Following the announcement by Boris Johnson that he is going to build 50 000 more toilets in Kent to help lorry drivers stranded in villages and towns after Brexit, we invite you to join us at Lenham village on Saturday 17 October from 11.00 – 13.00 to celebrate Kent : Operation Pisspot. See Portaloo for the invite to the event. Here are some of the greatest pictures and artists’ impressions of this magnificent development.

Lenham remodelled
Lenham remodelled – Join us on Saturday
Operation Moonshit
Operation Moonshit

Meanwhile, Operation COVID piss up in a brewery continues, with Johnson repeating the mistake of too little too late from February. The phrase prevention is better than a cure springs to mind. He was advised to have a circuit breaker on September 21. Here we are nearly a month later and he continues to try to entertain us rather than make the difficult decisions. A late circuit breaker is probably inevitable. By then we may have “baked in” more than 30 000 unnecessary deaths.

A Britastrophe
A Britastrophe
Just going for a "Nigel" - Breaking Wind
Just going for a “Nigel” – Breaking Wind
The Three Bellends
Nigel will be opening The Three Bellends at some point

Sign the petition to name the lorry park after our Nige.

Your Portaloo awaits sire
Down on the farm, the silage is high

“Relieve your bowels at Johnson’s Jobbie Junction … just off the M20”

In Lenham, the first portaloo is installed

Meanwhile our “Chief Negotiator” Sir David Frost reports that the EU still fails to understand that it is the UK that wish to leave the EU and that they, the EU, must destroy their enterprise so that England can rule the waves. How silly of them to forget that we voted for Brexit. Johnson is now on his 4th missed deadline that HE set, but of course this is someone else’s fault as well … Please tweet David Frost to correct his delusions.

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Thanks to Chris Tandy for help with this article.