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Lee Anderson

Write to Lee Anderson MP (e-mail to help him understand his failings. Here is a sample letter from a good friend:

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Just in case you missed it all – I think you’ve decided to take a break from Twitter after your last car crash pronouncements – you’ve really thrown Katy under the bus and are now trending like no other MP since Matt Hancock was filmed grabbing his assistant’s bum in his office.

In particular, you may wish to find the clips from James O’Brien’s radio show on LBC this morning. It’s a corker.

MP Dawn Butler has a bit to say about you on Twitter as well, as does Mike Galsworthy. You should make an effort to read these, if no others.

#PoorKaty is trending on Twitter as well, due to your poor judgement.

You have made a huge mistake by doubling down on your original ‘30p’ message, first with ‘own brand’ Weetabix, and now by using Katy. Did you not think that she would come under the microscope? The whole country knows about her background now.

You should feel ashamed of yourself. You have once again showed the country, in fact the World, what an ignorant fool you are.

Keep digging


Into 2023

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “NHS waiting list has ballooned to 7.2 from 4.6M in early 2020 … only 18% of nurses said they had enough time to provide the quality of care they liked … You Gov poll found that almost two thirds of Brits supported the nurses’ strike … no amount of planning can prevent the anguish and inconvenience caused by cancelled procedures .. We are fighting for everybody… The 2021 Integrated Review … Johnson government’s ill fated attempt at designing a ‘post Brexit grand strategy” … a fantasy future for the UK … published the day after Putin began his first troop build up on the Ukrainian border … most ill timed piece of hubris … Royal Navy tasked with keeping open sea lanes rather than protecting the internet cables … that were mysteriously cut in October … no comprehensive national security risk assessment … blithely redirected our military and security resources to Asia … the challenge now is to make a handbrake turn … we cannot afford a fudge … we need politicians to level with the public … we are in a recession but Britain lives in a fantasy … it is going to be far, far worse … UK is the only G7 country that has failed to recover from COVID … UK growth will be second worst after Russia … how did we get to be such a failure? … Brexit … an amazingly inept and ideology driven budget … UK will be paying for these disasters well into the 2030s … Brexit is costing at least 4% of GDP permanently … tax burden … highest sustained level since WW2 …

Don Adamson

Daily active interventions on our tragic mistake to leave the EU are needed.

Waiting for people to die and looking away because it’s painful won’t get us there.

Learn how to do it with these books.

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The NHS and Brexit

From a friend … This tells the story of the reality of Tory Brexit cuts in graphic detail …

Hi everyone, just want to explain to you all why I have been quiet since before Christmas.
Also to those of you that may be a bit cynical that the A&E is not in as bad a crisis as it seems.
I can tell you the images that are shown on TV are the easy on the eye images.
This is my experience please read to the end …
Before Christmas I had the flu virus. I made two attempts to get a doctor’s appointment. Both failed and I ended up needing antibiotics for what took place subsequently.
On Christmas Day I was in so much pain was taken to Medway hospital by ambulance had intravenous antibiotics sent home to come back Wednesday
On Wednesday attended SDEC (Same Day Emergency Care) after X-rays and bloods I was told I had severe pneumonia and pleurisy with infected fluid around my lung.
As no bed available I was sat in a recliner chair in SDEC treatment room 1.
There I stayed for 5 days.
There were 14 patients waiting for beds in an area that is not set up for long term patients hence SDEC.
in the day the general public and A&E patients were coming in for treatment next to us.
I was having constant iv painkillers antibiotics saline oxygen and nebuliser with all this going on around me.
As not a ward there were no washing facilities we had to use a public toilet which was often filthy NHS is short of cleaners.
I was left sitting in my own urine and diarrhoea as was too weak to walk out to the toilet. I vomited all down myself but no nurse was available to help me . The other patients were trying to help each other.
I honestly thought I would die in there.
The nurses were writing notes on paper towels as they had no paper.
Took 3 days to get a pillow and blanket.
I do not blame the nurses and other staff at all. They are so over worked and kept apologising for the situation. They are not equipped in that area for long term patients.
They had to search for breakfast and meals for us.
On the 6th day I was moved to a ward normally I hate going in to a ward but when I got there it felt as if I had stepped in to heaven it was clean, calm and quiet and when the nurse said would I like a wash (I had not had a wash for 6 days and had sores on my bottom).
I broke down sobbing. I had been so traumatised by what I experienced the nurse sat and held my hand to calm me.
I was in that ward for 2 days it felt like heaven.
I am now home with a 6 week recovery.
I do not blame the staff at the hospital.
I blame the Government.
“To get Brexit done“ they promised.
“To put £350 million EVERY WEEK into The NHS”.
“To build 40 new hospitals”.
“To fund and train 50,000 nurses”.
40, 000 have left the profession.
They have not delivered any of the above.
Our NHS is broken, A&E is in crisis and we need another A&E hospital towards Swale to cope with the amount of houses being built in Kent.
I am totally traumatised by what I experienced. No one should go to hospital and have to go through that.
Fuck The Tories.
This is their doing. They need to make it good.

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Reboot Britain

The last angry Brexiteers

Michael and Alan are angry about Brexit. So they have decided to turn their fire on me in their own version of the ‘Daily Mail v Prince Harry’ moment. I had published a post about my books on Rebooting Britain in response to a facebook post by Led By Donkeys. Alan immediately tries to ‘look for a motive for my crime’ and assumes incorrectly that writing books on Brexit is a money spinner. That’s the only reason he can come up with, based on zero knowledge of how publishing works:

Later on, Alan runs away when asked about the benefits of Brexit. Again this is typical in an online exchange and is one of the reasons why I don’t bother with online Brexorcisms, except when I need some entertainment.

End of communication
Get copies of the books by clicking the page above

Michael is made of stronger stuff. He wants free copies of my books, but he is not a reviewer, a media person or anyone with reach and influence. He finds it hard to understand why I refuse to give 6 months of work away for free to someone with no track record or profile. This trait is not just reserved for Brexiteers. I know plenty of Remainers that refuse to learn the skills needed to change the game. On the one hand they are happy to buy badges and tat and pay Andrew Adonis et al for their writing, they are affronted when I ask that they value my efforts. Oh well. So much for not being an elitist. No wonder we lost three times.

Michael pleads for the book whilst simultaneously pointing out that he already knows what’s in it. Some of our chat on facebook is out of chronological order in what follows below, but I think you will get the gist of Michael’s beef.

It was emotional Michael. Learn the skills of Brexorcism here.


Happy Brexmas

From Don Adamson, Brexorcist in Chief from Yorkshire.

This week’s quotes: “Richy Scumbag pretends Brexit is going well … Tories want to present the Thick Lizzie era as a weird aberration … enormous damage to the NHS … being behind rather than leading public opinion is a bad place for political leaders to be … thanks to their shared Brexomerta that is where Richy Scumbag and Starmer position themselves …bands, lawyers suffer Brexit damage … Brexit barriers to trade in goods … caught the attention of the media … UK is not a manufacturing economy … services make up 80% of British economy … Brexit has chipped away at its importance …  something unpleasant is happening to our services based economy … British government failed to negotiate a deal on services with EU … smaller companies simply stopped trading with EU … huge grey areas … changes have hit every industry …  expensive and waste of time and effort … Music artists will find it harder to break through … Thatcher promoted the Single Market … for decades that was a huge win for UK economy … criminal investigations into Michelle Mone continue … Michael Gove distancing himself from the tycoon … he referred her bid what turned out to be unfit PPE to the ‘right channel’ … Johnson sees a return to journalism as infra dig … he genuinely harboured intentions to be the next Secretary General of NATO … former PMs with dubious reputations are proving harder to place these days … Cameron, May, Johnson, Thick Lizzie have little more to say in their bios than ‘former PM’ … Liam Fox notched up 400,000 air miles without bagging any deals … Starmer cannot claim to be on the side of ordinary people if he is determined to ignore the blindingly obvious … Twitter descends into the hellscape that is Elon Musk’ fevered inferiority complex … Economists line up to show how well the NHS is funded … people waiting to see GP, lying in ambulances for hours or dying before cancer treatment provide the reality check … We have sent thousands of doctors and nurses packing … consequence of Brexit … failure to train enough people … Jeremy *unt’s laments sit oddly with the fact that he was Health Secretary for over six years … there is reason to doubt integrity of ministers investigations into dodgy equipment …Is Nadhim Zahawi OK ? …billed the taxpayers thousands of pounds to heat his horse’s stables … is he the best person to say that overworked and underpaid nurses should suffer yet more privation? … More reasons why the government should not go on strike …if they are so poor they should marry somebody rich … people tip waitresses … patients should slip a tenner down the nurse’s apron, like you do with a stripper’s g-string… Scores of Afghans who helped the British fled to Iran. Now Iran is sending them back to certain death …

Learn the skills of Brexorcism here.

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