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Monthly Archives: October 2020

Do or Die

Here is a roundup of Brexit news in case you are bored with COVID apathy. Remember COVID is a crisis. Brexit a disaster in slow motion. Brexit will make the bigger impact on our country in the long run. The toxic combination of Corona + Brexit = a Britastrophe. We must pull back from a Do or Die Brexit. Your ditch awaits Mr Johnson.

Down on the farm

I watched with dismay, as Parliament voted to lower our food standards. This opens the door to hormone fed beef, chlorinated chicken and a host of other dodgy practices. In case you think this doesn’t matter, US cases of food poisoning are some 10 times higher than our country.

I have mixed feelings about the farmers. I helped Liz Webster, PPC for Swindon, gain the only TV coverage for the Lib Dems in the entire South West in 2017. Liz organised the farmers marches. I attended the last event to be told that they did not wish to mention Brexit, as the issue was toxic. Instead they protest to save themselves. Parochial self-interest is a hardy perennial problem of Remain. There is a hierarchy of problems here with Brexit at the apex. In other words, stopping Brexit leads to solutions to other issues such as food standards, EU citizens rights and so on. But people would rather form into silos (sic), allowing our Government to operate “divide and rule” politics. Oh well, the farmers have been composted and we all lose.

Die Another Day

We’ve had “Do or Die” and “Die in a Ditch” from Boris Johnson, so we may as well have “Die Another Day” or “Live and Let Die”. Brexit negotiations remain deadlocked. Johnson is trapped by the ERG on one side, funded by Russia and wanting No Deal, which nobody voted for. He is also confounded by the EU, who must satisfy the four freedoms and protect their enterprise. It is always unwise to capitulate to bullies. The EU cannot give Britain a better deal for less money, as it will threaten the cohesion of the other 27 member states. I covered this point in the post Brexit Choices.

Why then are the negotiations deadlocked? Quite simply the “mechanics” of Brexit remain unresolvable. By moving one part of the puzzle to resolve one issue, the other parts become entangled. It’s what we call a “Wicked Problem” in consulting circles. Wicked problem do not lend themselves to simple solutions as Boris Johnson would like to believe. As reported last year, changing the leader or applying more “bluster” does not alter the underlying problems that exist with Brexit.

The Golf Club analogy


The latest instalment of industrial scale lies and gaslighting comes from yesterday’s COVID announcements. With £40 Billion worth of tax rises now inevitable, let’s examine some COVID facts that Boris Johnson must have missed whilst chasing a violinist …

Scientists advised the Government to install circuit breakers to stop Corona contagion on September 21, 2020. Ignored.

Professor Chris Witty told the Government that that the latest COVID rules will not be enough to contain the virus. Ignored.

Keir Starmer has just asked the Prime Minister to follow the science and install a 2-3 week circuit breaker across the UK. I predict he will either be ignored or blamed for the deaths already baked in by Johnson’s lack of action from mid-September, when he was talking about “Getting Christmas Done”. This is a repeat performance from February, when Johnson was more concerned with bonging bells, shaking hands and minting 50 pence coins than running the country.

Too Little, Too Late, pre-occupied with Brexit
670 NHS deaths during the first wave due to inaction. 30 000 unnecessary deaths overall

Test and Trace is still not working, despite Matt Hancock promising to get it up and running many months ago. Without measurement, there can be no management of COVID and the idea of “Controlling the Virus” is at best fanciful, at worst dangerous.

Bojona-20 - Putting the K in ILL
Still pursuing Cummings eugenics aka herd immunity model

In case you think that the idea of unnecessary deaths are a feature of Brexit, please read what Wendy Novak has to say on the matter at Brexit : A matter of life or death.

Meanwhile £3 BILLION of your taxes has mysteriously disappeared on Government COVID contracts handed out to friends and cronies.

Hard facts on COVID + Brexit = Britastrophe

And Johnson now does not want to appear in front of the public, having hired Allegra Stratton to handle “comms” so he can move on to pursue more important matters.

The lesson for us all is neatly summed up by James O’Brien:


Happy now?

Do or Die Brexit in a ditch Johnson?

What are you waiting for?

Take Action

Report MP’s for breaking international law.

Write to your MP and ask them to make Better Brexit Choices for a Better Britain, by opposing reckless behaviour by the Cabinet.

Snitch on MPs for breaking international law.

Do or Die Brexit

Boris + Corona = BoJona

BoJona-20 – The toxic viral strain of Boris Johnson’s bumbling bluster combined with the twin perils of Corona Crisis + Brexit Disaster aka a Britastrophe

I listened to Boris Johnson’s speech at the Tory Party Conference last week, which I dubbed BoJona-20. I noticed that BoJona-20 was virtually “content free”. The “beauty” of not including content in your talks (sic) is that there is little to take issue with, as long as you don’t get found out! 🙁 It rather seems that people listen for the jokes and are happy to accept empty promises, even though they have been fooled before. More fool them.

No 10 uses a Tombola machine to generate “BoJona-20”. They fill the machine with Post-It notes to generate random catchphrases. This is how David Bowie generated lyrics using his “cut up technique” in the 1970’s. Of course Bowie was not making decisions to determine whether people lived or died in The Laughing Gnome, so the context is different.

Having swallowed 30 minutes of garbage from BoJona-20, I was compelled to write a song to re-assemble Johnson’s garbage as a Lo-Fi groove called BOJONA-20 – an homage to garbage. Download copies of the song on Bandcamp – all proceeds go towards our continued activism to suspend Brexit.

BoJona-20 is possibly the most toxic virus on the planet. Johnson’s lies destroy trust and belief.  The continuing act of lying means that nobody trusts anything that politicians say or do any more. This takes us to a new low point in politics. Just today Johnson has changed a firm deadline (again) for Brexit talks to end, so that he can bully the EU into giving more concessions. It never pays to reward bullies.

“It is the third unilateral deadline that Johnson has imposed without agreement.” Michel Barnier 

Take Action:

Report MP’s for breaking international law

Write to your MP and ask them to make Better Brexit Choices for a Better Britain, by opposing reckless behaviour by the Cabinet

Join us at Futurama – an arts festival to change the world

Snitch on MPs for breaking international law

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My friend and collaborator Rachel Ashley wrote a rant about the industrial scale lies from Boris Johnson. Edited slightly here for those that remain unaware of the facts:

Think this is bad? Wait until January. Still, it’s what the shitters wanted and they definitely knew what they were voting for. The reality of internal borders in Kent, 72 mile lorry queues, increased shipping costs, hassle at borders leading to rotting food and deaths from critical medicine shortages, satellite systems, radioactive isotopes, internal borders, cancellation of your bank account if you live in Europe, flight delays or possibly no flights at all between UK and Europe, portaloos in all areas where there are borders. Oh, and food shortages, possibly issues with clean water, power, problems if you deliver services and goodbye NHS. You fucking idiots. Own your Brexshit. But hey, you get your blue passport back.

Find our previous album “Britastrophe” at Bandcamp. Here’s the original song and our Indian Raga special.

Kent : Operation Pisspot

Following the announcement by Boris Johnson that he is going to build 50 000 more toilets in Kent to help lorry drivers stranded in villages and towns after Brexit, we invite you to join us at Lenham village on Saturday 17 October from 11.00 – 13.00 to celebrate Kent : Operation Pisspot. See Portaloo for the invite to the event. Here are some of the greatest pictures and artists’ impressions of this magnificent development.

Lenham remodelled
Lenham remodelled – Join us on Saturday
Operation Moonshit
Operation Moonshit

Meanwhile, Operation COVID piss up in a brewery continues, with Johnson repeating the mistake of too little too late from February. The phrase prevention is better than a cure springs to mind. He was advised to have a circuit breaker on September 21. Here we are nearly a month later and he continues to try to entertain us rather than make the difficult decisions. A late circuit breaker is probably inevitable. By then we may have “baked in” more than 30 000 unnecessary deaths.

A Britastrophe
A Britastrophe
Just going for a "Nigel" - Breaking Wind
Just going for a “Nigel” – Breaking Wind
The Three Bellends
Nigel will be opening The Three Bellends at some point

Sign the petition to name the lorry park after our Nige.

Your Portaloo awaits sire
Down on the farm, the silage is high

“Relieve your bowels at Johnson’s Jobbie Junction … just off the M20”

In Lenham, the first portaloo is installed

Meanwhile our “Chief Negotiator” Sir David Frost reports that the EU still fails to understand that it is the UK that wish to leave the EU and that they, the EU, must destroy their enterprise so that England can rule the waves. How silly of them to forget that we voted for Brexit. Johnson is now on his 4th missed deadline that HE set, but of course this is someone else’s fault as well … Please tweet David Frost to correct his delusions.

Take Action – Click on the links

Report MPs for breaking international law

Join us at Futurama – an arts festival to change the world

Find out why Suspending Brexit is still possible

Find out why Rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term

Read The “Daily Maul

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Thanks to Chris Tandy for help with this article.

An Australian Brexit

AC / DC, Vegemite, Kylie, INXS, Neighbours, Tim Tams, Rolf Harris, kangaroos, boomerangs, Home and Away, barbecues, koalas, Skippy, fairy bread, meat pies, fish and chips, Nicole Kidman, Sia, Pavlova, bush tucker, Ant and Dec, Men at Work, The Saints, Nick Cave. Toni Collette, Lamingtons, Golden Gaytime, The Bee Gees, Olivia Newton John, Midnight Oil, Ned Kelly, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Castlemaine 4X, Margot Robbie, Fosters, Barry Humphries, Barry Crocker. Paul Hogan, Miriam Margolis, didgeridoos, Dame Edna, Tony Abbott. These are just some of the delights that await us from an Australian Brexit. Oh wait a minute …


I’ll just repeat that …

Watch the video


I’ll just repeat that


Our “Australian trade deal” gives five times the amount of trade to Australia compared with our trade. Remember, one of the reasons we left the EU was because we had a trade deficit with the EU. It proves the old Brexit adage “We need Australia more than they need us”


The Tim Tam is mightier than the Penguin according to Boris Johnson ,
According to bunter Johnson …

I’ll just repeat that


I’ll just repeat that

The notion of an Australian Brexit was introduced into the lexicon of Brexit Bullshit Bingo early in 2020 as a euphemism for No Deal Brexit. The EU does not have a deal with Australia. We are headed for a WTO No Deal Brexit, which should please the remaining 37 % of the population who want their Brexit hard, with BBQ sauce and massive tariffs on imports and exports.

Do not be gaslit by this. There remains NO good Brexit deal. The only good Brexit is a dead Brexit. Read why No Deal and a Brexit deal are the equivalent of a sudden death or a slow death in Brexit Choices. Read why rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term. We must now suspend or end Brexit in the wake of COVID and an oncoming “Britastrophe“.

Take Action – Click on the links

Report MPs for breaking international law

Find out why Suspending Brexit is still possible

Read Operation Pisspot – why Kent is now a toilet

Highway to Brexit Hell
Beware of the BoJona-20 Virus – it’s lethal
BREX it’s a mistake
Corona Crisis + Brexit Disaster = Britastrophe
Better the devil EU know
Cummings is the product of a mutant algorithm
Suicide Boris Brexit Blonde

Thank you to Patrick Tribe, Doug Futers and Helga Perry for the Aussie provocations !!

Flush Brexit

We must Flush Brexit down the pan … I was assembling my equipment for our Silent Brexit Protest in Kent last Friday evening … Musing upon the bizarre week of 1984 styled events, especially the spectacle of thousands of portaloos arriving in Kent to cope with 72 mile tailbacks of traffic on the main arteries (A2, A20, M20, M2, M25, M26, A299, A256, A28, A251, A249, A229, A228, A25, A26, A259, A227 etc.). Riffing on the idea of Flush Brexit, it came to me:

“Wouldn’t it be great if we had a portaloo for our event on Saturday in Lenham”

I considered scouring the town’s skips for a suitable toilet bowl, but time was short, so I decided to focus on more important matters …

On Saturday morning, whilst driving down to Lenham, w came upon a bidet bowl (forin’ innit) and cistern that had been fly-tipped on a drive of a country house just off the A249 trunk road. It was difficult to stop with lorries behind me, but I knew we were meant to Flush Brexit from my Friday night brain dump. I decided to make a detour of 7 miles by driving back up the A249 and returning to pull into the tiny hollow. We collected the bog by the side of the road. Mischief managed.

This put me in mind of the shit that is published by the Daily Mail, so here is today’s news dressed up as the Maul on Sunday:

The Sunday Maul
The Sunday Maul

In case you doubt where the actual stories come from, here are a few references:


Pension credit to be slashed

10 000 Portaloos in Kent

Hancock commits people to “death by Brexit

BOJO says we’ll have an Australian deal aka No Deal

William Shatner gives up on Britain for Star Trek merchandise

Flush Brexit down the pan

Jennifer Arcuri gaslights us away from Brexit catastrophe

There is no good Brexit
There is no good Brexit – Click to read
SuspEND Brexit - Click to read
SuspEND Brexit – Click to read
BBC - Brexit Border Control
BBC – Brexit Border Control – The latest from Cold War Steve – get his work from
Flush Brexit
Flush Brexit B-Day

Take Action – Click on the links

Report MPs for breaking international law

Join us at Futurama – an arts festival to change the world

Find out why Suspending Brexit is still possible

Find out why Rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term

Read The “Daily Maul

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Cummings’ laundry

Another piece of very dirty linen has emerged from Dominic Cummings’ laundry basket. Almost 20 years ago, he had a cottage built on land adjacent to his father’s farm house, without planning permission. Consequently, he never paid council tax on it either. The Valuation Office estimates that the outstanding tax on it amounts to between £30,000 and £50,000.

Breaking the law
Breaking the law

There is apparently a statute of limitations on planning permission which allows unauthorised building to remain untouched after a certain period. Durham Council cannot therefore have the cottage demolished. However, there is no such loophole for arrears of council tax. Nonetheless, Cummings has somehow managed to arrange that he should be let off.

STOP PRESS : Durham Council have mounted an appeal to claim back Cummings’ tax evasion

This is nothing short of scandalous. Any ordinary citizen who fails to pay Council tax, particularly on a property whose existence he had deliberately hidden from  the authorities, would surely be required to pay not just the full amount of tax but interest and perhaps penalties on top. Failure or refusal  to pay would normally result in a jail sentence. Yet Cummings, who likes to describe this cottage as a ‘pile of cement blocks’, gets off scot-free.

Cummings' Cottage
Cummings’ pile of cement blocks …

Regulation 47 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992 states people can be given prison sentences for not paying council tax  if they have done so due to “culpable neglect”.  This regulation is  strictly applied. Nearly 700 people were  imprisoned between 2010 and 2016 for not being able to pay their council tax,  with a further 7,000 handed suspended orders threatening imprisonment. An extreme case was that of Melanie Woolcock of Porthcawl who was jailed for a £4742 Council tax debt she could not pay . She was a single mother and was caring for an elderly neighbour when she lost her job and fell behind in her council tax payments. Woodcock spent 40 days in prison before being released in view of her poverty. Comparing her degree of ‘culpable neglect’ with that of Dominic Cummings can only arouse a feeling of sickening disgust at the immunity he receives and the Government which grants it to him.

This new demonstration of his immunity from the law follows on from his notorious visit to Durham in complete disregard of COVID regulations and his trip to Barnard Castle, claiming that he was having his eyes tested. The fact that he thinks this ridiculous excuse should suffice for the authorities, the press and  the British public shows the total contempt in which he holds us all. Now he is evading tax at a time when the rest of us will shortly face major tax increases. By shielding him from any penalties, Johnson, Gove and the law officers who disgrace their profession make themselves accessories to his deceptions and his illegalities.

With the wonderful people of North East for Europe – Getting our eyesight checked

There are other areas where Cummings activities raise very serious legal doubts. These will be dealt with in a coming issue where we ‘wash’ more of Cummings’ laundry.



Write to your MP using this article to help you

Report MP’s for breaking international law

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On the road again

We plan to go back on the road again … to bugger Brexit.

We plan to take the “Bollocks to Brexit Mini Cooper” on the road again, on a COVID safe trip around Britain to raise awareness that Brexit can be suspended in the wake of Corona.   We’ll be distributing 10 000 of the famous EU Flag Mafia stickers of two new designs.  At each location we offer a music performance and a COVID safe protest to re-ignite Remainers who wish to see an end to Brexit disaster.  The only good Brexit is a dead Brexit and Brexit is far from over – see Brexit Choices.

SuspEND Brexit
Click the image to support us

Aside from this, we are organising a Festival of Brexit aka Futurama in November. We wish to pay the artists for their time to perform at the event.  See Futurama  for details.

Festival of Brexit
Click the image to support us

At the same time we’ll be writing articles and making video content along our journey.   We hope not to get arrested this time as we did in Essex last time we did this – see Arrested Development.

In case you are confused about whether Brexit can be stopped please read Brexit Choices. Brexit is a political process and the law is merely a civil servant to the political will. Just consider how many laws our Government has broken to “get brexit done”, including international law.

Whilst we are here, report your Tory MP for breaking international law.

The case for suspending Brexit can be found at SuspEND Brexit. It is somewhat doubtful that we’ll be able to rejoin, especially if we end up with a Brexit deal, so we must act now. See Fool Britannia for some analysis on the prospects of rejoining the EU in the mid-long term.

We plan to commence the tour at the beginning of November so there’s no time to waste. Please support the project and share with others.

Deliver us from Britastrophe – Click to support our work
Dump Trump


This is an incredibly short post to ask you to do whatever it takes to get the democrat vote out on Tuesday and find any means, fair or foul to incarcerate Trump voters on election day. In short, we need to Dump Trump. I won’t make the arguments here as I’m sure most people are both familiar and bored with them. I am also aware that there are issues on both sides of US politics. However, as always in these matters, voting is a choice between lesser evils rather than ideals. Here’s two resources you can use to Dump Trump:

The Western world, it is explodin’

COVID flarin’, bullets loadin’

You’re old enough to kill but not for votin’

You believe in Donald Trump, but what’s that mask you’re totin’?

And even the Yukon river has bodies floatin’

But you tell me over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Don’t you understand, what I’m trying to say?

And can’t you feel the fears I’m feeling today?

If Trump gets elected, there’s no running away

There’ll be no one to save with the world in a grave

Take a look around you, boy, it’s bound to scare you, boy

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

The planet’s boilin’, it’s all coagulatin’

Trump’s sittin’ there, just prevaricatin’

Don can twist the truth, he knows no regulation

His Executive Orders pass all legislation

And Black Lives Matter can’t bring emancipation

When human respect is disintegratin’

This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’

And you tell me over and over and over again my friend

Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Think of all the love there is in Oklahoma!

When Trump takes his hand to Melania’s Vag**na!

Ignorance is bliss when you’re lost in space

But when you come back, it’s the same old place

The poundin’ of the planet, the pride and disgrace

You can bury your head, but you still leave a trace

Hate your next door neighbor, but don’t forget to say grace

And you tell me over and over and over and over again my friend

You don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

No, no, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

In case you are wondering about the relevance of this in an anti-Brexit platform, a Biden government will give Johnson no place to go in Brexit negotiations. If the Good Friday agreement is threatened, we can also expect a vigorous reaction against the UK’s Brexit illusions by the Biden administration.

On to video No 2 – Trumptown – written in 2015 but still relevant.

Please gift the Dump Trump album to American colleagues who can act on the minds of others. Trump threatens the health and well being of not just the American people, but the entire world. All proceeds will go towards our tour with the Mini Cooper and the staging of Futurama:

Help SuspEND Brexit – Click on the image

Sunday Sun : Live from The Tory Party Conference

Don’t just sit there. It’s Sunday and it’s raining

Ask your MP to act to suspend Brexit on Monday 5th October at the House of Commons

Report MP’s for breaking international law

Find out why Suspending Brexit is still possible

Find out why Rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term

Join us at Futurama – an arts festival to change the world

Johnson – Dancing on thin ice

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Bread, Beef, Biscuits, British Bulldogs and Brown Beer

Buy British is trending on Twitter. Since I consider myself a patriot, as someone who wishes to keep the Great in Britain by remaining in the EU, I wondered, what can we buy that is British?

Food, Glorious Food

When people tell me that Britain is full, they need to realise that we congregate on approximately 5% of the land mass. 70% of our land is agricultural with 36% arable. The rest grassland, rough grazing, or woodland. From the land, we mostly produce grains; wheat, oats and barley; root vegetables, chiefly potatoes and sugar beet; pulses such as beans or peas; forage crops such as cabbages, rape and kale; fruit, particularly apples and pears; and hay. We produce about 6.5 million tonnes of barley. 1.5 million tonnes are exported, 2 million tonnes used in brewing and distilling activities and the remainder fed to livestock. After Brexit, Michael Gove has admitted that we will see tariffs applied to meat of up to 40%. The Grocer reported that exports outside the EU may not be accepted at all. Lamb farmers are especially vulnerable, as 98% of their production is exported and their business runs on narrow margins.

UK self sufficiency has dropped from 75% to 61%

Apart from the economics, estimates suggest that 90% of the 75,000 seasonal workers in edible horticulture in the UK are migrants from the EU. They will no longer be eligible to come here to pick the fruit and evidence suggests that Britons do not wish to do the work. Read our article on traffic contagion in Kent for more insights.

So, what foods will we not see on our shelves so much after Brexit? Here’s a short list:

“Still, the turnip is quite versatile”

“How about a good British Curry” I hear you say? Well the sauces are made in Patak’s factory in Poland. I understand that people are stockpiling Christmas Puddings, presumably informed by the instruction from Wizzard Johnson that “I wish it could be Christmas every day”. Sadly many of the ingredients are not indigenous to Britain.

Highway Star

“We make cars” I hear you say. Quite correct. Our most popular cars are made by Nissan (Japanese), Land Rover (Indian), Mini (German), Honda (Japanese) and Toyota (Japanese). Tariffs will make cars made in Britain more expensive to buy domestically or uncompetitive to export. We have already seen industry making tough choices on where to locate production and this will continue under Brexit.

Chris Barnett points out that if you want to buy a British car you can buy a Morgan. The engine is German though.

Fad Gadgets

Then there are the rest of the things we consume. Electronics, toys, computers. Most of them are imports which are therefore subject to whatever trade deals and relationships we chose to strike with the rest of the world if we continue with Brexit. Our level of trusthworthiness will largely dictate how these go.

Read our article on Trust by clicking the picture

The Drugs Don’t Work

And it’s not just food. See our article on medicine shortages. People will die for Brexit. Are you prepared to accept this on behalf of friends and loved ones? It’s all on you if you continue to want any kind of Brexit. Ask Wendy Novak about health and medicines after Brexit.

But we have lots of tanning booths, nail bars and hair salons, so that’s alright then

Dang, most of our cosmetic products are imported

Read our article on how to suspend Brexit by clicking the picture
Read our article on why Rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term by clicking the picture

Don’t just sit there:

Gift Britastrophe to MPs to prick their consciences on the toxic mixture of Corona + Brexit

Report MP’s for breaking international law

Ask your MP to act to suspend Brexit 

Find out why Suspending Brexit is still possible

Find out why Rejoining is a unicorn in the mid-long term

Join us at Futurama – an arts festival to change the world

There is no future in England’s dreaming

“We won the war. We won the World Cup. We won Brexit. I’ve not idea what it’s for but I’ll look a bit of a twat down the pub with my mates if I say so”
Still, the Brexiteers can drown in Watneys’ Red Barrel whilst Jacob Rees-Mogg laughs all the way to his tax haven