’ who have come out in support of alleged team rapist include: Andrew Tate, Elon Musk,*Ucker Carlson, Laurence Pox, Stickyfinger Pansey Lenin (Alias Tommy Robinson, Alex Jones and the Telegraph’s Allison Pearson.

Two – Walking from Park Lane to Parliament Square on 23 September we passed the Saturday afternoon shoppers. We encountered hostility and abuse from older people who failed to notice that their precious Brexit has become a catastrophe rather than the earthly paradise we heard so much about not so long ago. Younger people, by contrast were vocal in their contempt for Brexit and support for our pro Rejoin activities. One poll after another indicates increasing opposition to Brexit and increasing support for Rejoin. One poll after another indicates that >> 60% of the general population is pro Rejoin and anti Brexit. Meanwhile more than 80% of people  under the age of 25 are anti Brexit and pro Rejoin. Sooner or later that is going to translate into votes at elections. Richy Scumbag, Keith Starmer and Ed Davey continue to insult our intelligence with their assurances that they will ‘make Brexit work. Does this mean a) that the major parties are fishing for votes in a body of water that is rapidly evaporating? b) that support for Brexit i) ruins your eyesight? or ii) is a symptom of early onset dementia?

After the speeches we made our way along Milbank to the rendezvous. The coach arrived some time after we did. We loaded the banners and placards into the cargo compartment then we piled aboard. We made good time on the road. I got a text to say that William’s dad would meet me at the rendezvous and drive me chez nous. Apparently that was William’s idea. I am very lucky in my grandchildren, sometimes. Do you wonder that I devote so much time and effort to finding them a future that Brexit is denying them? 

On arrival as the rendezvous I found that Rob was rendering assistance to a drunken woman in difficulties. He dislikes Leeds city centre at night. Strange things happen. I told him that in the old days I used to avoid taking the last train out of London on a Friday night. Things go boisterous. The men were bad enough. The women were worse.

This particular woman took a dislike to my Bulwarks to Brexit cap and whacked me across the shoulder. I had been expecting that all day in London but not in Leeds.

Three – Is there any truth in the rumour that Laurence Pox has been suspended for inapparopriate comment? What on earth did he say that Gammonite Balderdash News would deem offensive? Was it along the lines of: The sun rises in the East and sets in the West? 

Four – Russell Brand is up on rape charges. Laurence Pox has been suspended for inappropriate comment. Does this mean that this country is slowly regaining its sense?

This week’s quotes 

Nadine Dorries has become such a political liability that Tory MPs are actively celebrating her resignation in constituency literature

… North Wiltshire MP James Gray writes …’ There is something rather tragic about politicians who become so fixated by themselves that they lose touch with reality. Nadine Dorries is not the sharpest tool in the box, and the authoress of some of the worst novels I have had the misfortune to read. She laboured in cheerful obscurity until Johnson thought she would make a good cheerleader, pom poms, frills and all…

Read Bojo, Beds and Nads

Reform UK

The latest vehicle of the Faragists, styles itself as the champion of the hard pressed working people struggling with the cost of living crisis, but you would not think it from the party’s forthcoming conference to be held at the Hilton’s London Metropolis Hotel. Supporters are urged to buy tickets for a gala dinner where they can mingle with party luminaries such as Richard Tice, his partner Isabel Oakeshott and Ann Widdecombe. Tickets are priced at £125.

After the Tories sacked him for comparing the COVID Vaccine programme to the Holocaust MP Andrew Bridgen joined Laurence Pox’s right wing Reclaim Party which is bankrolled by investment tycoon and culture warrior Jeremy Hosking.

The viewing figures may be mediocre but in one respect GB News is thrashing all comers – the amount it is splurging on MPs … a staggering £44313 … compares to just £55000 spent by Rival Talk TV …an enormous £149,121 dished out to Jacob Grease Bogg …

The Sun’s pisspoor sister station

TalkTV currently enjoys the eyeballs of a stunning 0.12% of the viewing public for an average of ten seconds per day… 

Last week a report from ‘UK in a changing Europe’ showed how state backed investment in infrastructure and energy had collapsed since 2020 …

when the European Investment Bank ceased funding projects here …  four domestic banks that have taken over the role are now lending less than a third of what the EIB was pumping into offshore wind, … meanwhile the architects of hard Brexit are staring doom in the face. In his Telegraph column Lord Frost laments not only Labour’s plans to collaborate and align with Europe over environmental and migration policies, but the explicit buyers’ remorse that has emerged in the Tory Party – with Richy Scumbag’s deal to Rejoin the Horizon science collaboration project as a straw in the wind …’All too many people in the parties think Britain’s future is to retrace our steps and get closer again to Europe.’ Writes the man who designed the disaster…. Johnson framed hard Brexit as the opportunity for Britain to ‘do its own thing in the Indo Pacific region … In return Biden has pointedly excluded Britain from the project …  Britain’s exclusion from this great game is self inflicted…. the UK is on the sidelines …. The UK will be forced to align with the EU or sit like a pariah state between EU and the USA … so when Keith Starmer says there is no case for Rejoin I remain sceptical … Brexit was a long term projected boosted by the Russians fundamentally designed to make Britain a low tax playground for 5the super rich … Brexit has failed because globalisation is failing. It is around that fact that all policy towards the EU now has to revolve…

With IT set to be at the heart of Richy Scumbag’s plans to modernise the NHS tech tycoon Frank Hester has made a timely £5M donation to the Tory Party

… what went unmentioned was that his healthcare business, Phoenix Partnership has joined with other contractors in a combined £41.2M of public sector deals … TPP lists 19 government contracts on contract finder, government database … records show TPP donated £11,300 to the Tories in February and £145,000 in March… 

The late Queen’s relationship with Johnson was over before he came to office 

… she had not been amused by the way his then sidekick, Michael Gove dragged her into the EU referendum by telling the Sun that she backed Brexit. Gove has always disputed the fact but Gove’s relationship with Murdoch leaves little doubt about what happened…

Richy Scumbag has not proved especially keen to do in depth TV interviews

… but his aides have been putting out feelers to get him on BBC’s the One Show and ITV’s Good Morning Britain’ … these are scarcely forums for in depth political discussions but the idea is to try to endear the PM a bit more to the under 40s who are deserting the Tory Party in droves. Party leaders have long found connecting with youth challenging … one thinks of Thatcher and Ed Multiband doing broadcasts with Jimmy Savile and Russell Brand…

Thick Lizzy and her mates  are desperate for her to get a foothold in the US public speaking market

… It will therefore dismay Team Truss that the swanky Lincoln Lodge Bar in Chicago is selling Liz Truss cocktails (gin, Earl Grey, lemon, sugar and soda at $12 a time – selling briskly) 

Russell Brand is not a martyr and the claims against him are not a conspiracy 

… Brand was once the darling of the left he is now categorised at ‘alt right’ … some of the guests on his show ‘stay free with Russell Brand fit that description … In July *Ucker Carlson granted Brand his first interview after being fired by Fox News … Carlson was also one of the first to rush to Brand’s defence, along with Andrew Tate, Stickyfinger Pansey-Lenin alias Tommy Robinson, Elon Must, and deranged info wars host Alex Jones … the key to Brand’s ideology and cosplay has been the airtime he has given to conspiracy theories… during the pandemic he embraced anti vax propaganda .. as wildly irresponsible as this has been it delivered what Brand wanted – a devoted online base … he loves to posture as the voice of the powerless, a persecuted Techno Jesus … all absurd … it is time we stopped treating Brand and his idiots as rebels. They are the establishment….  he grasped long ago that conspiracy theories tend to lure in disciples … presenting somebody gripped by conspiracy theory with the facts frequently reinforces their4 beliefs no matter how absurd … it is alarming that this sort of garbage gets any traction at all … ‘’’ kohl eyed menace and narcissism of the most toxic kind …

The utter dysfunctionality of the Tory Omnishambles…

It is easy to spend money … you can commission loads of personal protection equipment, some of it from friends, then find you have frittered £9B on kit that was never fit for purpose … successive administrations have wasted fortunes on attempts to computerise he NHS …  defence procurement has become a byword for criminal waste … irresponsible extravagance is not going to be an option for Keith Starmer … Britain requires not more spending but better spending … Starmer might be wise to approach reform from the perspective of what needs to be done… relationships between ministers and administrators are beyond fraught … talent has been haemorrhaging …  clearly needs drastic rethink … eschewing all the embarrassing rhetoric about ‘world beating …. 

Stephen Fry is right 

… we know that Brexit has failed … Johnson has a distant relationship with truth … Lord Frost confessed that he and Johnson knew the N Ireland protocol was unsatisfactory … and hoped they would have to renege on it … this statement is astounding … three quarters of British companies reported that the trade agreement has made it difficult. Across the NHS Brexit has compounded widespread existing problems … business investment is slowing across every sector … overstretched services and higher costs …  reality is finally dawning on Richy Scumbag … Brexit is seriously harming our food and farming sectors … we are stronger and safer when alongside  our nearest friends and neighbours … Brexit has made our country less resilient …  There is little that Tories will not sacrifice on the altar of Brexit … the facts are plain to an increasing number of the population … negligible Brexit benefits …. it is time to start the road to Rejoin … polling shows that Rejoin is now the will of the people … every major party is cowering…. Brexit is far from settled in the minds of voters… 

Don Adamson Pip Pip             Medway Delta (Retired)           Brexorcist and Saboteur First Class