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Write your letter

Here are some recent letters. They work. This batch are quite short. Write your own. Don’t forget to write to King Charles III.
Subject: Your expenses

Dear Mr Docherty,

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but your name is all over Twitter today with an accusation that you claimed £8.89 on your expenses for a Ukrainian flag.

I find this extremely hard to believe. Surely it’s not true, is it?

Yours sincerely
Subject: Your TV appearance on Politics Today

Dear Ms Ford,

You made an utter fool of yourself on Politics Today. But you know that already.


Yours sincerely
Subject: Gavin Williamson bullying (proven, not alleged)

Dear Mr Stride,

Congratulations on becoming the latest useful idiot to the PM with your defence of the indefensible on ITV Lunchtime News this afternoon.

Yours sincerely
Subject: What happened?

Dear Ms Whately,

Day 1: ‘This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability’

Now:    Suella Braverman – broke the Ministerial Code, Security risk. Cruel human being.

Gavin Williamson – Bullying (a bit like Priti Patel did under Johnson). Incompetent, judging on previous history in government.

Conclusion: Same old, same old. Integrity and professionalism claims blown out of the water already. We now await the accountability?

Your thoughts please?

Yours Sincerely
Subject: Your appearance on Politics Today

Dear Mr Hunt,

Re your debate with Steve Reed, the opposition Justice Secretary, on Politics Today earlier today, the extreme Right Wing of the Conservative Party is the ERG, and you know it. Your indignation doesn’t wash.

Also, Suella Braverman does NOT speak for the majority of people in the country as you said. She is seen as out of her depth, bullying (proven) cruel, vile and a security risk to the country, who is only there at the behest of the PM to pacify the ERG.

You did yourself no favours, but then you were only wheeled out as just the latest Tory MP to support a failed party.

Yours sincerely

Yorkshire byline

This from Don Adamson, once in Kent, now in Yorkshire, with some reflections on the march to Rejoin:

I arrived at the rendezvous at seven bells in the forenoon, that is 1130 for landlubbers and when the big hand is on the 6 and the little hand is on the 11 for Gammons and Flagshaggers. I took the last leg of the journey by underground. A charming young lady offered me her seat. I explained that I would be getting off in a couple of stops but it was nice of her to offer. I get a lot of that these days. I must be showing my age.

At the rendezvous I noticed about 30 motorcycle cops loitering. It was not clear to me how that would assist in the matter of crowd control. I found a park bench near the statue of the Duke of Wellington and ate my sandwich. The first thing I noticed was that we did not have the numbers that we used to have before lockdown. I assumed this was something to do with cancelling the September protest and rearranging another protest at short notice. Does this add substance that Thick Lizzie and her horrible friends assassinated HMQ? 

I got to talking with a young man named Fouad (not his real name). He was British born but his parents took him to Qatar as a child from whence he had recently returned. He was concerned about events in the Middle East. Qatar’s economy was in trouble because of the country’s involvement in wars in the Horn of Africa and the region. He believed that young people were getting restless and pressure was building up for change. I hoped he was right. I reminded him that Lawrence of Arabia felt strongly that the post WW1 arrangements would cause endless trouble in the Middle East. That was still happening. Perhaps the Duke of Wellington’s greatest achievement was his involvement in the Treaty of Vienna (1816). From 1702 till 1815 there had been a succession of major wars in Europe. The Treaty of Vienna brought a century of relative peace to Europe. It was not a perfect peace (Crimea, Franco-Prussian War) but it was an improvement on the century preceding 1816. 

The Treaty of Versailles (1919), by contrast, was a disaster. It practically guaranteed another terrible war barely 20 years later and, as stated above, the consequences in the Middle East rumble on. Do not underestimate the damage that incompetent politicians can do.

We set off at the appointed time. We chanted obscene slogans to the evident approval of the crowd. I saw the flags of Ireland, Scotland Wales, Cornwall, Devon and various European countries. A band planted the banner of the White Rose of York and bellowed out ‘Ilkley Moor bar t’hat.” I not sure what the anti Brexit connection might be but perhaps they wanted Londoners to know they were there. Some people carried banners demanded ‘Vote out Tory Scum.’ I mentioned that ‘Scum’ was took kind a word for Johnson, Thick Lizzie and their scumbag supporters. We turned down St James’ St past Davidoff’s. That is a cigar store that, the last time I checked, sold 18’ Cuban cigars at £1,000 a time. I shudder to think how much Cuban cigars cost nowadays. Then we went on to Trafalgar Square and down Whitehall. We made a lot of noise as we passed the entrance to Downing St. 

A contingent of Gammons and Flagshaggers loitered outside the Red Lion and shouted abuse at their betters. I made it to Parliament Square. Cops had erected crowd barriers to prevent people from sitting on the walls. I can walk for miles but standing around plays havoc with my old knee injuries. I hung around for about an hour then headed for Victoria Station. According to the cops and the neo Nazi newspapers the crowd numbered about 10,000 people. The organisers counted 50,000. Thick Lizzie has gone and been replaced by the robber baron capitalist who was partly responsible for the 2008 financial crash. Thanks, Tories.

The Brexit Balderdash Conspiracy and other TV broadcasters made no mention of the protest but they did cover the Hero’s welcome Johnson got at the airport. They made no mention of the sneers, jeers and booing when the other passengers on the aircraft learned that Johnson was on board. Apparently Johnson heard Gammons and Flagshaggers singing ‘Will ye no’ come back again.’ Johnson had returned to get his old job back and replace Thick Lizzie. Something tells me that not all Scottish people would approve of Gammons and Flagshaggers singing a Jacobite sing. Johnson has since decided that the time was not right to attempt a return to politics. 

Any excuse to visit Rohan is a good excuse. He is a little bit further on every time we see him. He knows more words; most of them to give orders to his parents and other willing slaves. When Jim was learning to play football I had him outclassed, at first, but that did not last. James had me outclassed at an even earlier stage. William runs me ragged. I shudder to think what Rohan will do to me when he is a bit older and I am even more decrepit than I am now. It was wonderful to see Rohan. It would be nice to see more of all my grandchildren.

The journey home was interesting. Traffic tends to be heavy on a Sunday afternoon and that weekend was no different. We had minor delays, nothing to get worked up about but tiresome just the same. The M62 is not my favourite stretch of road at the best of times. There seems to be some kind of technological black hole around here that confuses our Satnav. We spent a lot of time wandering around South Bradford before we finally got home. For all that it was a good weekend. We do not see enough of Rohan and his parents.

I have said before that when Management Consultants are good they are very good. The bad ones are dire. Robert Townsend believed that the one person consultancies are the best but the large, bureaucratic consultancies are a menace. The South African Government called in a consultancy to modernise their tax and revenue raising. It was disastrous. The consultancy goes by the name of Bain. I had the misfortune to have a South African called Bain p******g in my soup. He imagined himself to be a financial and commercial genius; despite all the evidence to the contrary. He was forever meddling in matters that were not his responsibility and which he was too thick to understand. In fact he was so thick he did not get it even when the issues were explained to him (carefully and in words of one syllable). His masterpiece was when he demanded that I put the organisation’s pension and medical insurance into a Ponzi. He was a commercial and financial genius who did not recognise a Ponzi scheme when he saw one. I wonder if he is at all connected with the Consultancy that did so much damage to the SARC.

Warmth tip for the winter: You lose a lot of heat through your mattress. Spread you summer weight duvet over the mattress, fit your sheet over that and put your winter weight duvet on top. It warms things up nicely. 

This week’s quotes: “If Thick Lizzie wants to present herself as the voice of sensible reconciliation she will be shocked to hear about the Tory Parity Conference …MPs trying to outperform each other with hare-brained schemes. Top prize to anybody who would come out with an idea that would not work … would make things worse but would be sold as a triumph to rabidly anti EU Tories … data gathering may seem like an obscure branch of computer science but is vital to every business … The EU may simply refuse to accept British changes … there is a limit to how much divergence you can have before it becomes counter-productive …massive delays and costs that far outweigh any benefits … Minister says the GDPR system will be adequate. Nothing could be further from the truth … shows how pointless and counterproductive this whole exercise is … current system is useful … changing it will be disruptive, time consuming, expensive and pointless … any attempt to make British legislation weaker will hit a brick wall … Red Tape will double … there is no room to manoeuvre, little to be gained and much to be lost … The PM’s growth strategy is a fraud… In the Thick Lizzie era we learn that after a storm you get another storm … we have yet to see the worst consequences … It does not look good for anybody … Thick Lizzie’s emergency budget did not need to happen … numerous extra factors complicate the picture … bizarre situation .. an administration’s complete lack of competence … Even Rupert Murdoch could see that Rothermere’s Mail titles were making an unforgivable blunder … Murdoch was incredulous that his fellow non dom could not see that in making Thick Lizzie PM he ‘laid out the red carpet for Starmer who is committed to outlawing non dom status … The options are death if we stick with Thick Lizzie and ridicule if we get somebody else … Doreen Lawrence, Elton John, Prince Henry have begun legal proceedings against Rothermere … ‘abhorrent criminal activity and gross breaches of privacy’ … disheartening for Brexit die hards to learn that Michael Gove has been wondering ‘if Brexit was the right thing to do’ … That is up there with Karl Marx wondering if Communism wasn’t a boo boo  … Gove was ‘deeply troubled with a darkness inside him that corrupts the soul’ … Nigel Garbage praised Toilet Kwarteng’s budget … ‘best Conservative Budget since 1986’ … Garbage launched his own brand of gin … no distiller will admit to making it … An extinction level event for the Tory Party … UK has become the biggest money laundering criminal enterprise in the world … the ‘anti-growth coalition’ consists of everybody except Thick Lizzie … increasingly shambolic vestigial administration … Tory party’s rapidly dissolving morale … a country that is economically imploding and literally up to its knees in its own effluent … if policies are to be pursued as religious doctrine it follows that all who reject that doctrine must be unbelievers … Having a leader who hates to make mistakes makes it harder to correct them… Thick Lizzie wilts in a mess of her own making … has already secured her place in history … the PM whose grip on power was the shortest … roughly the shelf life of a lettuce … Investors have decided that Britain has become riskier … will probably try a great dollop of fudge … Premiership is already fatally spoiled … a lesson about the importance of sums adding up … turbulence has proved more persistent and more ominous … Trader’s nerves are jangling … underlying questions remain unchanged … vicious circle … downward spiral … credit outlook ‘negative’ … risk of prolonged inflationary pressures … limits to the amount of fudging they can get away with … MPs are in no mood to unload pain on their constituents … political feasibility diminishing by the minute … government has no good options … Britain has not helped itself … overconfident and underprepared Brexiters assumed they could hoodwink the EU into granting the benefits of membership without the costs … EU resents having to renegotiate a deal the UK agreed to …Macron came to distrust Johnson deeply … not even extreme populists in Italy or Poland talk of leaving the EU … Brexit is less a blueprint and more a cautionary tale … attempts at deregulation and tax cuts resulted in market meltdown … that the proponents of the doomed economic course are the most ardent Brexiters has not gone unnoticed … Three Prime Ministers have failed to make Brexit work. Why keep trying? … What we see is not just collapse of UK fiscal credibility. It is the evisceration of a cadre of Tories capable of doing the job … Each of these politicians has tried to make Brexit work. It will not work … Tory debacle … you can wing it as an amateur at DEFRA … as Home Secretary you can make sarky comments about the police, or, like Boris Johnson, you can simply lie. In monetary and fiscal policy you are dealing with reality … all other options to make Brexit work were tried … The magnitude of the Tory debacle does not lie simply in the damage it has done or the damage it will bequeath to a Labour Government. It lies in the ideological dead end the party has reached … a chimera, the Tories face a moment of ideological reckoning … out of the wreckage must crawl a new cadre of politicians who believe in fiscal realism … the pound has lost nearly a third of its value since 2016 … the strategic choice is the reversal of Brexit … a whole generation of Tories leapt over the parapet to be mown down. Hopefully we will not see their like again …a desperate winter looms with a forecast of high inflation, an NHS crisis … people are deeply worried … even Tories not famed for sensitivity, such as Rees Mogg, grasped this to some extent … the vision came attached to a serious flaw .. ecologically dismaying … politically insane … Tory grandees warned Truss of the dangers … we have had four Tory PM in just over six chaotic years, triggered by Brexit … Tory MPs mainly do not like Thick Lizzie or respect her and dread the idea of her leading them into an election … that is a tits-up tale if ever there was one … Thick Lizzie believed she had found the Holy Grail … found buried treasure … the pain was instant and severe …  George Osborne remedies did not work then … disastrous … the Shambles in Downing St … the markets looked aghast … £60B whole in public finances … financial fiasco .. Leaving the EU was a strong negative … Johnson’s infamous ‘F*** Business ‘remark … Business confidence in the UK is totally shattered … is it any wonder investment is flowing out of the UK? … Impossible to imagine how this promise can be fulfilled …  the damage has been done … projects that might get the country going will be beyond available resources … Collapse of Thick Lizzie’s authority is the logical conclusion of the anti EU cult that has wrecked Britain’s economy … in 2016 British economy was 90% the size of Germany’s, it is now less than 70% … Brexit … at each step has made things worse … May destroyed the bargaining position of the UK and its economy …  negotiations were mishandled by David Davis … the damage will continue for a long time … still the ultras try to make things worse instead of better … six years of failure, lies and fantasies were just too much … Tory Party has been taken over by a Death Cult … most politically prudent thing might be to lose an election and watch Labour try to sort it out … “

Pip Pip             Medway Delta (Retired)           Saboteur and Brexorcist First Class

European Movements

I occasionally write about the lack of strategy, structure, cohesion, collective capability and leadership in the Remain / Rejoin movements. Once again, with a heavy heart, I must report that the chronic organisation development issues which divide us remain (sic) alive and kicking. This article concerns senior members of Grassroots for Europe, overseen by the CEO of The European Movement and its chair Lord Andrew Adonis. For some months I have attempted to resolve a worrying problem with a concerted smear campaign against me by senior people at Grassroots for Europe and The European Movement. I have had no reply in private from CEO Anna Bird, so I have reluctantly decided to go public. Here is a summary in the form of my letter to the EM CEO:

The WhatsApp group where much of this smearing takes place is overseen by Anna Bird and Lord Andrew Adonis, thus they are complicit in the campaign, by ‘letting it happen’. Andrew does not like uncomfortable truths and blocks people who he disagrees with. Thus I have no route to resolution with him.

The ‘mob’ also follow the leader, sometimes without knowledge of the facts of a given cased. This is not without consequence. For example, I have been blocked from attending the March to Rejoin. I was blocked from attending a meeting with Gavin Esler. The ‘mob’ also asked that professional EM groups and affiliates in Sussex and Merseyside ‘deplatform’ me from speaking at events and so on. I mean, WTF are they frightened of?

I actively promote pro-European and anti-Brexit views and am perhaps more vigorous than many at a grassroots and strategy level, so I cannot understand their desire to silence me. Then again, I have worked on Brexit for 6 + years and I ‘get’ organisational illnesses etc. from my professional life as a business and organisational consultant. I’m hoping that Anna Bird will now make this nonsense stop and remove Richard Wilson and the other ringleaders from power. Here are some examples of the online smearing below – it is persistent and wearing. I cannot write to Richard Wilson to deal with the matter quietly, as he also adopts the Vote Leave strategy of blocking people he does not agree with.

It’s possible to see the level of confusion in these groups. For example, Lynne Armstrong manages to confuse me with Peter Corr, the leader of the March to Rejoin, but it does not stop her from condemning my / his work. In fact it’s unclear exactly who she is condemning. Other European Movement execs appear to join in with the ‘herd impunity’. For example, Emma Knaggs admits that she knows nothing about my work, but, of course, feels she must agree with those in power. She is also badly informed: Despite her assertion to the contrary, I remain Chair of The European Movement Mid Kent. Following a review by the Council chaired by Dominic Grieve QC I was confirmed in the position. My removal was an exec decision made by Anna Bird, without approval or authority of the EM. This, of course, mirrors the approach of The Conservatives re Brexit. It is quite surprising from an organisation that promotes transparency, open-ness and diversity.

In my professional life, I work with chronic organisational problems like this. When politics / egos and so on are added to the complexity, these issues become insoluble. I had offered my services for free to EM way back to help make them match fit, but they refused to accept professional help. Ostrich thinking and silos are not good enough if we are to build a movement fit to take Vote Leave on. As a result I have little confidence in Grassroots / EM’s abilities. Help can still be given but I’m not hopeful that they are in listening mode. One of their groundfloor troops, Magdalena Williams has recently stepped into the fray on Twitter.

Twitter thread

There is a long list of people who have actively initiated and / or amplified this campaign. Others have passively supported or allowed the campaign to spread. In no particular order: Richard Wilson, Colin Gordon, Yvonne Wancke, Chris Hammond, Anna Bird, Lord Adonis, Robina Jacobson, Peter Packham, NE for Europe, SSTIE, Sue Wilson, Bremain in Spain, Doug at SODEM, Magdalena Williams, some of the SODEM gang, Lynne Armstrong, Emma Knaggs, Patrick Reynolds. There is a longer list of people who hide in the shadows … come out into the light please.

Reboot Britain

Write a letter

Letters work. Write your letter to King Charles III and or your MP using the template we provided. Here’s a graphic example as to why letters work from an anonymous source:

To Tom Pursglove MP

So you’re backing the return of a known corrupt liar. Well done. Are your family proud of you?

Dr R

Dear Dr R
Thank you for your email.
However, as someone who no doubt considers themselves to be a ‘professional’ person – hence your ‘Dr’ title – your email is beneath you and lacks any sort of integrity.  Don’t you dare bring my family into it.  
After all, it is perfectly possible to disagree respectfully, without being downright rude and personal.
Yours sincerely,
Tom Pursglove MP Member of Parliament for Corby & East Northamptonshire

Dear Mr Pursglove,

Please don’t talk about integrity whilst voicing support for Boris Johnson, who is a confirmed liar. May I remind you that he was forced out of office for just that.As for ‘bringing your family into it’, my question remains. It appears to have touched a nerve with you.

As for being rude – really?

Dr R

Dear Dr R,
Yes, I’m afraid you’re being consistently rude – and I suspect you wouldn’t like me involving your family in matters in such a way either.
This correspondence is now closed.
With best wishes,
Tom Pursglove MP Member of Parliament for Corby & East Northamptonshire

Whilst we are here please read our post on why backing Boris Johnson is a really good idea. Find out more about the gentle art of Brexorcism here.

BOJO Rising

Some cold unemotional analysis for Remainers and Rejoiners who are hard of thinking. If we accept :

1. That all the Tory candidates are essentially the same in terms of their short term impact on the economy (shades of badness etc.). Morduant is another ERG puppet and Rishi is mistrusted by ERG because he is a prudent brown economist by TP members, having shown his credentials already.

2. That the next Brexit / Kwasi Recession is more or less “baked in”, thus the impact of leadership in the next few months has an NPV of zero. So the choice of leader is an irrelevant issue in ‘accountancy’ terms. Note that Liz Truss’s departure did nothing to the value of the pound. The city is not fooled by replacement headstones.

Then we move on to the next level of analysis. Which leader is worst for the Tories and Brexit?

1. If Boris loses, he loses any opportunity to return to politics. There would be no need for a judicial review etc. It’s a slam dunk success. This is probably why he’s hesitating as he is not a losing kind of guy.

2. If Boris wins, a new bloodbath will open up in the Tory party – with those who wrote letters resigning, writing more letters and so on and members leaving. Roger Gale has already written his letter!!

So, basically it’s a win win win win win win …. In short, if the ERG don’t want Johnson, and 1/3 of the Tories don’t like it, we should support it.

None of the above appears to be apparent to most Remainers / Rejoiners who are gaslit by the Johnson persona and his sins. We must set that aside. If Johnson gets elected, it will be tragic for the Tories and the Brexit bubble will be popped, like a very nasty boil.

Cold analysis is far more important than hot emotional reactions to the ghost of Johnson. Think about it. Put your head before your hedonic response.

The best outcomes at this time re Tory destruction are in order of desirability:

1. A General Election – However, I don’t yet see the mechanism for this, as the English don’t riot. The Tory argument that they were elected may well stand unless it faces significant parliamentary and public pressure. This, however is why we wrote the letter to King Charles. Now the Remainers are complaining about that for a host of bizarre reasons.

2. Boris wins – Vote of No Confidence, resignations and more mayhem.

3. Boris loses – they limp on with another lame duck.

Reboot Britain

Street research

Check this video out that we made today in a sauna. The deception that the will of the people is still for Brexit is under extreme question, considering that this research was conducted in Brexity Kent. Watch the sauna video – it’s just two minutes long!!

Check also our World Wide Wednesday masterclass on Rejoining the EU below:

To get hold of the books ‘Reboot Britain’ and ‘Private Eyelines’ please go to Rage Against The Brexit Machine or write direct to me at

careless whisper

Careless Whisper

Whilst shopping in Tesco yesterday, a man approached me and whispered in my ear “I love your T-Shirt”, almost as if he dare not say the word Brexit in public !! Given this Twitter thread below, part of me understands his reticence. Yet we must not allow Brexit to be airbrushed out of the lexicon by the Tories. This is why I wrote three books on Brexit. Check the books out on ETSY. Our latest edition of Reboot Parliament explains more. Watch it below:

“Actually it’s 178 x more but I’m a Tory and I lied”


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Liz Truss

Do you trust Truss?

As Liz Truss becomes more desperate to win the election, her measures become more desperate.  But the Janusian confusion in “Trussian” thinking continues.  The key question is “Do you trust Truss?” We depicted the question in the Queen song “Now I’m here” in the attached video “The Two Minds of Liz Truss”.  Famously, Freddie Mercury sings “Now I’m here” from one side of the stereo field and “Now I’m there” from the other side.  Truss is all over the place – even surround sound could not cover Truss’ ever changing moods !! 

We made the video to leaven Truss’ chances of winning.  A Prime Minister with no real majority will find it hard to enact radical policies and the ideal ironic election result would be 52 : 48.

Please like and share the video:

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Sunny Uplands


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EXTRACT from the book Private Eyelines. I’ve noticed that everything is UP in the post-Brexit sunny uplands world. What could have possibly caused this?

Costs of children’s shoes are UP by 20% shortly. Jacob Rees-Mogg promised that shoe prices would plummet after Brexit. Oh dear, Jake was wrong.

Inflation in UK is UP at over 6%. This is exceptional.

Gas prices are UP by 54% In France they are UP by 4% France levied a windfall tax on energy companies using their own sovereign powers. In Brexit Britain our Brexit freedoms seem to have prevented this. How strange?

Hunger is UP.

Food bank usage in Britain is UP, but food bank donations are DOWN.

COVID cases are UP. This is preventing the NHS from treating people with other serious conditions.

DEATHS will be UP but Boris Johnson says that COVID is DOWN. Of course, he is WRONG.

Russian influence is UP.

Sunak’s tax dodging is UP. His holidays in California are UP. More sunny uplands.

Channel 4 is UP for sale.

National debt is UP.

Petrol prices are UP.

Homelessness is UP.

Delivery times are UP.

Troubles in Northern Ireland are UP.

Fines for breaking lockdown are UP.

Postage fees are UP.

Bullshit from the Go Home Office about the Ukrainian refugee settlement scheme is UP.

Queues on the M20 / M2 in Kent are UP. P&O Ferries are only in part to blame. Since we have no resilience in our port systems after Brexit, only a small knock is needed to bring the system to a standstill.

The Brexit IT system is UP the cack. This does not help, but the underlying cause of delays in Kent is Brexit and not the IT system per se. if we did not have Brexit we would not have the crappy IT system and we would not have gridlock in Kent.

Urination is Kent is up as drivers have no place to go (freedom of movement and urination).

National Insurance is UP.

Sea levels are UP.

Hospital parking fees are UP.

Looting is UP.

Tory ethics are DOWN.

Labour is UP.

Tax is UP.

The game is UP.

With thanks to all at Re-Boot Britain for this list. The sunny uplands can only increase. This list is an extract from Private Eyelines.

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Sunny Uplands
Giant hedgehogs are UP

Every cloud

Every cloud … This week, I had a serious accident when I was nearly run over and killed on my bicycle by an articulated lorry travelling at 50 mph. I was admitted to A&E and found to have a number of fractured bones in my lower back and in areas connected to the spine. I am presently recuperating. As is the way with such things, people tend to get in touch to find out how you are. My estranged sister was one of them and she was WhatsApping me on Thursday. I decided to break our arrangement of silence and called her by phone. I say estranged because I asked that she stop visiting for family teas some years ago after she said she and her husband voted for Brexit to “keep two million German rapists out of Tonbridge” and to “stop Sharia Law in Britain”. I found our conversation deeply depressing and cut ties for family gatherings as a result. We must still Brexorcise people if we are to move the dial – see Books to change minds, although my sister is not really part of my target market – she is beyond redemption. The phone conversation went something like this:

S: I’m only phoning up to find out how you are Peter. I’m not going to go on about my ailments.

ME: I thank her, explain briefly that I’m OK and answer questions about the accident. As expected this is followed by a full exposition of ‘her ailments’, which I allow, as she is quite old and it’s expected anyway as part of our normal conversation. I find out which pills she is on and so on and host of other unnecessary information. Still, that’s family for you.

S: I suppose you are really pleased today?

ME: Why?

S: Well, Boris going and all that? (she knows she should not bring the subject up but cannot help herself).

ME: No, not at all. (she is perplexed as she only sees issues as being binary off / on, in / out, yes / no decisions). I wait a bit and then continue: As you know changing the figurehead does not change the underlying problem which remains, in other words Brexit.

S (looking for an escape route): Well, I could not vote for Keir Starmer.

ME: What exactly is it that means you cannot vote for him? Nor can I by the way.

S: (long pause) er, um, well I don’t know really but it’s just a feeling (she reads The Daily Maul). I note that she is beginning to question her statement and let it go.

S: (after my embarrassingly long pause): Well, Boris is funny isn’t he?

ME: Yes, he is …. (long awkward pause), but being funny is not the most important thing if you are running the country …

S: (fumbling) Well, he did COVID well didn’t he.

ME: Er, yes if you think that 170 000 unnecessary deaths is good (long pause). You do realise that there were other choices and that this course of action was not inevitable? (long pause). S: Did you know that I’m a great grandmother? We continue with small talk.

A friend wondered why I continue to bother and in some ways she is right. My sister represents a small group of people for whom little will change in terms of their beliefs about Brexit. They do however offer an excellent practice arena for the larger swathe of people who now doubt the wisdom of Brexit. We must work on this group now that they are starting to question the lies they were sold about Brexit. In a relatively short intervention I was able to raise significant doubt about the following matters:

  • Remainers are not all Boris haters or ‘lefty losers’.
  • Keir Starmer has some competences to lead. My sister is of the view that Starmer represents communism in her binary world.
  • Entertainment is not a core leadership skill. Other qualities matter more. Johnson was good at the Olympics and could have possibly had a career presenting ‘It’s a kockout’. However these skills are insufficient to run the country.
  • Killing people unnecessarily is not something to be proud of.
  • Herd immunity was not the only choice to address COVID (Brexiteers love the modal operator of necessity – see the books for more information on linguistics).

We simply cannot change the outlook on Brexit unless we work outside the bubble. Read the books today and arm yourself to have these difficult conversations. Every cloud …

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