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Changing minds on Europe and Brexit

Changing minds on Europe and Brexit

Finally it’s out !! The new book on Changing minds on Europe and Brexit is here. Click to buy on Amazon or contact me by e-mail via for your personal copy. If you are a sponsor of Re-Boot Britain, you can get a heavily discounted copy to just cover costs.

To find out what it’s all about, join me on Thursday 7 April at 7.00 pm GMT via ZOOM. Here’s the book blurb to give you an insight as to why you will want to buy a copy.

Brexit has broken Britain, economically, socially, culturally, politically and environmentally. Quite simply, Brexit has not delivered what was promised on the tin in 2016, for anyone in our DisUnited Kingdom. This book explains how we may join anew for a better Britain in a better Europe for a better world.

  • Strategies and scenarios to join anew 2021 – 2031.
  • Brexit freedoms, unicorns, ghosts and fantasy stories laid to rest.
  • The influence of Russia and Vladimir Putin on Brexit and the Johnson Junta.
  • The psychology of ‘Brexorcism’ and the anatomy of the Brexit psyche.
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) applied to the task of softening hardened minds on Brexit.
  • How to hold difficult conversations with Leavers in regret and Remainers in remission.
  • How does Brexorcism differ in real life from online conversations and what can you do about it?
  • Strategies to put forward a positive vision of a united Europe and heal rifts from the ‘dialogue of the deaf’ over 6 years.
  • Stories to motivate you and show how these strategies work in practice. Alongside this we explore a number of ‘glorious failures’ as they offer even better insights to success.
  • A resource section on how to break ‘parliamentary paralysis’, how to make progress in advocacy to MPs and how to engage mainstream media (MSM).
  • How to multiply your impact and pro-Europe / anti-Brexit influence in real life conversations, lobbying and in mainstream and / or social media.

A ‘Brexorcism’ requires time, patience, unconditional positive regard and skill. This book provides these elements, drawing on a range of approaches to change management from psychology, sociology and therapeutic approaches.

Here are a few samples to whet your appetite:

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Book : Changing Minds on Europe and Brexit

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The game has changed

The game has changed. Here’s a quick piece of Brexit analysis on the day that the world turned in on Trump and Brexit populism.

Johnson’s Brexit strategy has relied on the ability to bully Europe. Johnson has used the bargaining chip that Britain will become a rogue state on the edge of Europe with an Anglo-American trade deal. The game has changed …


Joe Biden has a long memory regarding Johnson’s attacks on Obama, women and ethnic minorities. The game has changed and the so called special relationship …


Johnson had relied on breaching The Good Friday Agreement and breaking international law to “Get Brexit Done”. The game has changed …


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The EU has tried to accommodate Britain in Brexit negotiations, so as to maintain a sense of decency in world politics. This, despite the fact that Britain has not made any good faith attempts to negotiate. The game has changed …


Trump favoured UK in terms of doing a trade deal, as a means of pivoting against the EU. Biden’s appointment means that the EU’s main focus will now turn to America, rather than a small country in economic and social ruin. The game has changed …


We can no longer expect Trump to be focused on the UK and Brexit. His next two months will be fully occupied in fighting legal actions, making himself look even more foolish and gradually being ostracised by his allies. I imagine he will spend a lot of time on the golf course. Perhaps a slot on “I’m a failed celebrity, get me out of here”. The game has changed …


In conclusion, the game has changed and …


Take Action

Write to your MP and demand that they oppose the toxic combination of Corona + Brexit – sample letters below

Write to the press with the same ambition

Write to EU leaders and encourage them to hold firm on Brexit negotiations now that Johnson is alone

Please read Brexit Choices and Suspended Animation

Johnson – alone again naturally
Betrayed by Brexit Johnson
Johnson – all by himself
Dry your populist tears Johnson

Sample Letters to MP’s – TY Rachel Ashley and Catherine Reynolds

Dear xxx,

Given the Biden victory, would you now agree that a two year extension to the transition period is probably wise, to allow Britain to cope with the COVID crisis?

Yours sincerely

Dear xxx

I see your government has done another u-turn on free school meals in the holidays for hungry children. Surely this is getting embarrassing for MP’s such as yourself, who support the government one week only for the Executive to do a u-turn the following week (or so). This looks like a failure of leadership to me.

I assume this was announced yesterday because most of the world of the world was watching Joe Biden defeat Donald Trump in the USA Presidential election. However President elect Biden’s stance on Brexit is well-known. He thinks the UK is following a foolish and divisive line which has the potential to severely damage Anglo-Irish relations and undermine the Good Friday Agreement. He has said more than once the USA will not trade with the UK if it breaks the Good Friday Agreement. It is telling that when asked by a BBC journalist if he had anything to say to the BBC he said ‘I am Irish’.

I ask you to reconsider your position. Brexit is going to add considerably more damage to the British economy at a time when it is massively struggling under the economic pressure caused by COVID. I am aware the PM Johnson was in talks with the President of the European Commission yesterday and I assume that is to try and cobble together some sort of deal for Mr Johnson to then sell to the British people as the best deal ever when we all know that at best it will give Britain a few crumbs from the EU table and will still cause, what could turn out be, irreparable damage to the British economy with no hope in the short or medium term of even the semblance of a deal with the USA to mitigate a small part of the damage.

I am therefore asking you to put Britain first and to put pressure on the Executive to go to the European Council and ask for Brexit to be suspended for 2 years with Britain still in transition mode. Your current leader should have no difficulty in doing another u-turn to achieve this as he is very used to doing them. A two year suspension of Brexit will give your Party time to sort out what is clearly a failure of leadership and the Government time to get control of how the country can begin to live with the COVID 19 virus without severely damaging either the economy or the health of the nation.

Yours sincerely

Brexit and P&O Ferries

This is an extract from our forthcoming book on Brexit, making the links between Brexit and P&O Ferries crisis. Pre-order our book by mailing us at

P&O Ferries’ employees have just had their first taste of Brexit freedoms as I write this book.  800 P&O Ferries’ staff have just been fired without notice via Zoom, with their jobs going to overseas workers, in a race to the bottom on wages and employment rights.  Natalie Elphicke, MP for Dover, was on the front line with the RMT union, crying crocodile tears for the workers, presumably en-route to visit her husband in prison … Natalie forgot to mention that she helped to block a potential new law in October 2021, which would have curbed employers’ ability fire UK employees without notice or rights, informed by our Brexit bonfire on standards.  In case of doubt, P&O Ferries have not been able to adopt the same policies in France and The Netherlands, due to better employment standards in their own countries and, of course, EU directives.  Damn that EU – protecting workers rights!  So much for Brexit providing British jobs for British workers and so on.  MP Chris Grayling recently changed the law which allowed P&O to do this.

Join us at Re-Boot Britain Monday at 8 pm via ZOOM – link here : Rage Against The Brexit Machine

Alongside our Natalie, the RMT union are also united in grief about the move when, in fact, they advised their workers to vote for Brexit in 2016.  For the avoidance of doubt, here is the statement the RMT put to their membership, to help swing the Brexit vote.  The RMT are far from being the only union to have been succoured in by the Brexit illusions, mainly due to a dislike of free market economics, faux sovereignty and nationalism.  Here is the RMT’s statement in full, from 2016:

Brexit and RMT
Footnote from George Smit : The quote of RMT “advice” is full of lies: ie maternity leave in any of EU country is longer, better remunerated and with more social & workers protection than any UK company offers.

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Brexit and RMT

The RMT find themselves in the rather awkward position of being complicit.  So, frankly, are the employees who voted for Brexit and still believe in the sunlit uplands.  Still, quite literally, this group now have their freedom … from jobs and a livelihood.  People are calling for the law on fire and rehire to be amended and, of course, it is hard to argue against this as being a good thing.  But the root cause of the mess is Brexit and a ‘patch up job’ misses the underlying malaise.  It is always a mistake to treat symptoms and not deal with the causes of problems.  We will see many more examples of the ‘unintended consequences of Brexit’ in the coming months and years.

I do feel sorry for the employees, especially those who voted Remain, next, those who were taken in by the slick Brexit lies and now regret their decision and are prepared to say it out loud.  I’m finding it difficult to be concerned about the small hardcore Brexiteer group of P&O employees and trade union ideologues who remain (sic) resolute that Brexit is a good idea, despite losing their jobs.  This is an act of self-harm.

We can envisage a new Maslow styled hierarchy of Brexit blame. Of course our Government are trying to blame the P&O boss. Although guilty, he is simply exploiting Brexit freedoms. Brexit and P&O Ferries are intimately linked.

Brexit and P&O Ferries
Natalie Elf Thick tries to deflect the blame
Stand with Ukraine

Stand with Ukraine : Mamma Mia

I’ve put this in the order of urgency and importance as the situation requires. This update contains several items to help everyone stand with Ukraine. Firstly an urgent practical call for supplies of clothing, medical equipment etc. Secondly a meeting on Monday 28 Feb at 8 pm GMT to come up with more practical actions on an individual and collective basis. Thirdly, a revelation about our own Government’s involvement via the unredacted Russia report and finally things you can do to face down the scandal of Priti Patel’s refusal to accept refugees due to her need to play to the racist gallery. Read on and act

1. URGENT and VERY IMPORTANT: Please contribute to these initiatives to supply vital supplies to Ukranians in Kent. Find out where your own schemes are in UK and help support them:

Click image to go to Ela’s Cakes fb page
Canterbury and East Kent – Riverside Vineyard Church Thanet Way Whitstable CT5 3JQ from 9.5 pm

2. URGENT and IMPORTANT: Join us on Monday 28 Feb at 8 pm GMT via ZOOM to consider what each of us can do individually and collectively to support Ukraine.

3. IMPORTANT: Please write to your MP, asking for the removal of MPs who were / are involved in supporting Putin’s regime.

Find the UNREDACTED Russia report at Google Drive. A summary of the salient points can be found in this tweet below:

Here’s a letter you may use or adapt:

Dear [MP’s Name]

As a constituent of [YOUR CONSTITUENCY], I am writing to you to express my deep concerns with regard to the disarray and incompetence displayed by our current government.

Having read the Russia Report it is clear that the lives of millions of UK citizens are at grave risk not just from Covid-19 but from the infiltration of British politics and business by actors for the Russian state. 

I’m sure you will agree with me that this is an extremely serious national issue and need addressing quickly and permanently. The Prime Minister has publicly stated that the ‘first duty of government is to protect British citizens’. He and his government are clearly not up to the job. I ask you to introduce a vote of ‘no confidence’ in this government and reforms to our political system.

The gravity of this situation is clear. Please take immediate action to ensure the views and concerns of the citizens that elected you are reflected in Parliament and in government policy. 

I appreciate your understanding of my concerns as your constituent, and look forward to seeing my concerns represented. 

Thank you in anticipation,


4. IMPORTANT: Please write to Priti Patel at Ask her to reform the arrangements for asylum seekers. Her policies are quite simply killing children and families. She has lied about accepting Ukrainian refugees in order to play to the galley of knuckle-dragging racists in England, simply due to the need to pray on the altar of Brexit xenophobia. Stand with Ukraine.

Stand with Ukraine
Left Outside Alone by Priti Patel – the immigrant liar in chief

Our Government can do much more – Tell Boris Johnson to Stand with Ukraine.

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Orphaned by Brexit

Alice Boulliez decided that she would not be orphaned by Brexit after Boris Johnson made her and millions of others “Citizens of Nowhere”.  A 62 year old British housewife and farmer, living in France with two children has turned into a Brexit Avenger alongside Claire Godfrey Le Monnier, Grazia Valentino Boschi and a group of other citizens who call themselves EuBritizens.  Unable to vote in the Brexit referendum and are now united in outrage by the careless approach of the Brexit Government in looking after their rights.  If they succeed in their legal actions, they may help millions of others to gain their voting rights back, freedom of movement and other civil liberties that people enjoyed before Brexit.

“To be disenfranchised is a horrible feeling, like a motherless child. Your orphan voice does not matter. The suffragettes were not fighting for something they had lost, nor something that they had had previously; they were fighting for new rights. I am fighting to regain my right to be counted as a sentient human being.”

Alice wrote to Lord Heseltine, The Queen and lobbied people in Brussels.  Eventually, she found Julien Fouchet, who was looking to take a case to the French courts.  The case was heard in the Court of Justice before Judge Romanello.  He, in turn, sent it through to the ECJ in November 2020, having collected over 500 replies from people in similar situations.  The case has since reached the UK Select Committee on the effects of Brexit.

If our actions succeed, we hope to confirm our status as European citizens with full rights.  We also hope for both freedom of movement and municipal and European electoral rights as a corresponding status to Settled Status in the UK.

“European citizenship was given to me when the UK joined the European Union. From that moment on, I have been a fully-fledged and exemplary European citizen. I own that citizenship. It is my inalienable right.  Since Brexit, my only privilege now is to pay my taxes, with what in return?”

Alice Boulliez

Many other lives and livelihoods rest on the success of this case.  What are we to say to Mrs Page who had planned to live out her retirement in a lovely house in the French countryside surrounded by her animals, whose income was severely affected by Brexit and who is now in a sad retirement home near London?  To Mr Duke whose Carte Vitale is still not available to him and has to pay out of his pocket for health care?  To Mike Johnson whose girls who have always lived in France and who now has difficulty getting them a Carte de Sejour?  Or to the twins who went for French nationality, one got it, one didn’t?

We refuse to be orphaned by Brexit and Boris Johnson.

Alice Boulliez, EuBritizens

Orphaned by Brexit - In Limbo
Download European versions of “In Limbo” by clicking the image

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