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Monthly Archives: August 2020

What troubles me most ?

You know what really troubles me about our Government? It’s the fact that nobody gives a damn about being lied to on a daily basis. My own brother typifies the condition known as learned helplessness, when he points out that he was lied to in 1996 about his pension by the Government and so he now expects to be lied to on a daily basis. Although he voted to Remain, he has swallowed the lie that we must not interfere with the “will of the people”, nor does he understand how he might go about this if he did.

Mike Cashman devised an interesting way to test the nation’s agreeableness to being lied to with his “acceptometer”. It asks you to decide whereabouts on a Likert scale you are prepared to accept being lied to on a daily basis by politicians. Test yourself on this simple example:

Where do you draw the line?

It occurred to me that this very dark piece of music I wrote a while back sums up the essential value conflict that Mike speaks of. In the piece Nigel Farage reflects on the poverty of his existence in a kind of confessional, set against a very dark backdrop of synths and saxes in a retro futurist jazz mashup. This is not pop music!

We will be taking the Bollocks to Brexit Mini Cooper out again soon with your support. We are looking at Hampshire, Yorkshire, Kent, Essex and London but are open to offers from feisty campaigners. Please provide your support via Bollocks. We take no prisoners.

Re-Boot Britain

From Adrian Ekins-Daukes – Leader of Re-Boot Britain

We should not underestimate Johnson’s regime’s staying power. It has shown the determination to ignore demonstrations in London of over one million people, and  large demonstrations in other cities, at a time when  they had no parliamentary  majority and had to face a general election. Now, with a majority of over 80, they will not yield to the sort of soft pressure exercised by central movements in Millbank such as March for Change and The European Movement. I fear they may well try to tough it out even in the circumstances which you predict, using fake news and propaganda. In that case, the only thing which will shake them is loss of electoral seats. But the general election is still nearly 4 years away and by that time the electorate may have been conditioned to live with the status quo. It even remains in doubt that another election will happen now that The Kremlin is involved in day to day government of this green and pleasant land.


Adrian Ekins-Daukes Re-Booting Brexit Britain

However, next year there are the County Council elections as well as Borough and District elections postponed from this year. Some will no doubt say “Oh, but those are about local affairs and shouldn’t be mixed up with national arguments ”. This is of course rubbish, as any political commentator will tell you. Number 10 and party HQs are sensitive to the results even if they pretend otherwise. These give us an opportunity, and we have time to plan, organise and soften up the targets.”

There would be no need for us to put up candidates. Instead, we, as “REBOOT BRITAIN“, would be an unregulated campaigning organisation, inviting voters to vote for anyone (or no one) provided they did not vote Conservative. We would produce literature, using all the strongest arguments we can muster (and we already have a legion in our records). As I read the Electorate Commission’s rules – and I have done so several times – we would not have to register with them if we did not intend to spend over £20,000 in the pre-election period and could do what we like provided we didn’t break the ordinary laws of the land. Preparatory work is needed, but I would volunteer to be chief donkey. Peter Cook has offered to help with strategy and communications to help us punch above our weight. There are rewards too. We are dealing here directly with electors of all persuasions, including those averse to using social media. We don’t have to rely or newspapers who all too often, in my experience, refuse to publish those letters which really nail the opposing arguments.  Instead, we would go direct to the public via blogs and other direct means. Astonishingly Peter gained supporters by specifically asking people NOT to vote for him in the 2019 General Election. Finally, our campaign will offer real, measurable results within a year. This will provide our supporters with a real incentive to leaven the status quo by choosing differently from the herd.

Will you join us? Will you help Re-Boot Britain?

Editor’s footnote – Adrian’s efforts in 2019 helped to cause a 6% drop in a Brexiteer MP’s share of the vote and a fall in his majority. This even caused the BBC to comment!

And finally, a word from Julie Ward from the European Parliament:

In case your eyesight is compromised through driving, this is the text of Julie’s letter:

Dear Sir,

Barnard Castle continues to be the focus of enormous attention since Dominic Cummings made his illegal trip to the town on Easter Sunday, an action which undermined the government legislation that Cummings himself helped to shape, thereby contributing to the general public’s disregard of government guidelines and undoubtedly increasing the number of coronavirus infections and deaths from Covid19.

Last Sunday the town saw a visit from musician, author and entrepreneur Peter Cook, of the Academy of Rock. Peter, who normally lives in Kent, is currently touring the UK in his iconic yellow Mini-Cooper which bears slogans warning the general public about the disastrous impact of multiple crises. His trip to Barnard Castle included a spontaneous concert for passers-by accompanied by campaigners from NE4EU who also gave a rendition of the Lambton Worm. Other people joining Peter in the town were members of Leeds for Europe and pro-EU groups from Herefordshire and the Midlands. As well as entertaining and educating passers-by, the group also posed for photos outside Spec Savers wearing Dominic Cummings masks and witty T-shirts bearing the imprint “HM Govt Approved Eye Test”. Passing traffic tooted in support and lots of people went off wearing stickers bearing the slogan – “Corona Crisis + Brexit Disaster = Britastrophe”.

I know how much our communities enjoy live music – from teen fans to ageing rockers, music is an important part of our lives. Like all those working in the industry Peter Cook understands well the disastrous consequences of Brexit on the arts and entertainment industry which will make tours much less viable resulting in fewer opportunities for fans to see their favourite bands, and ultimately fewer bands making less music, and also less money for the treasury.

It is no surprise that the Musicians Union supported the UK remaining in the EU. The loss of Freedom of Movement is a tragedy for all of us but is of particular concern for touring artists and for young people, many of whom were denied a say about their future. 

Now, as the government threatens to drive us off a cliff with a ‘No Deal Brexit’ at the end of the year in the midst of an almost certain second wave of coronavirus infections, please make YOUR voice heard by writing to your MP and insisting on a detailed response to your concerns, not cut and paste Cummings-speak. You can also support Peter Cook’s campaign to ‘Reboot Britain’ here –

Yours sincerely

Julie Ward 

Formerly Vice Chair of the European Parliament’s Culture & Education Committee 

Rent a Tory

Here is the spreadsheet of how much it takes to rent a Tory. The surprising finding is just how little it takes to gain influence with these people with Teresa Villiers at just £2000 if paid in Roubles. Times must be hard …

Our chancellor costs just £6000 for example. He is currently serving beer and full English Brexits at Wetherspoons for hardly any inducements.

If you want access to the very top, you might want to try something a little more exotic, with Brandon Lewis at circa £50K.

Write to your chosen MP and make some gentle enquiries about the money. Ask them if they will offer you personal services for a knockdown price.

The law of unintended consequences

Fool Britannia

Some Remainers hold the view that Britain rules the waves and that we can rejoin the EU at some point in the future. The assumptions on which they base their predictions are that nothing changes in Britain or in the EU after Brexit. Yet this is fundamentally unlikely to be true and our chance to reverse Brexit is therefore time limited. Consider the effects of change over the next 5-10 years in socio-economic and cultural terms:


Scotland will have a legitimate case to leave the UK if Brexit happens. This will be followed by movements towards re-unification of Ireland, then the separation of Wales and so on. It is not too fanciful to suggest that England will gravitate towards The People’s Republic of Thurrock over the long term, as atomisation becomes fashionable. After all, Brexit is really about the creation of Singapore on Thames for a few people, the realignment of Britain with the worst of what the US has to offer and a narrow islander’s outlook on world affairs and racism.

In terms of economics, we have had a first wave of companies leaving the UK in 2017 – 2018 then another after it became clear that tariffs and a customs union will be a Brexit reality. The third wave will follow if Brexit happens, once companies understand that Brexit means No deal, No trade and No hope. The Russian experiment to destabilise Europe will be complete.

These economic and social changes will be accompanied by a consequential brain drain by people with portable skills in the 4th industrial age and a transition to a low skills / low wage culture. Brexit is Jacob Rees-Mogg’s wet dream of a return to an upstairs downstairs society of servants, serfdom and the workhouse. Quite why working class people voted for Brexit, apart from as a protest, still escapes me as someone who began life in a working class family but who now works globally as a knowledge worker. Brexit will make little impact on me personally, but I cannot understand why those who will lose most still seem to want it just because they “won”. Read what the University of Oxford has to say about our brain drain, which has increased by some 30% in recent times with Brexit being the dominant driver of “cerebral migration“.

According to the study, the numbers of UK citizens obtaining EU member state passports provides evidence that an increasing number of UK immigrants are making long-term migration decisions to protect themselves from some of the negative effects of Brexit

The net effects of these socio-economic and cultural changes will be deep and long lasting. They may result in the UK being unfit to re-join the EU as “Little Britain” may not even be able to meet the joining criteria. In any case, Britain may find itself in a queue behind Albania. Queuing is at least something that British people understand!


At the same time, the EU will not remain static across a 5-10 year period . Some of the likely effects on the EU side of things include:

The EU experience of our continuing desire to “have our cake and eat it too” may well persuade Brussels that Charles De Gaulle was right about Britain. De Gualle warned his five EEC partners that Britain had a “deep-seated hostility” to European integration that could bring about the end of what was then referred to as the “common market.” He also worried that in crunch times, Britain would always side with the United States over its continental neighbours. Britain has attempted to do just that by trading hormone fed beef and chlorinated chicken against our food supply from Europe and even our own farmer’s livelihoods. A nation that puts food before wellbeing needs to have a word with itself.

Over the last four years, as well as Britain’s decline as a nation, the EU has had time to mitigate the worst effects of Brexit for themselves. For example they have struck trade deals which will allow industries and countries to make up any losses from Britain’s involvement in the EU. This will lower their need to deal with us, especially if our trajectory is towards lower standards and US domination of our trade.

Given the atrocious way in which the UK has handled negotiations with Brussels, using table thumping techniques and inept negotiators such as David Frost, any such re-entry would likely be accompanied with a “terms and conditions” apply clause. For example Schengen, the Euro and so on. Europe will also learn from Brexit and not wish to have a repeat performance of the petulance and adapted child behaviour that has bedevilled Brexit.

Britain may even fail the criteria for being a democracy in 5-10 years, which is a pre-requisite of joining the EU. Important signifiers of our decline into a banana republic include:

  • Stuffing the legislature with cronies
  • Directing hundreds of millions to other cronies
  • Removing checks and balances from Parliament
  • Putting Civil Service departments under political control

The EU is no longer interested in wasting their time on Britain and this has consequences for any future relationship with Europe. Donald Trump will not rescue Britain, apart from asset stripping the NHS and killing our farmers.

The current migrant fiasco is a current example of our appalling behaviour towards others. Priti Patel attempts to suggest that people voted to kill migrant children by voting Brexit in 2016. She also argues that our inability to handle migration is France’s fault. This is a potent example “arrested development”. Three year olds in a playground arguing about who should have a piece of chocolate may actually demonstrate more advanced behaviours that our present political masters.

We cannot therefore rely on the idea of re-joining the EU. We must push for a suspension of Brexit in the wake of Corona, or just because Brexit is one of the most stupid and dangerous ideas of all time.

Things to do:

Write to your MP using this article to inform your letter.

Write to the media.

Brexorcise your friends.

Support our continuing project to Re-Boot Britain.

Join our movement every Monday at 8 pm on ZOOM.